Thursday, May 19, 2016

Suqqu Face Protector Sunscreen SPF50 Advance Review

Suqqu is one of the luxury brand in Japan! Award winning Japanese brand! (Clap clap clap)
Suqqu is well known for the cheek brush which so expensive! 

Suqqu is so exclusive till so hard to reach for this brand. We can find Suqqu in Japan and UK! 
There are plenty of online stores that sell this brand but they put the price so high. So it is better to purchase In the store if you see any Suqqu store near you and you are interest with Suqqu brand! 

Well actually not so many people review about this brand. I mean so many review for the foundation, powder and brushes but not so many of the skincare and sunscreen. So it is hard to find what other think about this. 

I purchased the Sunscreen. 
Indonesia heat is so . Very humid. 
We need sunscreen to protect our skin.
We def need sunscreen no matter how the wheaher is. 
I don't have to explain to you right why we need sunscreen in our life! Lol. 

This is the Suqqu Face Protector SPF50! 
And damn it is so expensive. 
IDR 850.000 for 30ml sunscreen and still I bought it ! I bought it from third Party, so def more expensive. 
It cost ¥6480. 

I got the 2016 edition so if you have seen any other reviews come with different packaging, it could be from last year edition. 

This is how it looks like. 
Very simple packaging, you have to squeeze it. 
I don't know why I think Japanese brand concern more about the formula than the packaging which is Great! 
They tend to be simple not so cute but the formula inside of it is really good. 
I really appreciate brand that gives you best ingredients inside rather than brand that focus on packaging to make people buy it because they are cute. You know what I mean tho. 
Because I think so many people right now that they just give a review based on first impression because they are excite to try and the cute packaging blah blah attracted them. 
Oh come on.... I'm not one of them!

What I love about Suqqu Face Protector are: 
Suqqu face protector is not greasy at all. 
Suqqu Face Protector 50 Advance. 
Even it comes with SPF50, the white cast is not that bad when you put foundation / full make up on top. 
It gives a white cast for sure but when you don't have to take a pic with flash, this type of face protector is good to go. 
This type of face protector protect you from UVA AND UVB rays. 

It is blendable. 
It doesn't have annoying fragrance. 
It comes with a micro shimmer I think that gives you brighten look which is good. 
It's not so ruiny type of face protector.
It is like moisturizer but not so emollient like moisturizer. Not liquidy. 

The color is not that straight white but slightly faint pink that brigten your face. 
30 ml. 
It's not making my face oily. 
It's okay for any skin type, even oily skin girl.  

I do enjoy to apply this, I have no complain except the steep price. 
Repurchase is Yes. 
Japanese brand really serious on their sunscreen tho. They are so good except the price. Haha. 

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Hey everyone! Welcome back. 
So I know this is super random month for me because if you read my previous post, you know the drill. 

I got this CHICA y Chico skin glow essence. This is Korean Brand that I got from Althea. 
It has labeled as Editor's pick so let's try it out. 

You know the drill that I'm not a fan of Korean Skincare and Makeup. I feel like meh....but i want to prove myself wrong so that's why I purchased this. And hoping it will works on me. 

If you know me, I'm all about matte make up before and now I want to make my skin glowy without having to feel greasy. 
I want to have Jaclyn Hill's skin. Lol. 

This is Skin Glow essence, which help your skin to be brighten and dewy. 
It could be use after you apply the lotion/toner and put it right on your face gently. 

It comes in simple packaging which I lo. I'm not a fan of very very cute packaging lol. Prefer more simple and sophisticated. 

It has micro shimmer particles that helps your skin to be glowy and it works! Yayyyyy. But not really wow me like whoaaa pretty. 
Just brighten up a bit and my skin feel more hydrated. 
So far I love this, it's not that bad and I will continue to use this. 
My make up looks less matte and looks so dewy healthy. Yay!!!! 
Price is okay not so expensive, I don't really remember but I think it cost Rp. 300.000-400.000 for 40 ml. 

