Sunday, May 8, 2016

Neo Cell Super Collagen +C Type 1&3 Review

Let me introduce you to this supplement which is great for your skin and health. 

So this is Neo Cell Super Collagen +C type 1&3 ! 
How it works? 
Just drink it 3 caplets for the Supper Collagen +c and a caplet for The Hyaluronic Acid. Twice daily! 

It claims to gives you radiant skin, supple, soft, firmness, thicker hair, stronger nails and healthier joins!  
Meanwhile you def already know the benefit of Hyaluronic Acid. 
Hyluronic Acid is good for our skin to maintain our skin. So many skincare include this in the ingredients right ? There's so many beneficial drink this kinda supplement.

The caplets are pretty huge like really huge but the Hyaluronic Acid is small. 
Let me compare 
Pretty huge right ? 
Hahaha . 

I believe that to keep my skin healthy and fresh I need to take care from inside and outside . 
And this one is from inside. I'm so afraid about wrinkle, dull skin etc! Like really they are creepy! 

You have to drink this with the Hyaluronic  acid for best result because they are complement each other. 
How about if you drink the Collagen itself? That's fine! Just for better result drink both! 

Price is around IDR 400.000-500.000 each. Just think like this is invesment for your skin. 

After take this supplement 3 months I see the different on my skin and hair! Very visible on the hair! 
I feel my hair is thicker and I feel like yasssssssss! Really it works! 

I feel my skin is smoother! 
Sometimes I do skip to take this with me I'm not gonna lie. But really I see the result. 

There is no side effect after drink this. 
I think for Acne Prone peps this type of products is not for you! Yeah you read it right. In my opinion I don't recommend this for acne prone peps. 
For dry to normal skin type is okay!

The collagen has 250 caplets meanwhile the hyluronic acid has 60 capsule. 
Drink a lot water too when you drink this type of capsules. 

I'm happy with the result and I will repurchase of course for invesment for my skin. 

The collagen has two types, they are powder and caplets. 
I prefer to take caplets with me since it is easier to drink. 

For powder type you have to mixed with with juice. I think blend them is fine. 
There is no taste changing after you mixed them tho. 

Wanna try? 

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