Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Suqqu Sheer Glow Liquid Limited edition Spring Summer 2016 Review

Another primer to try this June. I'm obsessed with Suqqu. Suqqu is one of the luxury Japanese Brand that known for their softest brush ever. 

As always High end brand in Japan, mostly come in simple packaging. But amazing ingredients inside. 
This is how it looks.

These baby are Limited edition from their Spring Summer 2016 collection. The Sunscreen is available to purchase but too bad guys the Primer is not available anymore. Sold out so fast and once they gone which means bye bye. You can no longer to purchase the Sheer Glow Liquid. 

Price is ¥ 6480 with tax.
But too bad I have to buy this baby Sheer Glow Liquid higher than the actual price. Simple because I have to purchase from third party that still have some stock for this beauty. I don't mind as long as I have this beauty. 

It comes in pretty packaging. 
Bottle and pump. 
This pink based of primer gives you brighten effect and youthful look. 
I have to be honest that it is not so luminous type of primer or gives you glowy effect even this is called Sheer Glow. 
All I see the effect is brighten and I feel kinda matte on my dry skin. 

If you have the same issue with me on this baby please comment below. 

There is no annoying scent.
This multi tasking liquid could be use in different ways; 
First, you can use it alone as Primer, to brighten your face. If you have dull skin you probably need this. It gives you youthful looks too which I'm totally in love with this Suqqu Sheer Glow Liquid. 
This Suqqu Sheer glow even out your skin tone and it makes your foundation blendable. 

Second, this multi tasking product you can mixed it with your foundation. If you have darker foundation, just simply add this couple drops and mixed it well. I'm sure your darker foundation will be lighten up. 

Third, as highlighters. I don't see this type of Products could highlight beautifully. I mean the products is great but ifnyounuse it alone for your cheekbones highlight ummmm I don't see the good result for highlighting. 

Probably I would def stick for primer or mix it with my foundation. 

I don't see so glowy effect on my face but kinda Mattifying effects. I know  it is weird but that's how I feel on me. 
If you want to glowy effect , just try Becca Cosmetics. 

This on me very good to brighten my face. 
Even it is so pink but don't worry it melts into your skin transparent and beautiful.

If you have so many discoloration or uneven skin tone you need this in your life.
Do you see the brighten effect ?
Yes i do 

Do you see the glow? 
No, I don't. 

Do you feel the make up stay longer with this product applied ? 
No I don't. This type of primer is not for pro long your make up. Just brigten and even out the skin. 

Where to purchase? 
Japan. But you can no longer to purchase. 

Breakout ? 

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  1. wah sayang ya udah ga di produksi lagi, padahal kayaknya lumayan bagus, kecuali dilihat dari sisi harga tentunya :D

    The Journey

    1. Emang bagus kok ini. no doubt for Suqqu brand kok.


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