Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Review and Swatch Gerrard Cosmetics Lipstick 1995

Kylie Jenner Lips very popular right now. 
It's matte, big, plump, over linned and gorgeous. You def know about this trend! 

I have very small lip. And matte texture gonna make it more plump. I'm not a big fan of sheer finish. Everything sheer like sheer foundie or lips. 
But sometime i use sheer lips/ glossy thang if my lips is so freakin dry. 

Well, Gerrard Cosmetics is the IT lipstick. 
So many positive reviews about this and so many bloggers said that it's similar with Mac lipstick. 
Carly Bybel, Manny Mua, Pattrick Star, Jacclyn Hill, Sophia Cong , and many bloggers, mua are obsessed with this lipsticks. 

1995! Yasss i picked that color!! This color Created by Jacclyn Hill . 
It's brownish, warm color. 

Review : 
The texture is matte. 

But moist in the sametime. Matte lipstick sometimes make our lips dry. But trust me this one is moist and matte in the same time. 

Compared to MAC, this one more moist. 
The packaging is great. Gold and fancy. 

Created by Jacclyn Hill. 
It's pigmented. 
230.000 IDR . I found this one is the cheapest store to purchase this . But if you find cheaper below 230.000 you are lucky girl. 
Please tell me the seller which have good price . Hehehheh. I would love to purchase the other color. 

Do you have any Gerrard lipstick? 
What is your fave shade? 

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Review : Make Up : Kryolan Derma Color Camouflage System Fixing Powder

I'm a little bit obsessed with Loose powder now! 
And my previous loose powder is from Shu Uemura. 

And i think that i need more loose powder, and try to pick this one since it's not pricey. 
And i heard that this Kryolan is not bad products tho! 

So let's give a shot 
This Kryolan distributed by PT. EVIETA . You can read above about the information since it is obvious on the pic . 
I'm sire that if you are make up artist or beauty blogger, you have heard about this products. Kryolan is very well known all around the world and this products is made in Germany. 

Kryolan is very well known for the television too. 

I think this brand came to Indonesia in the end of 2014, or early 2015. I have bad memory tho! 

You can find this and try Kryolan on Plaza Indonesia, Shop At Glow ( depan Lamoda) . 

And if you are from other places outside Jakarta, you can purchase this online through their WA. 
And they will sent it to you! 

There are so many types of loose powder of Kryolan; Fixing Powder Waterproof Derma Color is the one that i picked. 

The reason why i picked this than the other, simply because the job is to set the foundation, and i want some good coverage and this powder provides it. 

Meanwhile the Anti Shine Powder , yes did the same job , but the coverage is not as good as the Fixing Powder, and i want color on my loose powder . Not transculent . That's why i picked this. 

I know loose powder has lighter coverage than the compact powder but this one is not that bad to set the liquid foundie on my face! 
It comes in 2 different size actually. Smaller one and bigger one 60gr. 
PT. Evieta only provides the 60gr which the big one. And i think that is not bad tho for the price. It's 400.000. 

And i think they will give you discount 10% off . So you only need to pay about 360.000 IDR. 

Review : 
It's huge and comes with no sponge inside 

Good for set your foundation whether liquid or creme. 

Really set your foundie well. 

The colors that PT. Evieta provides is only 2 colors ; P11 and P03 . P03 is natural color kinda beige. Meanwhile p11 is the lighter version, kinda pink. Perfect for you if you have light skin and pale. 

It smells like talc powder. No strong perfume or etc . 

Flawless finish. 

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Review : Etude House Oh My God! Dry Shampoo Review

Dry shampoo adalah barang yang wajib punya ketika kamu urgent ga sempet keramas. 
Pasti ada saat dimana kita entah malas atau ga sempet cuci rambut alias keramas. 
Nah, disinilah kegunaan dry shampoo itu. 

Etude House Oh My God Dry! Shampoo bisa jadi andalan kamu. 
Aku sih udah pernah coba dry shampoo dari brand luar negeri juga, but its kinda different sama yang punya Etude House ini. 
Beda nya apa? Lanjut baca sampe bawah yuk. Hihi 
Ini bentuk dari dry shampoo tersebut. 
Seperti biasa bentuknya lucu , pink and very girly. Ciri khas etude house lah ya . Heheh. Packaging cute banget. 

Dry Shampoo ini digunakan ketika kita ga sempat keramas atau lagi malas keramas. Ketika kita ga keramas diwaktu kita harus keramas, pastinya rambut akan lepek, kusut and greasy gitu . Dry shampoo ini akan membantu rambut kamu untuk  terlihat jauh lebih segar. 

FYI, Dry shampoo dapt mengangkat minyak atau menyerap minyak yang ada di rambut kita. Jadi paham kan inti dari keguanaan dry shampoo ini . 
Tidak hanya menyerap minyak, tapi juga menambah texture pada rambut. Sehingga hasil nya jauh kebih bervolume ketika kita spray Etude House Oh My God Dry! Shampoo ini. 

