Saturday, June 18, 2016

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Shimmering BlushLight In Sinful Peach

Shimmery blush is not my type. I always prefer in matte stuffs but I don't know why nowadays is all about shimmer dewy glowy kinda things. 

I picked Estée Lauder in Pure Color envy Shimmering blushlight in sinful peach. Oh I love the name tho! Hahaha. 

Actually these blush comes in 3 different colors. 

More in bronzer right? 

The pink one, called pink seduction. 
I didn't pick this one because I have pink Tease from Estée Lauder line too. They are kinda similar and I have enough pink blushes. 

And this beauty Sinful Peach which perfect for summer. So peachy and glowy ah I love this one.

The blush is pigmented enough. 
Shimmery and Glowy on the cheek so perfect ! 
The texture is little bit powdery. I need fix plus or Tatcha dewy skin Mist to make it look like skin without powdery effect. 
Easy to blend
You can build it up. 
Very elegant packaging
Comes in mirror and brush. 
Limited edition and it is hard to find even in Us. They are not available in Estée Lauder's website. 
You can find it in Harrords, Estée Lauder UK and Japan. 
This limited edition is not available in Indonesia. I got mine from Japan and it cost ¥6800 before tax. 

(Sekitar Rp. 900.000 plus shipping ke Indonesia and kemudian pecah di pengiriman! Pengen nangis ya Tuhan! Ini limited edition tapi pecah and itu mahal untuk blush. I'm dying inside My Heart! 

Pretty expensive tho. And you know Yen is getting stronger. Oh God, please help our beloved country economy. 
Make our currency stronger please. 

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  1. cantik bangettt tapii harganya nggak tahann booo

    Jean Milka

  2. This is limited edition. And inside is information that you have to be very carrefour to handle with it. it is so much delicate... but i love it!

    with love Beauty Advisor Estee Lader from Poland.
    Kisses Asia

    1. Yes i know it's limited edition dear. Thank you so much.


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