Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Make Up Stash Foundation Series

Welcome to my second episode of my make up stash! 

Today I'm going to tell you about 14 foundations i have! Yes you read it right 14 foundations and i have one face tho! Lol. 
You know i'm foundation whore! 
This post is all about foundation amd brief review on it. Go to my foundation review with the brand name on it for more details.

1. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. I have 2 colors of these baby. 

All i can say is amazing. This one has full coverage yes full coverage. You def need a little amount to cover a whole face. I don't think you need concealer when you wear this foundation. It has 10 spf which is great, but gives you a little bit white cast when you use it too much. 
The staying power is amazing,13 hours. 
Perfect for oily skin cause it is matte finish. 
Dry skin could use it but you need good moisturizer underneath. 
Oh yeah no pumps! Pour it down baby. So many shades available to choose. 
Oxidize is 20% really good! Love it 

2. Estee Lauder Futurist Aqua Brilliance in creme texture. 

This one has a little bit more dewy luminous finish. Perfect for dry skin. I have dry skin and creme texture goes well with dry skin right?!?!? This one has fluid texture that comes with pumps, but i picked the creme one because i want more foundation in compact creme. Medium to full coverage 

3. Chanel Perfection Lumiere 
Yes damn you fine! Fancy uh huh honey! 
What can i say about this foundation? So pretty! It has pump, color selection is great. Medium to full coverage. Since i dont have so many majority problem to cover, i rarely to wear concealer. Perfect for combo skin! It is pricey but hey when it comes to foundation, grab the high end! It last all day too. Semi matte finish. 

4. Giorgio Armani Face Fabric 
Yasssssssssss My Favorite foundation! Texture is heaven! Smooth like crazy! Yes it is pricey but really I'm not lie to you, the texture ON SKIN IS SO damn SMOOTH. Color selection is great too but bo so many to choose like Estee Lauder. Creme kinda stuffs and this one not for you with oily skin! Dry to normal is happy with this. It is not matte, but luminous finish. Medium to full coverage

5. Guerlain Parure De Lumiere 

Guerlain oh Guerlain! Your fragrance is damn you fine! I tend to grab this when i want something Light to Medium coverage. Perfect for everyday.  When i want to do light make up less coverage, this is my holy grail when i want to do no make up make up look. Packaging is great, has guerlain scent on it. Bottle glass kinda heavy to travel with. I need concealer when i use this foundation, because it is light to medium coverage. Pricey? Yes of course but very good quality. What i Don't like about this foundation is they tend to dry faster on the skin. So i have to blend it quickly. All skin type will love this. Not so matte not so dewy. This is for you if you want "me in better look, not so flawless kinda thang" oxidize is yes, 1 shade darker. 

6. Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. 

Hell yeah another Full coverage foundation. Natural radiant finish, but i don't think Oily skin will love this. In 4 hours they tend to shine on the T zone. You know I'm dry but they tend to make my face more shiny. I need to touch up when i use this foundation. Compared to Estee Lauder, Estee Lauder still the winner. Long wearing is great but i need to touch up that's the down side. Packaging is great. Infused with coconut, hyluronic acid. Shades are great from pale to dark. Flawless aince full coverage. Still need concealer a bit. 

7. Albion Tight Film foundation. 

This is Japan Brand, known for the Skincare. It claims could make our face slimmer! Is that really? NO! Lol! There is no such foundation for me that could slimmer our face tho! It comes in jar, same size like all foundation used to be, 30 ml. Perfect for dry skin, creme texture. Color selection not that great. If you have medium to dark skin, you will not find the perfect shade. It has spf. Medium to full coverage. Staying power about 7 hours. Great! I need to touch up, i don't need concealer. Pretty thick creme texture. Oxidize a little bit nothing crazy 

8. Shu Uemura Lightbulb foundation. 
This one is amazing. It has glow dewy finish. Color selection from pink, natural and yellow undertone. Pumps but nothing special  from the packaging. Medium to full coverage. Pretty fluidity. Comes with the sponge that very great. Staying power is great 6-8 hours depends on how many pumps you use. Blendable tho. Dry to combination skin will love this. Oily skin you better check Fave architect foundation, they have matte finish. This one more luminous healthy glowy kinda thang. It is better when it is oxidize! Really you need to let it oxidize for a while. 

