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Shu Uemura's New Tokyo Colors Pressed Eyeshadow 2016

You know I love Shu Uemura So much and no matter new stuffs from Shu Uemura- I will def get that. 
I'm huge fan of these brand and I give you guys an honest opinion about it. 

So recently, Shu Uemura came with newest colors. They got inspired from Tokyo Itself. When I was in Japan, definetly I could feel the sense of these making new colors. 

And of course I'm getting it. 
The name is so real cute tho.
Shinjuku Yellow 
Icho Yellow 
Harajuku Pink 
Ginza Violet 
Tokyo Night Silver and many more. Totally describe how Japan lights at night or day time. 

The palette is new. It has more space for an eyeshadow or blushes. 
Filled with 8 pressed eyeshadow. 
It's customable so you can mix your favorite one in one palette and ready to rock the looks. 

It comes with brushes and mirror inside and I think so perfect for travelling. The compact size is not so huge it's so handy tho. 

Price is 360.000-380.000 for the compact itself. Without the eyeshadow yeah. 

The single shadow from Shu Uemura is quite expensive. 
It's 230.000 IDR a piece. 
Let me tell you something that When you purchase Shu Uemura from Japan and buy directly in Indonesia, it's way cheaper to purchase in Indonesia. 

When I was in Japan I feel like wow! 
Even I got tax free still so pricey over there. I highly recommend to get it in our country better. 
Maybe because the exchange currency. 

As you can see here is the swatch.
I'm obsessed with Matsuri Red so pretty and Tokyo Night Silver too! 

There are so many Shu Uemura eyeshadow finishes, they are 
From Matte----- code is M xxx
Shimmer ---- code is S xxx 
IR ----- for iredescent 
Glitter ----- code is G xxx 
Pearl ---- code is P xxx 
So you don't have to worry about the finishes of you want .
So many shades so many finishes. 
You can pick everything you want without having to worry about the finishes you get. 
That's why I love Shu uemura so much. Kadang kita suka satu Warna tertentu but we don't really like the finishes. Yaaa kannn pasti pernah ngalami Kaya gt? 

experience infinite choice for your ever-evolving style.

truest color pay-off and a non-fading finish. blends effortlessly for ideal coverage control. the powders capture light, absorbing and reflecting it for a multi-dimensional effect.

full color spectrum, 5 different textures
• matte (m): a velvety, even finish gives vivid color with a smooth finish
• pearl (p): a silky shimmer of light for luminous radiance
• iridescent (ir): captivating shades offer glimmering reflections of changing colors
• metallic (me): smooth like liquid with a metallic glow
• glitters (g): abundant sparkles for glistening glamour
Source : Shu Uemura Website. 

From bottom to top yeah : 

Soft black . Not so powerful jet black 
P696 beautiful blue pearl 
Medium Green 
Matsuri Red S160 
Icho Yellow 
Tokyo Night Silver 
Awayuki white 
Sakura shell pink 

Blendable. But the glitter one like Tokyo Silver Night isnsobhardbto blend. I need to apply glitter glue first to make it stick to eyelid. 
Pigmented but I highly recommend to apply primer first for more pigmented eyeshadow. 
Some colors didn't perform really well. I'm not gonna lie. Some colors has really powdery texture choky I'm not impressed. 
( even I love the brand I will give you an honest opinion ) 
Some colors the matte one works beautifully. 
If you apply the glitter glue for awayuki White or Icho Yellow or Tokyo night silver it will be so damn beautiful. Really I mean it. No glue glitter for those colors : MEH! But if you apply glue glitter : BOMB Amazaing so beautiful. 

What glitter glue I used is from Too Faced  glitter glue insurance. 
I can't find any other brand tho. 

Pricey but so beautiful and I cannot resist. 

You can mix the palette with blush too if you want. 

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