Monday, May 9, 2016

Sana Nameraka Soy Millk Q10 Cleansing Face Wash Review

Hello guys. 
So, I bought this Fave Wash Sana Nameraka Q10 Cleansing face wash in Japan. 

Sana Nameraka is very popular drugstore brand in Japan. They have amazing lotion and essence but I want to try the face wash. 

It is pretty huge and it costs me around 550¥ I'm not quite sure. 

It does an amazing job to remove my make up and I feel my skin so firm and soft after using this.
It doesn't break me out which is great. Sensitive skin could use this too. 

You can turn it into foam using foaming net if you want but it doesn't necessarily for me. 

It has no like wow factor, Hey it just face wash don't expect something like " Omg my face so Bright and clear after uSing this" that's kinda lie if there's someone Review face wash and suddenly gives you Instant brigtening or like whoa effect ! 
This face wash just cleanse really well without stripping my skin. 
Feeling firm yeah but just temporarily! 
That's my honest opinion about this face wash. 

Bye guys 

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