9. Shu uemura Skin Fit Foundation. 

This is powder foundation in liquid texture. Shake very well since this one is watery. Lightweight. Combo to oily skin will love this. Looks like skin, color selection is great , same as light bulb foundation. Do not need to powder again. When you want to use concealer, better do it before this foundation. Comes with sponge that great. Soft and they have dual side, sponge and brush side. Do not spread to apply this foundation. Circular motions works perfectly! Do not rub too much when you wearing this foundation. 

10. Laura Mercier Silk Creme 

Tube packaging! Semi matte finish, medium to full coverage. No spf i guess. Color selection quite good. Lightweight, creme texture. All skin type will fall in love with this but oily skin no matter how good the foundation you need to touch up. I still have to use concealer even the coverage is great, you know i love flawless finish. 
Beauty blender works amazing with this. 

11. Koh Gen Do
Omg this is super lightweight! 
Not for you if you want full coverage! 
Very sheer and natural finish! 
Nothing like matte or dewy! 
Perfect if you have no flaws to cover tho! 
It is buildable. You could get full covergae if you mixed with other foundation or you need 7 pumos to get fuller coverage. 
No fragrance. 
It comes with pumps. Color selection is not that great. Pricey tho! High end at Japan! Repurchase is yes! 

12. Becca Ultimate Coverage 

In love is yes! 
Full coverage only need a littlw amount! 
Matte but is not that matte like Estee Lauder tho! 
Comes in pump
Color selection is great ! 44$ i guess. 
Staying power is good when you apply good primer. 
No white cast! 
No fragrance. 
Buildable and blendable! 

13. Make Up Store 
Creme Texture. Very pigmented. 
It has so many color range too. 
It is not that blendable, what you have to do is moisturize very well and spray some mist and fix into your brush to make it wet and blend that great. 

14. Shu Uemura Blanc Chroma Cushion Foundation . 
This is My first Cushion foundation. Coverage is really great! Blendable and it has so many color selection. It comes with puff 
Travel Friendly. Love this one so much. This one is my recent favorite! 
It gives you brigtening effect and it has vitamin inside of it to keep your skin healthy. You have to purchase the case and the reffil seperately. Pretty expensive but so worth it. All skin type will def love this one. Not too matte not too glowy. 

So they are all my foundation. 
Let me tell you about me Least favorite ! 
My least favorite are Skin fit Foundation by Shu Uemura and Guerlain Parire De Lumiere! 

My top favorite are Koh Gen Do, Giorgio Armani, Estee Lauder, Shu Uemura Cushion Foundation And Becca. 

If you guys assume me that I'm showing off .. Then what's the deal with you? Im trying to help you figure out which foundation you should pick regarding your concern and skin type! 
I don't buy drugstore foundation. I don't like because I think foundation is the base and it has to be very damn good! 

Peace ... I'm out 

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Pentingnya penggunaan Sunblock Oil Free dengan SPF 30 dari House of Dura

I'm Halo semua nya.
Pastinya pada tahu bawa paparan sinar matahari secara langsung itu kurang baik pada kesehatan wajah kita. 
Paparan sinar matahari secara langsung dapat menyebabkan timbulnya flek hitam, kulit mengelupas, gosong dan masih banyak lagi gangguan kulit lainnya. 
banyak nya aktfitas atau kegiatan kita diluar meman tidak dapat dihindari, tetapi kita masih bisa menghindari efek sinar matahari secara langsung dan tetap beraktifitas seperti biasa.

Kita perlu sunblock setiap hari nya untuk dioleskan pada wajah kita. 
berbagai jenis macam sunblock dengan tingkatan SPF yang berbeda. 
Ideal nya adalah SPF 30.
Sebelum keluar rumah aku selalu bawa dan tidak lupa untuk mengaplikasikan Sunblock dari House of Dura. 
Walaupun aku menggunakan make up setiap hari, tapi underneath of it selalu ada skincare sebelum pengaplikasian make up. 
Terkadang ada yang bertanya, foundation aku atau BB cream aku sudah dilengkapi dengan SPF nih, jadi aku ga perlu pake sunblock lagi. 

itu adalah persepsi yang salah. 
Walaupun didalam BB cream dan foundation kalian sudah terdapat kandungan SPF, kita tetap memerlukan sunblock itu sendiri. 

