Thursday, May 19, 2016

Suqqu Face Protector Sunscreen SPF50 Advance Review

Suqqu is one of the luxury brand in Japan! Award winning Japanese brand! (Clap clap clap)
Suqqu is well known for the cheek brush which so expensive! 

Suqqu is so exclusive till so hard to reach for this brand. We can find Suqqu in Japan and UK! 
There are plenty of online stores that sell this brand but they put the price so high. So it is better to purchase In the store if you see any Suqqu store near you and you are interest with Suqqu brand! 

Well actually not so many people review about this brand. I mean so many review for the foundation, powder and brushes but not so many of the skincare and sunscreen. So it is hard to find what other think about this. 

I purchased the Sunscreen. 
Indonesia heat is so . Very humid. 
We need sunscreen to protect our skin.
We def need sunscreen no matter how the wheaher is. 
I don't have to explain to you right why we need sunscreen in our life! Lol. 

This is the Suqqu Face Protector SPF50! 
And damn it is so expensive. 
IDR 850.000 for 30ml sunscreen and still I bought it ! I bought it from third Party, so def more expensive. 
It cost ¥6480. 

I got the 2016 edition so if you have seen any other reviews come with different packaging, it could be from last year edition. 

This is how it looks like. 
Very simple packaging, you have to squeeze it. 
I don't know why I think Japanese brand concern more about the formula than the packaging which is Great! 
They tend to be simple not so cute but the formula inside of it is really good. 
I really appreciate brand that gives you best ingredients inside rather than brand that focus on packaging to make people buy it because they are cute. You know what I mean tho. 
Because I think so many people right now that they just give a review based on first impression because they are excite to try and the cute packaging blah blah attracted them. 
Oh come on.... I'm not one of them!

What I love about Suqqu Face Protector are: 
Suqqu face protector is not greasy at all. 
Suqqu Face Protector 50 Advance. 
Even it comes with SPF50, the white cast is not that bad when you put foundation / full make up on top. 
It gives a white cast for sure but when you don't have to take a pic with flash, this type of face protector is good to go. 
This type of face protector protect you from UVA AND UVB rays. 

It is blendable. 
It doesn't have annoying fragrance. 
It comes with a micro shimmer I think that gives you brighten look which is good. 
It's not so ruiny type of face protector.
It is like moisturizer but not so emollient like moisturizer. Not liquidy. 

The color is not that straight white but slightly faint pink that brigten your face. 
30 ml. 
It's not making my face oily. 
It's okay for any skin type, even oily skin girl.  

I do enjoy to apply this, I have no complain except the steep price. 
Repurchase is Yes. 
Japanese brand really serious on their sunscreen tho. They are so good except the price. Haha. 

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