Thursday, September 1, 2016

Suqqu The Most Softest and Expensive Cheek Brush Review

Do you know Lisa Eldirge?
The most amazing beauty guru and her YouTube Chanel is very good for make up knowledge. 

She introduced the Suqqu Cheek brush or the Kitten Paw brush. 
Suqqu is one of the Japanese luxury brand and their brushes are amazing! 
Suqqu is one of brand that not for everyone. Higher than high end tho! Luxury! 

Their brushes is amazing and known for Super top Grey Squirrel hair quality. 
Top of the level!

Was so curious and bye bye money...... Yeah they are so expensive. Purchased from Japan! 
It cost me ¥15000 for brushes BEFORE TAX! And before shipping! 
almost IDR. 2.000.000 just for cheek brush!!!!! 

But I'm so curious about how soft it is and BAM..... They are super soft, delicate and perfect for sensitive skin tho. 
This brush works perfectly for pigmented blush and make your blush so blendable and I mean I wish I could show you how soft this brush. 
I'm not gonna lie but this is the best brush I have ever tried in my life. 

Now i know the rave among Lisa Eldirge, Raeviewer is real! Kitten paw is real! 

These type of brush is made for people who love very great quality brushes and probably have sensitive face. Totally must have brush of these brush is on your budget. 
Well, again let me tell you that you don't need to to purchase this baby if you think it's not necessary. 

Pretty small! 
So delicate. So Fancy, so soft, ughhhhh so pretty! 
I think I don't have to wash these type kinda brush! Highly recommend to wipe it off with tissue because it's so freakin soft and these type of brush need to be taken care carefully! 

No, they don't kill any animal! Please don't be stupid lahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! #areyoustupidorsomething? 

Just cut the hair/ fur etc without kill them! Please be smart before you comment! 
Bulu Nya digunting Udah terus dikerjain deh proses kuas Nya oleh craftsman Nya. Yang pikirannya sampe bunuh dll lebay banget! I mean it hahaha  
What do you think? 

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  1. Muahalnya, tapi sounds worth ofthe money ya mba. Hihi

  2. Beli brush real technique / ecotools dapet berapa tuh. Tapi pasti kualitasnya oke banget. Yang penting ga bikin nyesel lah. Haha

    1. Pasti Nya very excellent quality. Kalo sudah familiar sama Suqqu Pasti ngerti kualitas Nya say. Hehe.


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