Friday, September 16, 2016

Skin focus make up

Aku tuh jarang banget make up light - skin focus kinda thing. Nah tapi sesekali boleh lah. 

Biasanya i'm all about glam life! Western Style - full contour and drama eye lashes. 
Now i want to be quite simple. 

So, here it is : 
Skin focus in my opinion. 
What do you think ? 

Blush overdose 😊 make up 
#makeup details 
#ハトムギ as moisturizer
#faceit BB Shimmering as Base. Ini hasilnya glitter gt di muka bukan Shimmer. Namanya doang shimmering. Jadi harus ditumpuk foundation . 

#shuuemura Skin Fit foundation. Highly recommend if you love light makeup. I have Reviewed it before kok . 

#maccosmetics light boost. 
#シュウウエムラ loose powder to set the face , Painting Liner in black 

#nars blush "Boys don't cry " LE 
#gerardcosmetics 1995 lipstick 
#urbandecay Naked eyeshadow 
#anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow pomade dark brown

Kalo mau skin focus ga perlu too heavy kan ta ? Jadi tetep kelihatan healthy. 
I need very good moisturizer karena muka ku ini kering banget jadi itu hatomugi the best in My opinion. I don't know about you guys with oily skin. 

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Friday, September 9, 2016


Mau bagi bagi sedikit hadiah BUAT kalian. 

Total hadiah untuk 3 orang ya. 

Rules : 
Siapa saja boleh ikut, asal punya social media. 

Hadiah untuk 3 pemenang. 

Follow : @lidiacaterinef on Instagram dan Twitter. 

No private or giveaway account. Please Jangan curang. 

Share foto Ini Di Instagram dan tag 3 temen kalian. Beri geo tag location Di Instagram kalian. Misal kamu rumah Nya Di daerah Solo, ya Di share Di Instagram dan tag lokasi Solo. 
Ga perlu sampe alamat bener bener daerah ya. 

Jangan lupa kasih geo tag Nya ya. 
Misal : surabaya. 
Sambil kasih alasan kenapa kamu harus menang Ga Itu. 

Tag me juga @lidiacaterinef 

Untuk pemenang 1 : 

All full size kecuali samples skinfood ya dan cream kecil diatas Sebelah liostick wardah. 

Etude house dry shampoo 
Etude house cleansing cream BUAT hadir makeup. 
Bh cosmetics lipgloss full size 
Lipstick wardah long lasting 
False lashes 
Skinfood serum sample size 
Cream mini tube 
Lancome catalogue. 

Pemenang ke 2 

Perfume wardah full size. 
All full size ya. 
Biore face wash 
Makarizo hair mask 
Lipstick purbasari 

Ini untuk pemenang ke 3. 

Refill size Inez bedak 
Nivea soft cream 
Biore face wash 

Waktu 2 minggu bisa lebih cepet. Terserah aku soalnya kadang aku sibuk jadi aku closed giveaway lebih awal. 

Have a good day guys 


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Saturday, September 3, 2016

August Favorite

August favorite! 

First when it comes to skincare, first step is toner. And my August favorite comes to Estée Lauder Micro Eseence. The bottle is huge super luxury too. 
It has thicker consistency rather than normal lotion/ tone. A lil bit rich and perfect for dry to mature skin. 

Estée Lauder Time Zone eye cream is my favorite too. So lightweight under they eyes without causing irritation 

Suqqu Face Rotector advance SPF 50 is Sunblock game strong. Good news is no super white cast. And it's great to apply even under the make up too. A lil bit expensive but it really works amazing to protect our face 

Marc Jacobs beauty primer is so lightweight like moisturizer. I don't feel like I apply any primer, totally like moisturizer. It has coconut scent on it and makeup glides smoothly. 
Bottle is pretty and look so fancy. 

Koh gen do Aqua foundation is so great. I get compliment a lot when I use this foundation. The coverage is buildable and blend so easily. It's not sheer. Medium to full. 

Shu Uemura Custom Palette is so pretty. They are new Tokyo Colors. Inspired by every places in Tokyo. It has so many beautiful finishes but definetly I need a primer to make it pop. 

Too faced glitter glue. It's so hard to pull it off the Glitter from Shu Uemura. Not stick so well on my kid that's why I need a glitter glue. Too faced create beautiful glitter glue and make my life easier to put any glitter on my eyes. Really I highly recommend these beauty. 

