Friday, March 6, 2015

Review : Make Up : Mac Kinda Sexy Lipstick Swatch

Hey Guys, so today gonna be lipstick review! 
You know that since Kylie Jenner Has the plump lips and nowadays it's like going to be explode with bigger lips! 

The trend is kinda matte or super matte and bigger fuller plump lips oh gosh! 

Price : 260.000
So many colors available. 
You can choose so many type of textures , Matte, Creemesheen, Lustre, Sation or etc. i love Satin, Matte and Creemesheen so much! 

Be careful the fake products in Indonesia especially. If you find the products below this price, it might be fake! So you better purchase it at sogo counter for the authentic reason! 

The top : Mac Pure Zen. 
The second is Mac Matte Kinda Sexy 
The bottom is Mac Pure zen again! 

As you can see it is very nice colors! It's matte so you can just line your lips and then apply the lipstick! 

How i apply the Mac Kinda Sexy 

Bye guys! 
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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Make Up : Foundation Routine 2015

So, hello Guys and Welcome back to my Blog 
Very nice to see you here. 

well, i have been request to do the make up tutorial through the video. 
to be honest i'm not good enough to make film. and I don't think i can handle about the lighting or something like that. 
so, I'm so sorry if i disappointed you. I try my best to record video for you through my I phone 6. 
If you asked me better quality or if i have to use my mirorrless camera, promise ya next time. 
This is my first Video tutorial for you beautiful! 

Consider that I'm newbie to video lol ! 

Be confident with your own skin. I don't have to shy to show you my bare face :) 
zoom supaya lebih jelas

Mau lebih jelas Follow my ig : @lidiacaterinef

Final result ! 
Taken with Iphone 6! 

This is the finish result! 
The Products I used : 
Shu Uemura Pore Eraser Base Review Here for Shu Pore Eraser
Chanel Perfecion Lumiere Review Here for Chanel 
Shu Uemura Face Powder Matte Review Here for the powder
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade 
Mac Lipstick in Kinda Sexy 
Mist and Fix Spray by Make Up For Ever Mist and Fix Review Here
Anastasia Contour Kit 
Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow 
Make Up tore Gel liner review here

This is my hair tutorial! so please continue watching!
Mending kamu zoom supaya lebih jelas . Follow my ig @lidiacaterinef supaya lebih jelas. 



Oh yes, don't forget to follow my Instagram @lidiacaterinef 
to check my newest update, perhaps Giveaway soon

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Review : Make Up: Etude House Surprise Concealer Kit

This little products could hide you imperfection so much. 
Yes it's Concealer time. 
Okay so i'm going to tell you that i'm not a big fan of concealer actually cause my foundation such as Estee Lauder Double wear is great for the coverage. 

I bought some new foundie that has less coverage so i need concealer to cover my imperfection. 
My favorite concealer is from Mac Pro Long Wear NW20. Perfect for under eye and cover some dark spot or acne scars. 

I picked Etude as my drugstore concealer. I'm sure that you guys know about this brand since Kpop is huge popular right now . 

This concealer comes in 2 shades. The light one and darker one. 
The Light one is perfect for Under Eye or highlight the spot that you want to show up. 

The dark one is perfect for hide your dark spot but for me it's not to dark enough. 
Review : 
-Comes in 2 shades. 
-Not so pigmented. 
-Perfect for everyday use. 
- I don't think it is great for party or wedding such a things. 
- I do test and spray a water and it comes off easily . 
-Better application with finger for under eye area. 
- better for you apply your foundie / bb cream first then apply your concealer. 
- you can apply with beauty blender or sponge but damp it first for better flawless result. 
- cover our dark circle

Small mirror inside. 
- easy to travel with. 
- set it with powder for better flawless result . So it won't melt off easily. 
- use beauty blender or sponge with damp it with setting spray to avoid powdery finish. 
- reasonable price 
-from korea! 

- Cakey Goshh!!! 
-it's not last longer, that's why i told you not to use it for wedding or big party such a thing. 
- not so pigmented 

That's all guys . 
See you next post dolls! 

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Review : Make Up: Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix

So Hello guys ! 
For long lasting make up is a must for me! 