Repurchase ? Maybe no. 
Brighten effect : yes 
Dewy : yes 
Moisturize: yes 
Packaging : yes 
Price : okay 
Irritation : no 
Breakout : no 
Fragrant: pretty strong 
Smooth effect : yes 

Dry skin people will def love this. 
Not sure for super oily people cause yoi got natural oil on you face tho. 
I have dry skin and I love this. 

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Nella Fantasia Pore Jelly Pop Blackhead Remover Review

We all have pores! Of course Lah! 
But sometimes they are so annoying! I mean blackhead, Whitehead comes and it looks terrible on our face! 

Our skin surface feels kinda rough not smooth enough if we have blackhead and whitehead. 
We al know the struggle is real to take care our skin! 

So let me tell you my skin condition. 
My skin is not smooth enough cause I have whiteheads like really so many! 
I don't really have blackhead thank you Jesus! 
Which means, if you have so many blackhead : your pore is big and vice versa. 

I tried this Nella Fantasia Pore Jelly pop blackhead remover
Sounds pretty good right? 

I purchased this cause I'm curious lol! 
And I wish it worked for me! I wish..... 
This is Korean Brand and let me tell you something that maybe I'm not quite sure. This was my second time purchase Korean Brand with my own money! 

I used to get sponsored for Korean brand but this was my second time to purchase with my own money. 


Yeah! I'm not a big fan of Korean make up and skincare. But I want to try this to prove myself wrong and let's see how it works. 
I prefer Japanese or Western make up and skincare tho. No offense guys. 
Just my personal taste. Don't hate me because of that. 

Just the skincare and make up maybe not in my personal taste. 

But I love and so respect for the History, Food and of course CNBLUE, HYUNA , Moon JOO WON! Lol! 
I love them so much!!!!! Whoaaaaa I'm BOICE GUYS! 

Back to the review. 
So it claims to remove the blackhead you have on your face! Wow sounds pretty good without having to squeeze them. 
But is it really working? 

I'm so sorry. 
It doesn't remove any blackhead I had. 
Maybe 1-3 white head around my chin area. 
That's it. 

The packaging is really good. 
Comes with squeeze bottle and pretty cute packaging as always! Korean skincare and make up really knows how to put really cute packaging. 

The brush or I don't know what it is called. Pink. 
And rub it to your face to remove the blackhead. 

Sealed! Just removed the tape and you are good to go! 
So what you have to do is remove the tape and turn to the right. It will open up the gap so you could squeeze the gel texture inside of it. 

What it looks like without the brush head!
Once the sealed open, you can see the GAP over there right? 
This is what it looks like after you squeeze the gel texture inside.

It gives you cool sensation once you spread the gel texture on your face. 
Massage it with the brush. Leave it until 1-2 minutes. 

Once you finished, wash your face and face feel fresh and still you got the Blackhead! Still tho! 
Nothing change! 

Leave the comment if you tried this and if it works for you then wow great! Just not for me. 

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Monday, May 9, 2016

Sana Nameraka Soy Millk Q10 Cleansing Face Wash Review

Hello guys. 
So, I bought this Fave Wash Sana Nameraka Q10 Cleansing face wash in Japan. 

Sana Nameraka is very popular drugstore brand in Japan. They have amazing lotion and essence but I want to try the face wash. 

It is pretty huge and it costs me around 550¥ I'm not quite sure. 

It does an amazing job to remove my make up and I feel my skin so firm and soft after using this.
It doesn't break me out which is great. Sensitive skin could use this too. 

You can turn it into foam using foaming net if you want but it doesn't necessarily for me. 

It has no like wow factor, Hey it just face wash don't expect something like " Omg my face so Bright and clear after uSing this" that's kinda lie if there's someone Review face wash and suddenly gives you Instant brigtening or like whoa effect ! 
This face wash just cleanse really well without stripping my skin. 
Feeling firm yeah but just temporarily! 
That's my honest opinion about this face wash. 

Bye guys 
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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Neo Cell Super Collagen +C Type 1&3 Review

Let me introduce you to this supplement which is great for your skin and health. 

