Friday, September 16, 2016

Skin focus make up

Aku tuh jarang banget make up light - skin focus kinda thing. Nah tapi sesekali boleh lah. 

Biasanya i'm all about glam life! Western Style - full contour and drama eye lashes. 
Now i want to be quite simple. 

So, here it is : 
Skin focus in my opinion. 
What do you think ? 

Blush overdose 😊 make up 
#makeup details 
#ハトムギ as moisturizer
#faceit BB Shimmering as Base. Ini hasilnya glitter gt di muka bukan Shimmer. Namanya doang shimmering. Jadi harus ditumpuk foundation . 

#shuuemura Skin Fit foundation. Highly recommend if you love light makeup. I have Reviewed it before kok . 

#maccosmetics light boost. 
#シュウウエムラ loose powder to set the face , Painting Liner in black 

#nars blush "Boys don't cry " LE 
#gerardcosmetics 1995 lipstick 
#urbandecay Naked eyeshadow 
#anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow pomade dark brown

Kalo mau skin focus ga perlu too heavy kan ta ? Jadi tetep kelihatan healthy. 
I need very good moisturizer karena muka ku ini kering banget jadi itu hatomugi the best in My opinion. I don't know about you guys with oily skin. 

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  1. Cantik banget kayak boneka >.<

  2. Makasih banyak. That's how sweet of you!

  3. cantikk bangeett, gemess :D

    Ray -


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