I don't want to touch up or whatsoever! 
I just spray this products to make my make up looks flawless and last longer. 
This is my secret beside how we applied the primer/ base or foundation. To make it last longer than ever! 
So this is how it looks!
It comes in pump of course to make it easier to spray it to our face! 

The box!

Review : 
- helps to make your make up last longer 
- helps to control your oil but i don't think so. 
- makes my fave looks matte which i love. 
-takes the powdery looks away ! Say bye! 
- it turns the make up to be sealed in and locked it away! 
- 550.000 IDR , Kinda pricey!  

You can spray this to your brush or beauty blender to make it damp and make your face flawless. 
Apply this for your concealer brush or sponge. I do reccomend this step so much! 

Most important : 
You can spray this before you apply your moisturizer and after the make up done for better result! 

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Review : Make Up: Shu Uemura Metal Link Colour Liquid Liner Spring 2015

Hey everyone thank you for stopping by . 
So today let's play with colorfull eye make up . 

This is how it looks like in 10 colors. 
I want them all but i have to pick one of them only. Hahaha 
Oh yeah , so this is the mettalic Bouquet Collection of Spring Summer 2015. 
This is inspired by Hanabi ; fireworks. 

The swatch. Photo credit goes to @the_ting_thing / @shuuemura_ww what a wonderfull colors right ?

Review : 
-comes in 10 shades available 
-long lasting result. 
-price 420.000 kinda pricey for liquid liner. 
-Glittery liner 
- easy to travel with 
- so Vibrant colors. 
-it's waterproof

When i applied on my lower line. 
It's so vibrant right ? 
All on my face from Shu Uemura products ( foundie, base, powder, liner), except the lips, contour, eyeshadow, blush and eyebrow. 

See you guys. 
Oh yeah all products are not sponsored. 
All honest opinion ! 

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Review : Make Up: Shu Uemura Face Powder Matte

Let's Talk about loose Powder. 
Yes i picked and trust my loose powder with Shu Uemura again. 

I'm not a big fan of loose powder before then i have to change my mind which loose powder is great!!!! 

This loose powder helps me to achieve glowing skin. I picked the shade medium Light. 

Review : 

- Loose powder gives you less coverage but so damn flawless 
- comes in so many shades available. 
- Very nice packaging. 
- 20 gr. 
- Matte finish 
-comes with the sponge. sponge very great! Trust me . 
- Price : 580.000 
- you can use sponge or brush . Which ine you prefer it is up to you! 
- white coear packaging. 

Cons : 
Sometimes if you put too much loose powder it gonna be messy. Bulky for packaging. 

Another great loose powders are Estee Lauder Loose Powder and Make Up For Ever! They are cheaper than Shu Uemura but very very great quality. I have been using Estee Lauder Loose Powder , and i love them so much but i want to change my loose powder brand to review new stuff that is great too. 

What's you favorite loose powder ? 

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Review : Shu Uemura Pore Eraser

Shu Uemura is one of my favorite brand.
I'm always in love with this Japanese Brand. 

Not gonna make too long convo, I'm going to review one of my holy grail primer. It's Shu Uemura Pore Eraser. 

Shake it very well before you pump it! 

The color is beige and i think it suits for every tones . 

Tips : 
- you have to shake it very well. 
- it comes in mousse. so be careful guys when you push the button, you will get mousse and don't push it too hard since you will get tons of mousse. Lol . 
- you can apply it after you apply your moisturizer. 
- dab motions for flawless result . 
- apply it with your fingers, cause if you sponge- it could absorb like hell into your sponge. Don't waste the money to absorb on your sponge - not face . ( my opinion ) 

The price. It's 550.000 

- long lasting make up if you apply this before foundation. 
- helps uneven skin 
- Matte finish - no oily at all. 
- minimize your pores 
- 2 in 1 function ; make up base + UV protection. 
-erased the redness on your face. 

Well guys this one is matte finish so it's perfect for you who has oily or combo skin . 
But if you have dry skin and your foundie is so dewy, this primer could be best for you since you don't have to look so glossy or oily on your face . 

Actually you can find this one on sheer finish. But i prefer this matte one cause my lightbulb foundie have dewy result. 

You can find this on Sogo , Metro , Lotte department store. 

Bye ! 
See you on next post! 
Love ya bugs! 

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