So this is Neo Cell Super Collagen +C type 1&3 ! 
How it works? 
Just drink it 3 caplets for the Supper Collagen +c and a caplet for The Hyaluronic Acid. Twice daily! 

It claims to gives you radiant skin, supple, soft, firmness, thicker hair, stronger nails and healthier joins!  
Meanwhile you def already know the benefit of Hyaluronic Acid. 
Hyluronic Acid is good for our skin to maintain our skin. So many skincare include this in the ingredients right ? There's so many beneficial drink this kinda supplement.

The caplets are pretty huge like really huge but the Hyaluronic Acid is small. 
Let me compare 
Pretty huge right ? 
Hahaha . 

I believe that to keep my skin healthy and fresh I need to take care from inside and outside . 
And this one is from inside. I'm so afraid about wrinkle, dull skin etc! Like really they are creepy! 

You have to drink this with the Hyaluronic  acid for best result because they are complement each other. 
How about if you drink the Collagen itself? That's fine! Just for better result drink both! 

Price is around IDR 400.000-500.000 each. Just think like this is invesment for your skin. 

After take this supplement 3 months I see the different on my skin and hair! Very visible on the hair! 
I feel my hair is thicker and I feel like yasssssssss! Really it works! 

I feel my skin is smoother! 
Sometimes I do skip to take this with me I'm not gonna lie. But really I see the result. 

There is no side effect after drink this. 
I think for Acne Prone peps this type of products is not for you! Yeah you read it right. In my opinion I don't recommend this for acne prone peps. 
For dry to normal skin type is okay!

The collagen has 250 caplets meanwhile the hyluronic acid has 60 capsule. 
Drink a lot water too when you drink this type of capsules. 

I'm happy with the result and I will repurchase of course for invesment for my skin. 

The collagen has two types, they are powder and caplets. 
I prefer to take caplets with me since it is easier to drink. 

For powder type you have to mixed with with juice. I think blend them is fine. 
There is no taste changing after you mixed them tho. 

Wanna try? 

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist Review

Tatcha! This brand is like boom after Kim Kardashian's Make up artist was using this on Kim! 
Tatcha is Japanese  inspired type of skincare! 
But you can't find it in Japan even they are made in Japan.

You can purchase it thru their web or Barney's. I'm not quite sure. 
This spray is life! 
Like really LIFE! 

The queen : Jaclyn Hills using this products and she raved on her previous favorite videos. 

So many beauty Gurus love this product even They received it for free tho! But really guys this brand is bomb! Specially the mist! 

It comes in very good packaging. 

Luminous Dewy Mist . Yes! It gives you very dewy finish and really smoothen the make up. 

The way you open the box is like the letter/ massage from one kingdom to another kingdom tho! Lol 

It comes in very cute lux packaging. 
Remember you have to shake it first before you applying this to your face . 

It takes all the powdery effect of your make up and damn so great! 
It smells good nothing too strong or too fragrant like Guerlian product. 

It is so expensive. $48 for mist that refresh your face. Hahaha. 
But really if you don't have a budget try this and it works amazing right on top of the highlighter. Spray this to your face and your highlight will be popping so smoothly! 

Do you see my highlight girls? 
Yeah they are popping like hella great after spraying this on my face. 

Very moisturize and calm to your face. 
Takes all powdery effect and it's like your make up blends well on your skin! 

Let's take a shower with this!
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Comparison Between Japan, Korean and Western Make Up Trend 2016

Halo semua nya. Kali ini mau bahas gaya make up 2016.
Telat sih tapi aku juga baru tau ini sejak aku jalan jalan liburan ke Jepang. 

Waktu aku liburan di Jepang, aku pengen ngakak sebetulnya. Gaya make up nya bener bener beda sih menurut ku. 
Aku sampe bingung ini mereka ga di blend apa gimana . Ini yang anak remaja biasa ajah bukan yang sub culture gitu ya. 

Okay move to Comparison ya.... 

