Sunday, February 28, 2016

Burberry Spring Summer 2016 Runaway Palette Highlighting IlluminatricePalette

Hey guys! 
I'm back to Limited edition stuff! 
It's luxury Burberry guys. 
Well I'm not really into Burberry Make up line but this one cannot be missed. 

So much happening in the end of 2015 and 2016. 
So many brands come with highlighters and yes Burberry too. 

Packaging is always pretty. 
This is what I expect from luxury brands. 

Mah gawd! 
It comes with brush, but I don't really need that brush tho. 
Btw the brush is soft too. 

It comes in two shades, white and gold. 
I have Mac Oh Darling which is Gold so I don't think that I need any gold in this time lol ( maybe next month if there something that catch my eyes tho) 

So that's why I picked this White pretty expensive highlighters. 

The design oh god! 
I can't resist. Inspired the runaway. 

The pigmentation is so damn great! 
You don't need to wet you brush with fix+ because the pigmentation is just so damn amazing. 
It pops up really well on my cheekbone. 
The texture is so soft and smooth. 
It was blendable and super easy to apply. 

Click the video to check out the swatches. 

Price is $68 I guess.
But i purchased for 1.020.000.
It's burberry i can't even complain about the price tho.
You can purchase thru but I mean it it was sold out lol 

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