Friday, November 20, 2015

Shu Uemura Special Edition Holiday Look with Maison Kitsune Tricolors in a Blink False Lashes

Hey guys Holiday look is near in the corner and lets rock holiday look. 

Shu Uemura has amazing collaboration with so many artists or designers. 
Last year collab with Yazbukey and this year with Maison Kitsune where east meets west! 

They are all so cute! 
Same products tho with different packaging which is Maison Kitsune design. Lol. 

Those lashes tho! So cute pretty with tricolors! Haha. 

Price is 350.000 
Those lashes made in Indonesia tho. 

I purchased some products in their special edition. 
And those lashes is one of them. 

Kawaii desu ne! Lashes is my guilty pleasure tho. 
Those lashes can be used till 25 times! Of course with that price tho.
Cute packaging 
Love them so much! 

What do you think? 

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