Biasanya aku pakai dry shampoo untuk menambah volume ketika rambut aku lepek, hadi rambut aku kembali ada texture. Bukan lempeng, berminyak and ga banget gitu. 

Ini salah satu contoh dimana rambut aku yang atas berminyak karena ini rambut hari ketiga aku. 
Setelah aku semprot dry shampoo, lihat foto bagian bawah, terlihat jelas bedannya. Minyak pada scalp terlihat jauh kebih berkurang dan terlihat fresh. Bukan limp/ lempeng gumpal karena minyak. 

Cara pakai nya gimana? 
Gampang, tinggal semprot dari bagian tas hingga bawah ujung rambut kamu. 
Pada bagian roots juga karena itu biasanya berminyak kan. 
Bisa juga setelah kamu spray dengan dry shampoo dari Etude House ini, keringkan dengan hair dryer tapi yang cool breeze. 

Tips dari aku agar rambut jauh lebih bervolume adalah dengan mengeringkan dengan blow dryer berlawan arah dari kebiasaan rambut kamu. Misalnya rambut kamu cenderung belahan nya ke kanan, keringkan dengan blow dryer, fokuskan ke kiri. Berlawan arah dengan kebiasaan rambut kamu akan menambah volume rambut kamu. 

Untuk wanginya, jangan ditanya! Hahaha . It smells great. Beneran perfume nya kuat sangat sehingga rambut kamu jauh lebih wangi seakan habis keramas. Sebelumnya aku coba merk lain and smells so bad. Malah kaya busuk! But this one Oh My God Dry Shampoo beneran wangi banget. 

Biasakan ketika rambut kita berminyak, jangan terlalu sering disisir, karena membuat rambut kita semakin lepek. Apabila ingin ada volume dan ga sempat keramas, ingat dry shampoo dari Etude House ini. Trust me wangi nya sangat kuat dan segar banget. 

Thank you Etude House Indonesia for sending me this products. 
Play Etude! Xoxo 
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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Review : Haircare : Shu Uemura Art of Hair Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil

Hair Game Strong! Yasss! I love my hair so much! 
I will never cut my hair too short or colored my hair! I will keep it real virgin hair. 
I just love my black long straight hair so much . 
And today i'm going to show you my routine and what products that i used! No tutorial. Cause i'm not that kind of girl who have so much time to do tutorial. Lol. 

Products mention: 
Beauphoria Curling Iron biggest diameter. 
Beauphoria curling Iron Smallest diameter. 
Paul Mitchell Super Sclupt
Paul Mitchell Seal and Shine 
Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective oil
Oscar Blandi Jasmine oil
Oscar Blandi instant glossing cream 

And today i will be review my Shu Uemura Oil / keratine treatment to make my hair shine and healthier 
For oscar blandi review, i did review it before so check em out!

Okay so let me tell you my hair condition. 
Thank God Jesus I have no troublesome on my hair. It just straight black and long, typically Asian Hair. Fine hair.  No damage because chemical thang, cause never dyed it tho! Heheh. Just oily scalp and that's it. 

And the end of my hair just fine, not so freakin dry. 
So what's the point to purchase this? 
I want more shine and healthier hair . 
Plus i have styled my hair a lot . I love to curl my hair means i got a problem with the heat. And i want to protect it from damage. 

This is how it looks. 

Review : 
It is Oil! Obviously! 
150 ml 
It's $69. Keratine treatment is pricey tho! 
It is so light to your hair . 

Not available in Indonesia. The only nearest place to get this is in Singapore , Kimage Salon. 
Or you can purchase this online via the web . 
Or you can asked your personal shopper to shop it from you lol. Japan, Australia, Singapore and USA. 

Made in Spain.
Comes in pump. Plastic pump. 
Smells so damn great. 
Make my hair more shiny.
Not sticky. 
My hair feel so smooth since i apply this even no conditioner too. 
Protect hair from Uv 
Velvety feels 

How to apply this : 
Wash your hair . 
Rinse it clean.
You need 3-4 pumps . Rub it to your hand.  
Apply this in the end of your hair and your roots. No need to rinse it. It is NOT CONDITIONER! 
Masaage it to your roots and the end lenght. 
Blow dry your hair! Done! 
You can use it for everyday. But for me, you don't need to use it everyday. Just a waste since it pricey tho! 

How many pumps do you need is totally depend on your hair lenght. My hair is long and i need more pumps than the short hair does. 

Result varied of course. Depend on your hair and total of damage. 
What you have to do is patient cause slowly your hair is getting beter if you do this routine. 
Well, you can use every serum or keratine treatment, every brand that works for you. But one thing i want to tell you is you have to be patient and routine. It is not instant tho to make your coarse hair healthy. Need process to make it Bam right ! 
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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Review : Brush : Hakuhodo J110 Best Seller Blush Brush

When it comes to Blush Brush, 8'm going to purchase something that soft and nice to my skin. 
And this is my favorite Brush to apply blush! 

This one is the best seller from Hakuhodo  when you are looking for blush brush! 

