Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Suqqu Face Up Brightening Powder Review

So I ran out of powders and I need to purchase the new one. 
I have been eyeing the Suqqu Face Up Brigtening powder but you know that so hard to find Suqqu outside of Japan. 

I got these baby from FudeJapan . And he sent it through Ems. And I got it yayyy. 

As always the packaging is pretty simple and it comes in seperate which is the powder and the case. I don't have any case so I purchased both. 

These Suqqu Face Up brightening powder is so pretty and pink base. 
Pink supposed to brighten up your look, lighten your skin and creates more luminous look. 

The puff. So sorry it is so messy cause I will tell you more 

And look it that! Bam! The courier is so freakin damn! I really mean it. It is so expensive powder and they dropped it and it broken into pieces. Damn! 
I literally crying because of it. 


Make it werk! 
So I put any alcohol to make it work. I smashed all the powder into loose form them poured the alcohol and make it werk. 

It is not pretty but that's fine as long as I could use it. 

The powder really gives you luminous look. 
So easy to apply 
Price is ¥6500 before the tax and fee for Fude Japan. Pretty expensive cause Japan's currency is getting stronger. 
Perfect for all skin type. 
No break out for applying these baby. 
What I can say is it really gives me healthy looking fresh look. 
I'm so impressed with these powder and I'm going to repurchase it once I ran out of it. I mean it cause I love it. 
Perfect for fair to medium light skin tone. 

What do you think? 

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