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Hello, My name is Lidia Caterine Ferlina. I was born in small city in East Java, Mojokerto, November 3, 1992. I'm Christian. I have two sisters and one brother. I'm the youngest one. I love my Mom and Dad. Thank you for everything that they have been giving me . My family is always be there for me. I'm so proud to have family like that. Thank to Jesus Christ also for the blessing everyday, My Lord is My Shepherd. 

Well, I am a Lifestyle blogger and HEELS BITCH! My passion is all about MAKEUP and FASHION. I have been loving Makeup AND HEELS since I was in Senior High School 3rd Grade and until right now. After I graduated from Senior High School, I moved to Jakarta and chose Pelita Harapan University to my study. International Relation is my major. I love Politic, Economic and Social Studies. 
My favorite Chanel are Maya Mia, Carly Bybel. She makes me fall in love into Makeup more and more. I still need to develop my skill about Makeup. I'm a MAKE UP ARTIST. I GRADUATED FROM 2 COURSES, Professional MUA and High Fashion MUA. 
IF you ask me about Make Up style, I love Arabian Make Up and Japanese Make Up. BOLD EYELINER AND DRAMATIC EYELASHES ARE MY WEAPON!         
  I love Japanese's Makeup style too, such as Gyaru Hime. For me, Gyaru Hime is dramatic. They have dramatic lashes and eyeliner, unlike Korean Style. But I don't like to dress up like Doll or cute fashion! That's not my style at all. Japan Make Up Style, YES. But NO for Fashion style. I love Detective Conan too, I have the latest Original CD/DVD,comics, and miniature! 

My hair is natural black without toning or etc.
In addition to, who inspire me is The Kardashians, specially Kim Kardashian. She is my role model. I'm a big fan of Western Fashion, such as Givenchy, Manolo Blahnik shoes, Christian Louboutin! I'm a heels collectors! I don't like cute fashion style at all. My Fashion style is Western style, which Classy, Glam and Fab! 
I love Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj! 

I started Blogging just because I love to write. Then, one thing has crossed my mind to write or review about what my passion is. First of all, I just don't care whether my blog red or not. I just think to improve my writing skills. I started to review about Laura Mercier Foundation . Day by day, I just realized that I can do something from this blog to help people who interest in beauty products and fashion too. I do not want other people to buy wrong products.I always feel upset when I find the products which i buy is not suitable for me. So, I can help them by reading my posts. All the review made by my own opinion and honest.

               I think i just described a little part of me. If you want to know more, you can send me a message to this form Contact . Well, please DO NOT COPY PASTE EVERYTHING from this blog without my knowledge. I appreciate if you ask me first. Thank You


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