The brush itself is not as long as Sigma or Mac and i think its perfect for Asian. 

Actually there are two styles to apply blush. The first is Asian Style which just pad it to your cheek. 

And the another style is Western style which it makes the blush more obvious, rather than natural look like Asian Style. 
This brush is perfect for both style. 

It is goat hair brush and handmade.
It is handmade 
It's 550.000 
Perfect for more obvious blush style or just light blush on your cheek. Depends on how you work it. 
Smaller than Sigma Brush. 
How to clean this is only dab or rub it with tissue to remove any left powder blush. 

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Review : Brush : Hakuhodo J544 Goat & Synthetic Foundation / CreamBlush Brush

Hello guys! 
Brushes are the best invesment tools for me. There are so many reason why you have to invest on your brush. 

One thing in my mind, if your brushes are harsh , not gives you flawless finish then what for you keep it or buy it? 
You better purchase something that last forever even a little bit pricey. Because that's makes good brush for. 

Your products is such high end but your brush just so so! Nahhh, you better think twice. No matter how high end your make up but with the wrong application and bad brush: There is no great make up! 

This one is Hakuhodo J series, J544 Foundation and Cream Blush Brush. 
Since i don't like i mean I HATE CREAM BLUSH, i prefer to use this for foundation brush! 

It claims that ;
Ideal for all types of products - liquid/cream based makeup and even powder. Designed to help you easily control how sheer or heavy you want your makeup coverage, this excellent brush is perfect for even complete makeup beginners.

Use: Foundation, Blush (cream base)
Hair Type: Goat & Synthetic
Handle Type: Wood Handle/Black
Ferrule: Nickel-plated brass
Size: A. Full Length: 178.0 mm
           B. Hair Length: 38.0 mm
         C. Thickness: 12.0 mm


It's mixed bristles, goat and synthetic brush. FYI that goat hair/ real hair is absorb more products than the synthetic one. 

My fave Giorgio Armani foundie

My opinion about this brush: 
1. Great mixed brush! You can see the seperation from the Goat hair into the Synthetic one. 

2. It is so freakin soft. Actually i prefer dense kinda brush to apply my foundation. FYI, dense brush gives you more coverage than the Soft one! 
But this brush is great for the coverage. From the sheer one into the bomb full coverage. 

3. It's cheaper than my Shu Uemura Brush. But do the same job as Shu Uemura 18 Goat hair. It's only 550.000 compared to Shu Uemura IDR. 900.000. 
Great dupes! But remember, Shu Uemura Foundation Natural Goat Hair 18 is 100% real hair , that's why Shu Is more pricey than this one. This is mixed with syntetic

Review if shu uemura brush is here

4. If you love MAC duo fibre brush 139, it's similar brush. But i think Hakuhodo Has the firmer, rounder brush. So it gives you flawless finish. 


5. The shape come back like before after you wash it 

6. You can use this for creme blush too if you want . 

7. Always wipe it to tissue / wet tissue after you apply any foundie / creme blush . This one to make your brush clean. At least you wipe it i mean. 

What do you think about this brush? 
You better give a shot once to any Hakuhodo brushes. Thank you 

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How To Make Your Eyebrow Is On Fleek

How to make your eyebrow is on fleek! Yasss gimme yasss! 

Eyebrow is one thing that frame your face and chica you have to make it Bam and on fleek! 

That's my eyebrow .
The shape is not so good enough. 
That's why you definitely need eyebrow powder , dipbrow and gel to lock it . 

Actually, i Used dark brown or medium brown eyshadow with angled brush . And then apply it on my brow . You don't have to super intense cause you will make it bam with Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, just apply it lightly . 

I used that eyeshadow in the right bottom ! That dark brown is perfect for me

After that you need dipbrow in dark brown. Cause my hair is jetblack. I think ebony is way too dark for me . 

Apply to your brow with dipbrow pomade from Anastasia. Lightly . Slowly . 

And the voila you are done. 
You can apply clear brow gel too to lock it and not goin anywhere lol. 

If you want to make it more fleek, apply concealer right under and top of your eyebrow to make it bam! Follow the shape and blend 

3 dots that you need to connect it to your end of nose . To make it more precise.

Anyways ...
The reason why not to use dipbrow only , cause with dipbrow , if you are not so good with blending it, it could appears into harsh line. Meanwhile with brow powder or eyeshadow you can make it seamlessly and more neat. That's why i don't really like to use dipbrow only . 

Brow powder is good but you need to lock it, so it stays perfectly. And you need brow gel or dipbrow to make it more intense and neat. 

Follow your natural shape. And always make it higher in some point . I don't want to look flat or straight . On fleek yasss! 

Make it bolder in the end of your brow. That's what i like and love to do. 
If you don't really like it . It's okay. It just my preference. Do what you want and comfortable with. 

Products mention are : 
Bh cosmetics eyeshadow 
Anastasia beverly hills dipbrow pomade dark brown 
Anastasia beverly hills no 15 brush . 

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