Tingkatakan SPF pada sunblock itu berbeda- beda, dan idealnya adalah SPF 30. 
Dengan Sunblock dari House of Dura ini sudah cukup membantu untuk prevent UV A dan UV B. 

Kenapa harus Sunblock dari House of Dura? 
  • Tidak Lengket 
  • Aman untuk segala jenis kulit, walaupun sangat berminyak sekaligus 
  • Travel Friendly 
  • SPF 30 
  • Tidak Menimbulkan White Cast pada saat pengambilan foto dengan flash
  • Texture nya Liquid 
  • Mudah Meresap 
  • Sunblock dari House of Dura dilengkapi dengan Nano Technology, dimana penggunaannya cukup sedikit , yaitu sebesar biji jagung. Hal ini dikarenakan House of Dura's Sunblock memiliki partikel yang kecil sehingga penyerapan ke dalam kulit akan jauh lebih baik dan lebih cepat. 
  • Tidak berbau belerang atau wewangian yang kadang menggangu kita. Jadi intinya sunblock dari Dura tidak berbau 
  • 1 0Z 
  • Made in USA
Bisa dilihat bawah sebeum penggunaan Sunblock kulit jauh lebih kering, tidak terlihat sehat dan cenderung kusam. 
Bandingkan dengan Setelah penggunaan Sunblock. Kulit jauh lebih bercahaya, glowing luminous dan terlihat sehat. 

Siapa saja bisa menggunakan sunblock ini?
Mulai dari Remaja, Ibu - Ibu, Bapak- bapak sekalipun. 

Aku tetap menggunakan fondation / full makeup setelah pengaplikasian sunblock ini. 

Nah, House Of Dura tidak hanya jual sunblock, tapi disini House of Dura adalah klinik kecantikan yang bersifat nasional. Cabangnya sudah ada dimana - mana, mulai dari Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Pontianak, Manado dan masih banyak lagi.


Kamu bisa dapat Free Consultation dengan Dokter pula. 
Semua tenaga kerja disini mulai dari dokter, suster dan beautican sudah terlatih pastinya. 
So don'w worry guys. 
What are you waiting for? 
Come and lets join the perfect skin experience. 

Kamu bisa datang di : 
House Of Dura Skin 
JL. KARTINI 135, Surabaya. 
031 567 6479 
@houseofdurasurabaya di follow ya Instagramnya. 

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Halo semua. 
welcome back ya to my blog. 
Gimana nih kabar kamu hari ini? 

hari ini aku mau bagi pengalaman ku melakukan perawatan di House of Dura. 
House of Dura SkinCare (Surabaya) adalah Pusat Perawatan Kulit dan Kecantikan yang merupakan brand nasional dengan berbagai cabang di Jakarta, Semanrang, Serpong, Denpasar, Makasar, Pontianak, Manado, Palembang, Jambi, dan Pekanbaru. Untuk wilayah Surabaya tuh berlokasi di Jl.Kartini 135, Surabaya. 
House of Dura (Surabaya) adalah cabang ke-3 dari keseluruhan cabang yang telah tersebar diseluruh Indonesia, dan berpusat di Jakarta.

Jadi ini bukan klinik abal abal ga jelas. 
cabang nya sudah dimana - mana dan pastinya kalau sudah berdiri lama berarti sudah teruji dan ga perlu kuatir deh. 

beautician sudah dilatih dengan baik dan pastinya will serve you the best. 
Beautician nya di House of Dura itu ramah - ramah. bukan tipe yang jutek - jutek gitu deh. 
Tau sendiri kan ogah banget balik kalo orang orang Nya ga tambah! But di Dura they are very welcome and friendly m. 
and disana kalian bisa pilih minum, ada lemon tea, Milo, kopi dan dika dikasih snack. 
hahhahha tau ajah nih ya kalo abis treatment kadang laper. 

Masalah ruangan bersih, nyaman dan wangi. 

alat - alatnya pun canggih. 
banyak banget treatment yang bisa kamu lakukan disini. 

