Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Hey everyone! Welcome back. 
So I know this is super random month for me because if you read my previous post, you know the drill. 

I got this CHICA y Chico skin glow essence. This is Korean Brand that I got from Althea. 
It has labeled as Editor's pick so let's try it out. 

You know the drill that I'm not a fan of Korean Skincare and Makeup. I feel like meh....but i want to prove myself wrong so that's why I purchased this. And hoping it will works on me. 

If you know me, I'm all about matte make up before and now I want to make my skin glowy without having to feel greasy. 
I want to have Jaclyn Hill's skin. Lol. 

This is Skin Glow essence, which help your skin to be brighten and dewy. 
It could be use after you apply the lotion/toner and put it right on your face gently. 

It comes in simple packaging which I lo. I'm not a fan of very very cute packaging lol. Prefer more simple and sophisticated. 

It has micro shimmer particles that helps your skin to be glowy and it works! Yayyyyy. But not really wow me like whoaaa pretty. 
Just brighten up a bit and my skin feel more hydrated. 
So far I love this, it's not that bad and I will continue to use this. 
My make up looks less matte and looks so dewy healthy. Yay!!!! 
Price is okay not so expensive, I don't really remember but I think it cost Rp. 300.000-400.000 for 40 ml. 

Repurchase ? Maybe no. 
Brighten effect : yes 
Dewy : yes 
Moisturize: yes 
Packaging : yes 
Price : okay 
Irritation : no 
Breakout : no 
Fragrant: pretty strong 
Smooth effect : yes 

Dry skin people will def love this. 
Not sure for super oily people cause yoi got natural oil on you face tho. 
I have dry skin and I love this. 

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