Thursday, May 5, 2016

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist Review

Tatcha! This brand is like boom after Kim Kardashian's Make up artist was using this on Kim! 
Tatcha is Japanese  inspired type of skincare! 
But you can't find it in Japan even they are made in Japan.

You can purchase it thru their web or Barney's. I'm not quite sure. 
This spray is life! 
Like really LIFE! 

The queen : Jaclyn Hills using this products and she raved on her previous favorite videos. 

So many beauty Gurus love this product even They received it for free tho! But really guys this brand is bomb! Specially the mist! 

It comes in very good packaging. 

Luminous Dewy Mist . Yes! It gives you very dewy finish and really smoothen the make up. 

The way you open the box is like the letter/ massage from one kingdom to another kingdom tho! Lol 

It comes in very cute lux packaging. 
Remember you have to shake it first before you applying this to your face . 

It takes all the powdery effect of your make up and damn so great! 
It smells good nothing too strong or too fragrant like Guerlian product. 

It is so expensive. $48 for mist that refresh your face. Hahaha. 
But really if you don't have a budget try this and it works amazing right on top of the highlighter. Spray this to your face and your highlight will be popping so smoothly! 

Do you see my highlight girls? 
Yeah they are popping like hella great after spraying this on my face. 

Very moisturize and calm to your face. 
Takes all powdery effect and it's like your make up blends well on your skin! 

Let's take a shower with this!

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