Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nella Fantasia Pore Jelly Pop Blackhead Remover Review

We all have pores! Of course Lah! 
But sometimes they are so annoying! I mean blackhead, Whitehead comes and it looks terrible on our face! 

Our skin surface feels kinda rough not smooth enough if we have blackhead and whitehead. 
We al know the struggle is real to take care our skin! 

So let me tell you my skin condition. 
My skin is not smooth enough cause I have whiteheads like really so many! 
I don't really have blackhead thank you Jesus! 
Which means, if you have so many blackhead : your pore is big and vice versa. 

I tried this Nella Fantasia Pore Jelly pop blackhead remover
Sounds pretty good right? 

I purchased this cause I'm curious lol! 
And I wish it worked for me! I wish..... 
This is Korean Brand and let me tell you something that maybe I'm not quite sure. This was my second time purchase Korean Brand with my own money! 

I used to get sponsored for Korean brand but this was my second time to purchase with my own money. 


Yeah! I'm not a big fan of Korean make up and skincare. But I want to try this to prove myself wrong and let's see how it works. 
I prefer Japanese or Western make up and skincare tho. No offense guys. 
Just my personal taste. Don't hate me because of that. 

Just the skincare and make up maybe not in my personal taste. 

But I love and so respect for the History, Food and of course CNBLUE, HYUNA , Moon JOO WON! Lol! 
I love them so much!!!!! Whoaaaaa I'm BOICE GUYS! 

Back to the review. 
So it claims to remove the blackhead you have on your face! Wow sounds pretty good without having to squeeze them. 
But is it really working? 

I'm so sorry. 
It doesn't remove any blackhead I had. 
Maybe 1-3 white head around my chin area. 
That's it. 

The packaging is really good. 
Comes with squeeze bottle and pretty cute packaging as always! Korean skincare and make up really knows how to put really cute packaging. 

The brush or I don't know what it is called. Pink. 
And rub it to your face to remove the blackhead. 

Sealed! Just removed the tape and you are good to go! 
So what you have to do is remove the tape and turn to the right. It will open up the gap so you could squeeze the gel texture inside of it. 

What it looks like without the brush head!
Once the sealed open, you can see the GAP over there right? 
This is what it looks like after you squeeze the gel texture inside.

It gives you cool sensation once you spread the gel texture on your face. 
Massage it with the brush. Leave it until 1-2 minutes. 

Once you finished, wash your face and face feel fresh and still you got the Blackhead! Still tho! 
Nothing change! 

Leave the comment if you tried this and if it works for you then wow great! Just not for me. 

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  1. padahal dulu sempet pengen beli ini loh, tapi sayang gak bisa ilangin blackheads ya :(


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