Monday, April 17, 2017

Make Up for black hair and red lips without being too much

have you ever feel when you have black hair and sometimes your make up doesn't feel right ?
you feel too heavy or just too much with what's going on on your face or hair ?

well i do. i feel that my hair is way too black.
and it doesn't feel right with the make up i put on specially with red lips.
just too much! 

i love to play with false lashes and i hate natural light type of lashes.
i want big drama black lashes.

Let me tell you my secret! 
It's all about the blush. This is just my opinion and it works on me. 

You know what I love to put layers of foundation on my face but when I want to wear red lips, I tried so hard to avoid that, specially if you have wide face too. 
I swear to God it makes my face look way cakey with red lips. 

I do have hard time and love hate relationship of combination of red lips and black hair. 

Well, you can see that I don't put too much blush. 
Just bronzer and Highlighters. 
I want my eyes to pop and my red lips too. 

Some people just like if you wear red lips, avoid drama on your eyes. Well I want both to be Centre of the attention and I have to think twice what can I do without being too much?! 

Yes avoid layers of foundation and too red blushes or very strong blushes is not good for red lips. 
We want our check to be pretty calm. 

I sheer out the foundation and put less blush on it. 
You can use Concealer to cover spot some blemishes. 
I have yellow undertone, but with red lips  my yellow understone doesn't seem right in my opinion. 

So I changed my foundation more into pinkish cool tone kinda things and blend it to the neck. We want in da same harmony not separated! 

So what do you think?
So i have strong eyes and vibrant lips in da same time without being too much. 
How baw dah? 
Let me know! 

Thanks guys ! 

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  1. Aku malah suka banget liatnya gak too much sama sekali, sayang aku emang gak pinter buatnya aja hehehe..


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