Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Suqqu Face Up Brightening Powder Review

So I ran out of powders and I need to purchase the new one. 
I have been eyeing the Suqqu Face Up Brigtening powder but you know that so hard to find Suqqu outside of Japan. 

I got these baby from FudeJapan . And he sent it through Ems. And I got it yayyy. 

As always the packaging is pretty simple and it comes in seperate which is the powder and the case. I don't have any case so I purchased both. 

These Suqqu Face Up brightening powder is so pretty and pink base. 
Pink supposed to brighten up your look, lighten your skin and creates more luminous look. 

The puff. So sorry it is so messy cause I will tell you more 

And look it that! Bam! The courier is so freakin damn! I really mean it. It is so expensive powder and they dropped it and it broken into pieces. Damn! 
I literally crying because of it. 


Make it werk! 
So I put any alcohol to make it work. I smashed all the powder into loose form them poured the alcohol and make it werk. 

It is not pretty but that's fine as long as I could use it. 

The powder really gives you luminous look. 
So easy to apply 
Price is ¥6500 before the tax and fee for Fude Japan. Pretty expensive cause Japan's currency is getting stronger. 
Perfect for all skin type. 
No break out for applying these baby. 
What I can say is it really gives me healthy looking fresh look. 
I'm so impressed with these powder and I'm going to repurchase it once I ran out of it. I mean it cause I love it. 
Perfect for fair to medium light skin tone. 

What do you think? 

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Suqqu Skincare Light Solution Essence and Lotion Review

I'm obsessed with Suqqu and you know that . I don't have to introduce about Suqqu because I'm pretty sure if you love Japanese brand, Suqqu is really big and well known . 


I'm obsessed with make up and I have to take care my skin. I need high quality skincare line. I made my decision to purchase the full size after I tried the sample size and I love the result.
Don't worry this is not first impression! I have tried the samples , not only one sample but 4 samples and I don't see any bad about these stuffs. So that's why I bought the full size without thinking so much. 
Okay are we cool now? I have tested before in my skin so don't freakin worry!  

These Suqqu essence is pretty newest line in spring summer 2016. 

These Summer Esition is so perfect and lightweight for humid area. 

They list the step by step to make your skin brighter and glowy: 

First is essence. 
At first thought I feel like what? Why essence in the first step? 

So in Japan maybe this line use that term instead of "milk" . If you familiar with Albion, albion use that kinda term which is "milk" before the toner / lotion to prepare the skin. 

Suqqu use term of essence instead of milk! Don't get confused buddies! 

Price is pretty steep! 
For 50 ml is 12.000¥ before the tax tho! 
About 1.700.000 with tax . 

The essence is so lightweight. 
Fast to absorb 
Not greasy at all
Feel fresh on the skin. 
It comes in pump too. 
Packaging is nothing fancy as always Japanese stuff. They don't really focus on the packaging but they focus on the inside of it the ingredients . I prefer that kinda company tho. 

Second step is lotion / toner. 
We are very knowledgeable for term of lotion / toner right? I don't have to explain more on this okay! 

For 200 ml price is 8000¥ before the tax! 
AbouT 1.200.000 IDR with tax 

It comes in pump too which I love 
Pretty huge 200 ml 
The texture is so great on my dry skin. 
Have you ever tried the Estée Lauder Micro Essence? Yeah they are same texture. Not so watery but kinda rich. 
Not sticky  not greasy . Love love. 

The last step is liquid. 
Hmmmm I was so confused tho actually. I was so confused why they use term "liquid"  instead of "emulsion/ essence " . 

Price is ridiculous expensive. 15000¥ before tax. 

So I purchase the essence and lotion. I skipped the liquid because I prefer to use beauty oil after I prepare my skin with toning and then moisturize with my favorite Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin moisturizer. 

But really guys I will purchase the fluid too I guess. Cause they are perfect combo! 
But wait I need to save up first hahahahahha. #byebyemoney 

So over all I'm impressed. 
I see my skin so great. Smooth , lighter and not so freaking dry like it used to be. 
It doesn't break me out so yayyyy! 
It reduces the redness too. 

Wanna give a try ? 

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hatomugi Naturie Skin Conditioning Gel Moisturizer Review

I purchased so many things from Japan skincare to make up. I'm so impressed by their skincare line even drugstore stuffs. 
If you know me well, actually I'm
Not that type of drugstore girl. I love department store more high end stuffs but why not try new stuffs that actually cheaper and 

This is Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner Gel moisturizer! They have the lotion or toner too that comes in huge size 500 ml too and so many people rave about it. 

But I can't purchased the Lotion since too heavy and it's not that safe to send liquid thru EMS. 

So I made my decision to try the moisturizer. 
It is not that expensive at all. Around IDR. 200-300 k and that's totally reasonable. 

You can find it at so many Japanese drugstore! It comes in huge size too for moisturizer tho! 

As you can see the texture so watery and  it is not that emollient! 

This texture is more gel kinda type! 
Gel texture perfect for oily or combination girl. Meanwhile rich cream perfect for dry girl. 

This one I think suitable for oily and combo skin girl. 
It is too light for dry skin like me. For your information I have dry skin, and this moisturizer is way too light for me. 

But if you have dry skin, you are still able to make it work to use it as day cream. 

In day time we don't want to have rich emollient cream type especially in humid weather like here in indonesia. 
That's the reason why I purchase this because my Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin so emollient creamy and damn you fine I love my Shu! But if want something light on my skin, I will def take this with me. 

So pretty right? I'm sure you wanna feel that , aren't you? 

So lightweight and please if you are go to vacation in Japan, give a try. 
You won't regret it. 

