Monday, November 16, 2015

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Masochist Liquid Lipstick Review

When it come to liquid lipstick all i want is Jeffree Star and Lime Crime. No other brands. Big fan of them!
Don't like it? Whatever! 

Masochist is really great color.
So pretty color, opaque, so smooth , not that fuckin dry, jeffree star is the best when it comes to formulation! 

Masochist is raspberry dark pink color 
All i can say is pretty and vibrant! 
You get what you see! 
Very opaque! 
Cleansing oil is the best products to remove this shit! Lol! 
Comes in cute packaging. 
Not making my lips so dry
I feel like wearing nothing, like really so lightweight. 
You can apply lip balm before applying this amazing colors to make it more moisture. 

No flash

Flash! Still pretty tho! 

So damn good the color! 
Totally in love! 

Totally in love! 
Gosh i wear those colors everyday! 
Can't stop! 
Price is $18 

What do you think? Xoxo

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