Jeffree Star Lip Scrub. No more dry lips. I love these and it's OK to swallow. lol . Vegan. It has so many cool flavors too. Mojito, Rootbeer, strawberry and mint. Mine is mojito. 

I don't really use any mascara. Cause my real lashes I so tiny AF! I don't have so many mascara only 2 of them. They are from Estee and Too Faced better than dec and this month my favorite is Estee Lauder voluptuous mascara. No clumpy whatsoever and dry pretty fast too

RMK circus face color spring 2016, as blush and subtle highlighters not type of blinding highlighters. I love these as blush actually so great beautiful on my skin. Not too strong just subtle. 

RMK face correcting color 01 as powder. Lovely packaging and design. 

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Friday, September 2, 2016

RMK Face Correcting Color 01 Alice In Wonderland

RMK or RUMIKO known as High end Japanese Brand. 

RMK always have so many good stuffs. Their foundation, blushes are all so good. 

They have amazing limited edition stuffs every year and I'm all about it. 
2016, is Alice in wonderland Face Color Correcting Powder. 
Packaging so pretty right??? 

Of course Made In Japan. 

Ta daaaaaa!!!!!! Whoaaaaaa so freaking gorgeous! 

See take a look inside of it! 
Well I know it's green but please don't be fooled lah! This is Face color correcting powder! 
It goes white a lil bit cool tone. 

Well too cute! I can't even. 

The swatch. 
Well the purpose of this powder is to help you to conceal the redness on your face. But is it really works? Quite enough. 
But I use it to set my foundation tho. Hehehhe. I don't really believe in color correcting to be honest. I don't know I just don't have a time to you know color correct my entire face. 

Price is expensive lah. IDR.1.000.000 
Limited edition. 
Not available in RMK Singapore. Only in Japan. 
Not break me out 
Pretty packaging 
Comes with mirror inside 
Help to reduce redness a lil bit. 
Great to set the foundation. 
There is no annoying scent. 

So what do you think? Wanna give a try? 

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Products that I used the most. Hit the pan alert!

Pastinya Ada produk yang memang kamu pake terus terusss. You can't live without. 

Nah aku mau show it to you guys products that I've hit the pan already atau memang selalu aku reach out no matter what happen. 

Ini dia produk nya.....

Ini bukti kalo udah last drop, hit the PAN, almost empty. 
Aku tag kalian semua untuk do this chellenge because it is proof that kalian bener bener pake. Bukan cuma Review yang gara gara di endorse terus kalian baik baikin Review nya. I'm not that type of girl. Like really...Yikes! 
I have a lot of stuffs, ini bukan produk yang gue punya cuma satu makanya abis. Don't get me wrong loh ya. I have a lot of stuffs too but they are that i always reach out. 

Clearly you can tell last drop already! 
I can tell the difference with and without using it. Abis cuci rambut langsung aku apply ini and it smells so good. My hair jadi super lembut. Abis disisir ga gradakan. Hahaha. Totally great items. 

Ini cover girls aku pake untuk sehari hari. Good coverage but lightweight. TAPI Ini oxidize pretty fast. Bisa dilihat beneran abis 

Estée Lauder Creme compact Futurist Aqua Brilliance. Ini bener bener aku pake Kalo aku mau heavy glam. Apalagi pas travelling Ini produk ga makan tempat secara Gue beli refill Nya. Gue pikir ga penting lah case Nya cuma dikasih kaca gt ajah. 
Ga makan tempat, ga kuatir pecah, TAPI nampol banget untuk glam up. So this one is my favorite. 

Shu Uemura Compact UV Lightbulb. 
Hit the pan alert! I always set my foundation dan I don't really mind to set it with another powder foundation for heavy duty makeup! I don't reach out for minerals powder tho! I prefer powder foundation Since it gives me long lasting finish and makes my fave so flawless. 

Ini mask yang selalu Gue pake. Tinggal dia sheet mask lagi. 
Proof that I love this a lot. Ga bikin break out and moisture so well. 

Beauty oil that keeps me hydrated. Kiehls midnight Revovery Concertrate! But agak greasy Di wajah. Overall it makes my face healthy and glow after I wake up in the morning. Ini oil dipake pas malem sebelum tidur. 

