Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Suqqu Skincare Light Solution Essence and Lotion Review

I'm obsessed with Suqqu and you know that . I don't have to introduce about Suqqu because I'm pretty sure if you love Japanese brand, Suqqu is really big and well known . 


I'm obsessed with make up and I have to take care my skin. I need high quality skincare line. I made my decision to purchase the full size after I tried the sample size and I love the result.
Don't worry this is not first impression! I have tried the samples , not only one sample but 4 samples and I don't see any bad about these stuffs. So that's why I bought the full size without thinking so much. 
Okay are we cool now? I have tested before in my skin so don't freakin worry!  

These Suqqu essence is pretty newest line in spring summer 2016. 

These Summer Esition is so perfect and lightweight for humid area. 

They list the step by step to make your skin brighter and glowy: 

First is essence. 
At first thought I feel like what? Why essence in the first step? 

So in Japan maybe this line use that term instead of "milk" . If you familiar with Albion, albion use that kinda term which is "milk" before the toner / lotion to prepare the skin. 

Suqqu use term of essence instead of milk! Don't get confused buddies! 

Price is pretty steep! 
For 50 ml is 12.000¥ before the tax tho! 
About 1.700.000 with tax . 

The essence is so lightweight. 
Fast to absorb 
Not greasy at all
Feel fresh on the skin. 
It comes in pump too. 
Packaging is nothing fancy as always Japanese stuff. They don't really focus on the packaging but they focus on the inside of it the ingredients . I prefer that kinda company tho. 

Second step is lotion / toner. 
We are very knowledgeable for term of lotion / toner right? I don't have to explain more on this okay! 

For 200 ml price is 8000¥ before the tax! 
AbouT 1.200.000 IDR with tax 

It comes in pump too which I love 
Pretty huge 200 ml 
The texture is so great on my dry skin. 
Have you ever tried the Estée Lauder Micro Essence? Yeah they are same texture. Not so watery but kinda rich. 
Not sticky  not greasy . Love love. 

The last step is liquid. 
Hmmmm I was so confused tho actually. I was so confused why they use term "liquid"  instead of "emulsion/ essence " . 

Price is ridiculous expensive. 15000¥ before tax. 

So I purchase the essence and lotion. I skipped the liquid because I prefer to use beauty oil after I prepare my skin with toning and then moisturize with my favorite Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin moisturizer. 

But really guys I will purchase the fluid too I guess. Cause they are perfect combo! 
But wait I need to save up first hahahahahha. #byebyemoney 

So over all I'm impressed. 
I see my skin so great. Smooth , lighter and not so freaking dry like it used to be. 
It doesn't break me out so yayyyy! 
It reduces the redness too. 

Wanna give a try ? 

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  1. OMG... mupeng banget pas baca.. tp begtu liat harganya langsung ngumpet... produk jepang emang dasyat..


    1. I'm pretty sure you gonna be in love with Suqqu. And yes Suqqu is not on everyone's budget but they are worth every singke penny. Hehehe. Price is ridiculous but quality is off the chain!


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