Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Mah gawd!!! 
All I can say is beautiful! 
RMK IS RUMIKO, Japanese brand of make up. 
They have amazing collection so make sure you check em out! 

They have no store in Indonesia yet, but the nearest is in Singapore! 

Actually this is my first RMK brand and I'm so excited about it. 

it is pretty big size for me. 
Called as face color. 
Actually I have no idea what's that. 
Purchased this simply because so freakin pretty! 

Ughhh look at these beauty baby! 
They are so freakin pigmented. 
It has glitter on it. 
You can use it as blush for pale/ light skin tone. 
If you have medium skin tone you can use it as powder, sheer powder for healthy glow finish . Perfect for make up no makeup look. 

I don't want to dip my finger on it, but I have to. Lol 
it has mirror inside of it. 

Trust me if you own these beauty, all you can say just beautiful
Made in Japan 
price : 880.000 IDR 
5800 Yen before tax.

swatches here!!!!!

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