Di Jepang, Setau ku dulu make up nya cenderung matte hampir mirip barat without heavy contour pastinya. Mereka juga suka banget bulu mata. 
Tapi sekarang i see the difference loh. 
Make up mereka cenderung lebih dewy, hampir mirip sama Korea.

And bagian yang paling penting adalah dimana mereka apply their blushes. It is  not right in the Centre Apple of the cheek. But right under her eyes and bring it down! I feel like whoaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Aku lihat di sepanjang jalan itu ya beneran mereka put their blushes tepat di bawah mata and drag it down a little it. 
Aku tanya sama make up artist Shu Uemura, Kenta san, kenapa gaya nya seperti itu. And the answer is : they want to look very cute. Kawai! They create that for Extra cuteness. 
Whoaaaaa hahahaha asli bingung pengen ngakak sih. Tapi memang mereka terlihat cute sih. 
Blush mereka cenderung strong very visible intinya. 

Teknik ini bisa dikenal sebagai "Hangover" makeup look. Artinya seperti kondisi disaat kamu mabuk. Pas mabuk abis minum kadang muka kita memerah kan, Asian Glow hehehe. Nah, teknik ini lagi populer di Jepang. 
Ini salah satu contoh aku apply blush overdose and itu posisi blush nya. Jadi bukan di Apple of the cheek yang seperti biasanya kita lakukan. 
Oh ya warna lagi trend banget itu pink, bukan peach blush. 

Kalo make up mata sih sama ajak ya. Very light and mereka tetep fan of lashes pastinya. 
Eyebrow lebih lurus hampir mirip korea. 

Emang lebih keliatan jauh lebih cute ya???? Hahahahah. 

Meanwhile, i'm not an expert of Korean Make up. Jadi menurut Ku, Korean make up itu lebih all Glowy and healthy glow skin look like. Fokus utama nya di kulit as Base and bibir. Mereka cenderung membuat lips mereka Ombre gitu dengan warna yang paling menonjol diletakkan di Centre of the lips . 
Tapi saat ini, Korean make up cenderung less shiny kan, sadar ga? Gimana menurut kalian? 
Aku baru sadar juga setelah lihat youtube Lisa , dia buat tutorial nya untuk Asian and Western look. 

Masih healthy Glow but a little but less shiny yang sampe kaya minyakan. 
Biasanya Korean make up suka banget sama cream blushes. Biar hasil nya natural. 
Aku ga ada contoh Korean makeup soalnya jujur hampir ga pernah di tahun 2016 ini aku buat make up ku look like Korean girl. 
Less false lashes dan tetep straight eyebrow. 
Please don't hate me. Just sharing my opinion tho. 

Yasssss my favorite!
Heavy contour, highlight on fleek, eyebrow in Point, SLAY , LIT, 
all that terms ughhh i love!!!!! 

Seperi yang kita tahu Western ya Smokey, Cut Crease, Winged Liner! Brows lebih arch . Itu fokus utama di mata and a lot of lashes pastinya. 

Untuk lipstick, Nude is the best. Lagi in banget kan disana sejak Kylie Jenner injection. Hahahah. Ditambah liquid lipstick lagi trend banget. 
Lagi banyak trend to over line the lips. 

Untuk Base, mereka love to be tanned as we already know lah ya. Totally the opposite of Korean. And i'm a fan of this haha. 

This is actually 1 -2 shades darker than my actual skin tone and i love it. I don't like to be so light sampe ga match sama tangan. 
Geli gue liat orang yang pengen keliatan putih sampe aneh ga match sama tangan nya sama neck juga. Mirip dua orang yang berbeda. Please jangan maksa putih putih, sadar ajah kalo every skin tone itu cantik. Kalian semua itu cantik mau pale, sawo,'kuning langsat , dark. You are beautiful! Be proud of your skin! Bukan berarti kudu putih dulu baru cantik. 

Ini Western versi light version menurut ku. 

Aku sadar kalo tangan aku lebih item dibanding wajah aku, jadi aku pikir ITS okay to match it with my neck and hand . 
This is my opinion ya. 
Love Me or hate me that is the question! Lol 

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