Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Dirty Money

Yes another Jeffree Star lip swatch! 
No need to introduce about this brand! 
The best formulations is Jefrree Star! 
Not drying or flaking! Feels so light weight! 

Shade is Dirty Money! 
Lol love the name tho. 
Inspired by cold hard cash of Dollars! Yasssss dirty money! 
It looks like that.
Only 18$ tho
Cute packaging 
Not drying 
Long wearing 
No oil food lol
Kiss proof 

Yes totally inspired by cold hard cash right?
It has slightly gray undertone on it. 

By the way .... 
It Reminds me Mint to be from Lime Crime. 
But lime crime is more mint than Jeffree Star. 

This is the comparison : 
Different right?

What do you think? 
I feel like Bad a$$ tho! 
Lol ghetto! 

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