Thursday, September 1, 2016

New Suqqu Frame Fix Liquid Foundation Lightness Review

I have foundation problems. If you know me so well I have 16 foundations in my collection because I'm obsessed with foundation. For me base make up is the key!
When there's brand that I love launch new foundation, I will def purchase that! But don't worry I will give you an honest review. 

I purchased Suqqu Frame fix  Liquid Foundation Lightness. 
Suqqu is very popular and I'm sure the quality is the so that's why I don't need to think twice for that. 

It's not even 1 ounce. 
Pretty expensive ? That's relative right? 
It comes with SPF which is great. We def need to protect our skin always with SPF! 

Price is 8640 ¥ + tax 
Color selection is great for fair to medium light skin. Too bad the color selection is not that great for deeper skin tone. 

In my opinion these foundation is magic! 
I love to see how my skin is when I apply this foundation. I got so many compliment when I using these foundation. Even my mom so wowed when looking at my skin. 

It's not cakey at all
It's so lightweight and gives you good coverage. 
It's not that creamy. This is liquid type . 
It's so easy to blend and the best result is using your handy to spread the foundation. But i don't feel comfortable to use my hand to spread the foundation . So I  use sponge to blend it out. 
These type of foundation doesn't require you to use primer but really guys when you pair it with Suqqu SHEER GLOW, you get amazing result. 
This is the Suqqu sheer glow guys if you wondering. 

The foundation gives me not flat look but more like dewy side in my dry skin. I really love these foundation. It makes my skin so healthy And dewy. 

If you have the face up brightening powder you will definitely see the great result. You will be blown away to see how gorgeous your skin. 

By the way don't forget to shake it well. 
See how luminous my skin is. Even I have dry skin I used to be with matte stuffs. But recently all about glowy things and I need to see how it works on me and I love it. It suits me the dewy finish as well. 

By the way I don't think if you have super oily face need this foundation. The oil control is not that great. I never touch up because my makeup used to be super matte me long last but these foundation is so pretty for short time glam. I mean if you just wanna extra glam on mall for 3 hours that's fine. I don't think it could last for 5 hours up. I see the shine on my nose so obvious and I never had shine on my nose before ( because my base used to be all about matte. 

I'm so impressed with these foundation. My favorite 

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  1. whoaa your skin looks very glowing :D


    1. Yeah so healthy glow! Thanks to the foundation tho


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