Saturday, November 7, 2015

Marc Jacob Beauty Under (cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer Review

Hello guys welcome back to my blog!
Today i'm going to review about my new primer. 
I need primer in my life. Primer always smooth everything very well and what is important to make my make up last longer all day all night! 

Damn you fancy! Hell yeah the packaging is to die for! White nice and clean is everythang! 

What it claims : 

Yes No Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates! 
Yes they extend the make up wear and gives me flawless finish. 
I love everything which has coconut inside of it.

So actually it comes in 1oz same as the mostly foundation size. 
Price is $44. It is quite pricey cause Hey it's Marc Jacob Beauty! Lol. This is my first Marc Jacob Beauty. I don't know why i don't really like reach out Marc Jacob Beauty, but this one calling my name. 

For your informations guys i have dry skin. And this Primer moisture enough to my skin. 
It's like serum texture and very smooth! 
It is thin texture not that thick. 
Once you apply this primer, i feel like it has cooling effect on it and in my opinion cooling effect is great. 
This primer is not made from silicon base, so it is lightweight. 

Yes you Fancy Marc! 

Since is not that thick on the texture, it is more like serum, it leaves no greasy feeling on my skin. No tacky. Just moisture and cooling effect. 
Once it absorb, when i apply foundation it is smoother and glides easily. 

Well i'm not sure if this primer is mattifying primer or luminous kinda primer like Becca Backlight, but one things i know is this primer gives you Natural finish. Is not that dewy luminous like Becca did, is not that Mattifying like Make Up for Ever step 1 primer. It just natural. 
So i think it is perfect for every skin type. 
You know right luminous primer not really goes well with super Oily skin, and We don't want mattifying primer on dry skin! 
Perfect for very dry to combo skin type. Oily is okay, but not for super oily skin type! 

This Marc Jacob Under Cover Coconut Primer have slightly blurring the pores i have. But is not that much! If you have such large big pores that so much visible m, this primer might be not really good for you. Because i told ya it has slightly power to blur out the pores. 

This primer has fragrance on it. So if you don't like fragrance things, skip this one. But really guys nothing major scent like Guerlain! 
But I love love love when my make up has nice scent on it. This Marc Jacob Coconut Primer has slighly coconut scent on it. 

I don't think i need to take a picture before after application of this primer, simply because lt doesn't show so much different in pic. Lets be honest, you apply this primer and photos cannot catch the difference. It is all about what you feel on your skin. It just my opinion tho. 

Well if you think this one is too pricey for you, go grab Too Faced Hangover Primer. It does the same job and infused with coconut tho. But from the packaging Marc Jacob is the winner. Lol. 
Feel luxury on it. Yasssss! 


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