Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How to create Dolly Eyes with False Lashes

Hey guys. Welcome back to my blog.

Today's I'm going to talk about dolly eyes. 
I personally love dolly eyes more to keep my eyes look so round and cuter lol. 

How to create dolly eyes, you can fake it to use false lashes. Yes only with false lashes. 
What you have to do is find good quality lashes. 
There's so many type of false lashes, try to find something that full in the middle to the outer corner. 
Or you can find a lashes that fuller in the middle and has the same outer and inner corner size. 
 You get what I mean right? 
Just try something that so full and more volume in the middle part and it will gives ya dolly rounds beautiful cute eyes. Lol 

I got to try Ariana Lashes from Netherlands. 
The owner reached me out and offered me to try her lashes line. I was glad to accept this beautiful lashes. 
I picked style Khloe.


Well you can find so many beautiful lashes type from Ariana Lashes, just Khloe caught my attention more. Haha. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT

Khloe style is so perfect. 
It sits on my eyes easily. 
 not heavy at all. 
You able to stack them too if you need more drama and fullness. 
It's 3D MINK 
Ariana Lashes has free shipping world wide. Don't miss this great opportunity. They have 20% off now. Go check em out and follow their social media.

the Products i used to create the looks:


I personally highly recommend this Ariana Lashes. They are the real lightweight and perfect for my eyes. I don't need to cut them to create such a dolly eye looks. You can re use this type of lashes.
the Price is not that bad for the quality. The lashes is $21.95 so worth to try.
Free shipping as well. good deal right??
Give it atry!!!

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  1. recommended bgt nih buat cosplayer kyk aku yg wajib bgt pke dandanan yg bikin mata belo


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