Monday, August 7, 2017

American Make Up Vs Asian Make Up

Hey guys
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So, lets talk about make up style.
There so many make up styles or beauty standards itself.
From what i see, there's huge different in American vs Asian side.
It's fascinating from what we think it's beautiful here in Asia, you know something like porcelain baby skin, youthful, soft, happy, bright, versus you know in other part of the world, they like more slay, glam, snatched, bronzy ughh just beautiful.
So you can clearly tell whch side belongs to Asia and America.
Asian style, specially Korean, they really love white porcelain skin to make itlooks so youthful.
They love dewy skin like really dewy and they don't mind to make it look like oily.
Because once again, it looks youthful.
They love Bb cream or Cc cream which is lighter for skin than the foundation.
the compact bb cream is so popular in Korea because it's so travel friendly and easy for touch up.
for the lips, they love gradation colors which focus in the centre of the lips for the pop of colors, and get fade in the outer part.
They don't really contour like Kim Kardashian.
They love everything in subtle way.
They focus more on the blush, specially the cremy blush on.
They love to make it so natural.
It's the opposite of Japanese style.
Japan's make up more vibrant on theblush and they make it so obvious.
it's cool right even in Asia, we have so many styles.
I will describe it more for the Japan vs Korean make up.
They like straight eyebrows as well.
American side they love more snatched look.
So glam, bronzy and sexy.
They love to have tanned skin and they always match it with their body, so yeah mostly they go darker for foundation to match the neck and body.
mostly as we always see on youtube, they like to have fuller coverage foundation and cover the blemishes like so damn good.
Bronzer is a must and they don't really like a stong vibrant blushes.
The popular blush they love mostly peachy or nude pink you know what i mean right.
For the lips, they love bigger lips, like Kylie Jenner.
Nude is a must. They love nude, peach for all season.
but when autumn winter comes, they don't mind to make it more vampy.
so dope right?
since they wanted more stong look, they love to make thier eyeborws more arch or pointed.
So which side do you like most?

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