House Of Dura itu lebih ke 1 place to make you beauty. Gimana engga, kamu isa facial, peeling, body slimming, manicure pedicure, hair removal dan bakal ada hair wash , blow , refelksi. 

jadi kamu keluar - keluar udah cantik pastinya. 
enak nya adalah you don't have to go to one place to another place. 
cause all you need is ready in one place. 

foto dulu. 
Bisa dilihat lebih ke minimalis modern ya ruangannya. 

kenapa harus Dura? 
DuraSkin memiliki FDA approval dari Amerika dan nomor Depkes RI/Badan POM
Perawatan dengan DuraSkin mampu mengatasi masalah kulit dalam waktu yang cepat dan hasil maksimal, jika dibandingkan dengan kosmetika biasa.
pastinya House Of Dura memberikan yang terbaik untuk pelanggannya dan dijamin keluar udah cantik 
Nano Technology 
Partikel nya yang kecil dapat mempercepat proses penyerapan. sehingga lebih cepet masuk ke pori - pori kamu guys. Semakin cepet diserap semakin bagus. 
Alpha Arbutin
DuraSkin menggunakan bahan aktif yang lebih efektif, lebih cepat, lebih aman untuk mencerahkan kulit, disamping bahan tumbuhan lainnya.
Semuanya pastinya steril Dan waslap Nya bisa kamu bawa pulang. 
Less Pain 
Ditangani oleh tenaga Ahli. 
All products itu dari LAB yang berada di USA. So, segala cream dan tindakan based on USA, dan pastinya aman dan cocok bagi kulit Asia, karena semuanya sudah lewat proses diuji terlebih dahulu. 

and ternyata di House Of Dura itu ga mahal loh guys. 
semua poduk import dan disesuaikan dengan kulit Asia, very great quality pula, bukan cuma omong doang but really all made in LAB IN USA. 

Nah kamu yang berada di Surabaya, yuk cobain ke House Of Dura. 
Alamat Nya berada di Jalan Kartini 135. 
Banyak promo menarik yang bisa kamu dapatkan disana. 
Btw, kamu juga bisa konsultasi sama dokter soal kesehatan kulit kamu. 


Namanya dr. Maria
Ramah orang nya cantik pula 

Untuk review produk nanti menyusul di blog post berikutnya ya 

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Shu Uemura Pressed Eyeshadow Review

Hey guys! 
Welcome back to My blog. 

Yasssss today let's play with my favorite color, Green! 
I picked those eyeshadow from Shu Uemura called Medium Green and Soft Black. 
They are refill.

Soft black and Medium Green!
They are perfect combo! 

With flash.
They have shimmer / glittery finish. 
Not matte at all 
Super blendable 
So pigmented 
Color pay off 
The black one is not that jet black, but the black one is kinda grey-ish. 
The green one is perfect totally love it. 

No flash.

Shu Uemura eyeshadow is really great. 
Easy to swipe when there's fall out. 

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

New years Eye Make Up 2016

Happy New Year guys to all of you! 
Welcome to 2K16! 
Woo hoooo! 
So excited 
Hope you are all good and have an amazing year! 
This was My first make up in 2K16 
Wishing that I have a very great year ahead! Amen! 

Today it's all about eye and skin focus! 
I keep the lips in nude color because of I want to focus on both sides! 

Tried to do cut crease with Dramatic Liner. 
Very hard to do cut crease since I have no crease tho! Lol. 
It took 2 hours to complete the rest of make up. But Glad I did it. 

Deets : 
Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Moisturizer 
Marc Jacob Under cover Primer 
Becca Ultimate Coverage 
Shu Uemura Skin Fit Foundation on top of Becca 
Mac Cosmetics Pro Long Wear Concealer
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil, Sweet Pink Blush
The Balm mary lou 
Make up for ever setting spray 
Shu Uemura black Painting Liner, Loose Powder Medium Light , Lightbulb powder 
Lena Lashes Serena 
Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid lipstick Celebrity Skin 
Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made Palette (buttery, Deep Purple, Treasure, Self Made)
Remember that you do you! You could work with anything you want or have at home. Don't have to purchase same brands as I have. 

Bye guys! Love you! 

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