Thursday, January 12, 2017

Korean Beauty Skincare Cantella Blemish Ampule Cosrx

Do you guys have any acne, blemishes or redness problem on your face? 
well i think we might have all that problems once tho. 

it's kinda annoying right when you apply your make up and your face texture is not that good or redness is freakin terrible!!!

Well, you might be need to change your skincare regime. 

Now i would love to give you review about this Korean Beauty brand, called COSRX. 
to be honest i'm not that familiar with Korean brand. 
but lets give it a try.

pretty small right? 

product reviews: 
  1. this one helps you to create smooth canvas on your face, specially for acne prone skin or someone with redness on her face. 
  2. helps your to recover the blemishes 
  3. it doesn't irritate  my skin 
  4. This one very high Concentrate Ampule 
  5. Only 20 ml. very small 
  6. It doesn't long last because the small size 
  7. if you don't really have any concern about your face (redness, blemishes, acne) this product is not for you. Try different type. 
  8. is not that expensive. IDR. 250.000 
  9. After wash your face, apply your lotion/ toner then apply this ampule for better result then continue it with moisturizer in the last step.
  10. Absorb very well 
  11. No annoying fragrance. 
  12. It recovers my redness in a week. Yes you read it right. This product actually really help to calm my face. I have very terrible redness on my face. i can't even put blush on my face because the redness is around the cheek and it visible so much if i don't really color correct my face with green base. 
  13. Yeah i will be repurchase if only my redness comeback. Hopefully not yeaah....
  14. No sticky feeling
i highly recommend this product to calm your redness on your face or recover your blemishes. 
Don't give a high hope if you want this product to get rid of your acne. Okay.

see yaaaa......

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Guerlain Paris L'OR Essence D'eclat Radiance Concentrate Make up base

So many good reviews about this L'OR Essence D'eclat Radiance Concentrate Make up base.
To be honest before Beauty bloggers Jeffree Star and Tati were using this, i highly hesitate to try this beauty products.

the price point is insane for freakin primer.
but after so many people using this baby, I purchased this bad baby without thinking too much.
Bye bye money. lol

Jeffree star, Tati, Jaclyn Hill and Nikkie Tutorials swears about this product.
it claims to help you tighten your face and give your smooth canvas.

Well, lets get to the review :

but first of all let me tell you my skin condition.
I have dry skin and I'm 24 years old. So actually i don't really need products to tighten my face cause i'm sure i don't feel anything different with this baby for tightening purpose.

  1. The primer is so beautiful. It has gold flakes which help you to get your radiance back 
  2. It claims to tighten your face but i don't see any difference on my face. But my mom loves this baby cause it really does magic on her face to tighten it up. 
  3. It doesn't blur out the pores you have. go find blurring primer 
  4. it comes in pump and glass of bottle 
  5. It makes my face smoother and help it to moist my dry skin. 
  6. It goes long way. just small amount to cover your whole face 
  7. no sticky feelings 
  8. smells so wonderful
  9. Repurchase ? No
  10. Price : IDR.1.020.000
  11. It does not irritate my skin 
  12. not breaking me out 
  13. perfect for all skin type 
  14. 30 ml 
  15. it does help my make up last longer 
  16. It has some burning feeling, some people mentioned that burning feeling helps you to tighten your face. If so, it does wonder. 
  17. absorb very well on my skin 

gold flakes will disappear once you rub it and push it to your face. 

wanna give it a try? 

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