Bye guys 

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Shimmering BlushLight In Sinful Peach

Shimmery blush is not my type. I always prefer in matte stuffs but I don't know why nowadays is all about shimmer dewy glowy kinda things. 

I picked Estée Lauder in Pure Color envy Shimmering blushlight in sinful peach. Oh I love the name tho! Hahaha. 

Actually these blush comes in 3 different colors. 

More in bronzer right? 

The pink one, called pink seduction. 
I didn't pick this one because I have pink Tease from Estée Lauder line too. They are kinda similar and I have enough pink blushes. 

And this beauty Sinful Peach which perfect for summer. So peachy and glowy ah I love this one.

The blush is pigmented enough. 
Shimmery and Glowy on the cheek so perfect ! 
The texture is little bit powdery. I need fix plus or Tatcha dewy skin Mist to make it look like skin without powdery effect. 
Easy to blend
You can build it up. 
Very elegant packaging
Comes in mirror and brush. 
Limited edition and it is hard to find even in Us. They are not available in Estée Lauder's website. 
You can find it in Harrords, Estée Lauder UK and Japan. 
This limited edition is not available in Indonesia. I got mine from Japan and it cost ¥6800 before tax. 

(Sekitar Rp. 900.000 plus shipping ke Indonesia and kemudian pecah di pengiriman! Pengen nangis ya Tuhan! Ini limited edition tapi pecah and itu mahal untuk blush. I'm dying inside My Heart! 

Pretty expensive tho. And you know Yen is getting stronger. Oh God, please help our beloved country economy. 
Make our currency stronger please. 

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Suqqu Sheer Glow Liquid Limited edition Spring Summer 2016 Review

Another primer to try this June. I'm obsessed with Suqqu. Suqqu is one of the luxury Japanese Brand that known for their softest brush ever. 

As always High end brand in Japan, mostly come in simple packaging. But amazing ingredients inside. 
This is how it looks.

These baby are Limited edition from their Spring Summer 2016 collection. The Sunscreen is available to purchase but too bad guys the Primer is not available anymore. Sold out so fast and once they gone which means bye bye. You can no longer to purchase the Sheer Glow Liquid. 

Price is ¥ 6480 with tax.
But too bad I have to buy this baby Sheer Glow Liquid higher than the actual price. Simple because I have to purchase from third party that still have some stock for this beauty. I don't mind as long as I have this beauty. 

It comes in pretty packaging. 
Bottle and pump. 
This pink based of primer gives you brighten effect and youthful look. 
I have to be honest that it is not so luminous type of primer or gives you glowy effect even this is called Sheer Glow. 
All I see the effect is brighten and I feel kinda matte on my dry skin. 

If you have the same issue with me on this baby please comment below. 

There is no annoying scent.
This multi tasking liquid could be use in different ways; 
First, you can use it alone as Primer, to brighten your face. If you have dull skin you probably need this. It gives you youthful looks too which I'm totally in love with this Suqqu Sheer Glow Liquid. 
This Suqqu Sheer glow even out your skin tone and it makes your foundation blendable. 

Second, this multi tasking product you can mixed it with your foundation. If you have darker foundation, just simply add this couple drops and mixed it well. I'm sure your darker foundation will be lighten up. 

Third, as highlighters. I don't see this type of Products could highlight beautifully. I mean the products is great but ifnyounuse it alone for your cheekbones highlight ummmm I don't see the good result for highlighting. 

Probably I would def stick for primer or mix it with my foundation. 

I don't see so glowy effect on my face but kinda Mattifying effects. I know  it is weird but that's how I feel on me. 
If you want to glowy effect , just try Becca Cosmetics. 

This on me very good to brighten my face. 
Even it is so pink but don't worry it melts into your skin transparent and beautiful.

If you have so many discoloration or uneven skin tone you need this in your life.
Do you see the brighten effect ?
Yes i do 

Do you see the glow? 
No, I don't. 

Do you feel the make up stay longer with this product applied ? 
No I don't. This type of primer is not for pro long your make up. Just brigten and even out the skin. 

Where to purchase? 
Japan. But you can no longer to purchase. 

Breakout ? 

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Dr. Althea Power Whitening Glutathione Cream Review

My recent purchase is Dr. Althea Power Whitening Glutathione Cream. 

Dr. althea known amazing for their Cushion tho. Of course it is safe to use. Bukan abal abal dokter dokteran kaya yang ada orang comment di Fb ga jelas! Hahaha #deceased 

I'm so excited to try it. 
Well I purchased this simple because there's one of beauty show in Korea showed this products. 
It gives you instant brightening effect which wowed me and damn I need to get that.

Purchased this thru Althea website. 
And glad I purchased this baby. 
It does her job amazingly and I'm impressed. 

This Dr. Althea gives you brighten effect once you apply. 
And it is safe to put underneath the make up. 
White cast a little bit but it is fine as long as you take pic without flash tho. 

As always Korean Beauty items packaging is in the top level. 
But too bad I feel this one so pretty in the pic but in the real life just come in cheap plastic.

The clear outside part is okay makes it looks Lux but the yellow gold inside actually is plastic cheap ughhh I can't even! 

Don't be fooled tho. 

Packaging is 9/10 
Performance 8/10 
Scent : 7/10 
Price : I don't really remember. I guess for  50 ml pretty cheap tho. Around IDR 400.000 
Break me out ? Probably. I don't easily breakout when it changes primer or foundation but I don't know why after using this once, my face so itchy and I'm so sad. The performance really damn good tho. 

It looks fancy tho. 

This is the cream that gives you instant effect.
The texture is so creamy and spreadable. 
You have to wait to make it dry once you apply on your face to give you best result. 

I love it but I don't know how to handle itchiness lol. 

Very little amount and you can see the difference. Don't use it too much cause it will give you so white effect. You can build it up. 

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