Sunday, May 8, 2016

Base Make Up Three ultimate Protective Pristine Primer

I don't have so many primers that i like.

I have some primers that Ok for primer but nothing special. Just there is no wow factor , you know what I mean.... 

I bought this primer, called Three Translucent Pristine Primer. Three is Japanese Brand that known for the Cleansing Oil. 

So this primer is translucent without adding color but as you can see it looks like foundation right? 

There is no annoying scent at all 

At the first I thought whoaaaa why it looks like foundation tho? But once it applies it goes to translucent.

Compared to my Marc Jacob Primer, Three has more Matte effect than Marc Jacob . Marc Jacob is so moisturizing meanwhile this one Mattifying. 

Makes my face smooth . Foundation glides easily. Blendable. 
I got no irritation or break out of it which is great. 
Comes in clear glass packaging so we could see how much amount left. 
Comes with the pump. 
I don't really notice about the staying power but I'm sure it helps your make up last longer. 
Any skin type is okay! 
The price sorry I don't remember. But I'm sure it is not cheap, since this one is not drugstore tho. 

My first impression was like whoaaaa I love this but couple times I used these, just meh... Not so special. I have to be honest. So actually it is better to use it a months then give it review like mine, ( in my opinion tho). Cause sometimes you just excited as hell and give a good review but later on mehhhh nothing special. 

It comes with pump which i love! 

There is no primer that wow me like really  i don't know why. 

I will keep using this for sure. 
Repurchase maybe no.

See you next time 

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1 comment:

  1. hahahaa.
    sometimes we still struggle find good one, like skincare too, trial and error till find the best one :P


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