Thursday, April 7, 2016

Skincare Review : Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin Youthful Radiance Generator

Hey guys welcome back! 
So, last Month i went to Japan and head to Shu Uemura's Store in Omotesando. 

I stayed in Shibuya Excel Tokyu Hotel, the hotel located at right in the Centre of Shibuya Crossing Street , in front of Shibuya 109. So damn great the service tho. 

Shu Uemura was so kind gimme goodie bag also. Awwww Arigatou! 

Still quite... 7 am. 

View from my hotel, great right ......!!!!!
The right bag : purchased by myself 
The left one is the gift from
Shu Uemura Japan. 

Okay back to the review. 
Actually I have known about Tsuya Skin since the First time launched. 
But I never tried the Tsuya  Youthful Generator. I love the bouncy Cream moisturizer but never tried these one. 

I purchased this simply because I would love to try and bring back my shine. Lol. 
I mean I have very dry skin and kinda dull. Hate that tho. 
So I need to bring back my fresh healthy complexion. I want something that brigten Up my skin and smooth out my skin too. 
And Kenta San ( one of  Shu Uemura's Mua ) told me that I need to try this one. 

It claims to give you such healthy glow complexion , smoother effect and luminous, FYI it claims that you will see the difference in 7 days . Oh wow!!! 

It comes in 30 ml, 50 ml and 75 ml. 
I purchased the 75 ml cause really guys it is cheaper over there and I have been using the bouncy cream for long time and I'm impressed with the result. 
So why not to give a shot for biggest size? 

So many people ( bloggers too) not really impressed with these product. They said it didn't do the job like what it claims. 

Well i think everyone has different skin type and concern. 
My opinion of this is absolutely LOVELY. I really enjoy using these. Shu Uemura really know what the best for my skin. 

I'm not gonna lie, I wait for 2 weeks to see the result and what the most important is use it like follow the instruction. 
It claims for 7 days to see the result but it might be longer Lah. Be patient. There's no instant way to get clear healthy skin. 

You have to apply the lotion first to make your skin ready for the essence and make the absorption quicker. 
So the step is : 
Moisturize or emulsion 
* emulsion is for oily girl 
* cream moist for dry skin girl. 

Of course I love the cream one. 
My skin is so dry ughhhh 

It comes in droppers. 
So hygiene . 
Put 3-5 drops and massage it with you hand warm it up and apply it your skin. 
It really moisturize really well. I'm impressed. Give me luminous glow and absorb so well . 

My make up really smoother after I apply these essence. 
Btw, this is one of Anpa Suha's fave loh . I know this because I attended the Make Up workshop with him. That's why everyone looks so perfect and has great skin texture of make up. Love you Anpa thanks for sharing with me the techniques. 

My moisturizer - bouncy Fine cream . Right after the essence , I apply the cream ones

It has pink purple particle that gives you real glow. 
Smelled great.
My skin really love this skincare line. 
No acne thank you Jesus. Hehehhe. 
It might different on you but no acne on meh. Are we cool now ? Lol. 
My make up feels smoother tho. 
I can see and feel the difference. 

Thank you 

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  1. So interested in this one! But I haven't tried any from Shu's skincare line, so I'm kinda not sure how it will work on my skin. My dry skin might like this product tho ;)


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