Friday, September 2, 2016

RMK Face Correcting Color 01 Alice In Wonderland

RMK or RUMIKO known as High end Japanese Brand. 

RMK always have so many good stuffs. Their foundation, blushes are all so good. 

They have amazing limited edition stuffs every year and I'm all about it. 
2016, is Alice in wonderland Face Color Correcting Powder. 
Packaging so pretty right??? 

Of course Made In Japan. 

Ta daaaaaa!!!!!! Whoaaaaaa so freaking gorgeous! 

See take a look inside of it! 
Well I know it's green but please don't be fooled lah! This is Face color correcting powder! 
It goes white a lil bit cool tone. 

Well too cute! I can't even. 

The swatch. 
Well the purpose of this powder is to help you to conceal the redness on your face. But is it really works? Quite enough. 
But I use it to set my foundation tho. Hehehhe. I don't really believe in color correcting to be honest. I don't know I just don't have a time to you know color correct my entire face. 

Price is expensive lah. IDR.1.000.000 
Limited edition. 
Not available in RMK Singapore. Only in Japan. 
Not break me out 
Pretty packaging 
Comes with mirror inside 
Help to reduce redness a lil bit. 
Great to set the foundation. 
There is no annoying scent. 

So what do you think? Wanna give a try? 

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  1. lucuuu banget, sayang agak mahal :s


    1. It isn't quite expensive, it's expensive for me tho! But worth it


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