So, how about you? Produk apa ajah yang paling kalian gunakan? 
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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Suqqu The Most Softest and Expensive Cheek Brush Review

Do you know Lisa Eldirge?
The most amazing beauty guru and her YouTube Chanel is very good for make up knowledge. 

She introduced the Suqqu Cheek brush or the Kitten Paw brush. 
Suqqu is one of the Japanese luxury brand and their brushes are amazing! 
Suqqu is one of brand that not for everyone. Higher than high end tho! Luxury! 

Their brushes is amazing and known for Super top Grey Squirrel hair quality. 
Top of the level!

Was so curious and bye bye money...... Yeah they are so expensive. Purchased from Japan! 
It cost me ¥15000 for brushes BEFORE TAX! And before shipping! 
almost IDR. 2.000.000 just for cheek brush!!!!! 

But I'm so curious about how soft it is and BAM..... They are super soft, delicate and perfect for sensitive skin tho. 
This brush works perfectly for pigmented blush and make your blush so blendable and I mean I wish I could show you how soft this brush. 
I'm not gonna lie but this is the best brush I have ever tried in my life. 

Now i know the rave among Lisa Eldirge, Raeviewer is real! Kitten paw is real! 

These type of brush is made for people who love very great quality brushes and probably have sensitive face. Totally must have brush of these brush is on your budget. 
Well, again let me tell you that you don't need to to purchase this baby if you think it's not necessary. 

Pretty small! 
So delicate. So Fancy, so soft, ughhhhh so pretty! 
I think I don't have to wash these type kinda brush! Highly recommend to wipe it off with tissue because it's so freakin soft and these type of brush need to be taken care carefully! 

No, they don't kill any animal! Please don't be stupid lahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! #areyoustupidorsomething? 

Just cut the hair/ fur etc without kill them! Please be smart before you comment! 
Bulu Nya digunting Udah terus dikerjain deh proses kuas Nya oleh craftsman Nya. Yang pikirannya sampe bunuh dll lebay banget! I mean it hahaha  
What do you think? 

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New Suqqu Frame Fix Liquid Foundation Lightness Review

I have foundation problems. If you know me so well I have 16 foundations in my collection because I'm obsessed with foundation. For me base make up is the key!
When there's brand that I love launch new foundation, I will def purchase that! But don't worry I will give you an honest review. 

I purchased Suqqu Frame fix  Liquid Foundation Lightness. 
Suqqu is very popular and I'm sure the quality is the so that's why I don't need to think twice for that. 

It's not even 1 ounce. 
Pretty expensive ? That's relative right? 
It comes with SPF which is great. We def need to protect our skin always with SPF! 

Price is 8640 ¥ + tax 
Color selection is great for fair to medium light skin. Too bad the color selection is not that great for deeper skin tone. 

In my opinion these foundation is magic! 
I love to see how my skin is when I apply this foundation. I got so many compliment when I using these foundation. Even my mom so wowed when looking at my skin. 

It's not cakey at all
It's so lightweight and gives you good coverage. 
It's not that creamy. This is liquid type . 
It's so easy to blend and the best result is using your handy to spread the foundation. But i don't feel comfortable to use my hand to spread the foundation . So I  use sponge to blend it out. 
These type of foundation doesn't require you to use primer but really guys when you pair it with Suqqu SHEER GLOW, you get amazing result. 
This is the Suqqu sheer glow guys if you wondering. 

The foundation gives me not flat look but more like dewy side in my dry skin. I really love these foundation. It makes my skin so healthy And dewy. 

If you have the face up brightening powder you will definitely see the great result. You will be blown away to see how gorgeous your skin. 

By the way don't forget to shake it well. 
See how luminous my skin is. Even I have dry skin I used to be with matte stuffs. But recently all about glowy things and I need to see how it works on me and I love it. It suits me the dewy finish as well. 

By the way I don't think if you have super oily face need this foundation. The oil control is not that great. I never touch up because my makeup used to be super matte me long last but these foundation is so pretty for short time glam. I mean if you just wanna extra glam on mall for 3 hours that's fine. I don't think it could last for 5 hours up. I see the shine on my nose so obvious and I never had shine on my nose before ( because my base used to be all about matte. 

I'm so impressed with these foundation. My favorite 
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