Friday, November 27, 2015

Addiction by Ayako Blush On Winter 2015

Hey guys! 
I just purchased new blush on. 
And I never own any Japanese Blush, so I picked Addiction by Ayako. 

Well actually Ayako is one of Nars make Up Artist previously and now she owns her new make up brand which is great. 

The products itself kinda similar from packaging and term of Nars. Maybe she inspires about it. 

There are so many shades and I don't know why I picked this one. 
This one just calling my name. Called autumn afternoon. 
It is on the peach range, I have so many pink/ rose blushes and I don't want to have those kinda pink / rose blushes anymore. 

These blush is super lightweight, not so pigmented which I love. Because I could build it up till the result I want. 
I don't like a blush that gives me super pigmented, feel like I got slapped lol! 

There is no mirror inside which i don't like. 

These type of blush that need 5 swipes on your cheek. These blush Is not for you if you want super pigmented kinda thang. 

The packaging is similar like Nars.
Black classic. 

It is so light weight and natural i guess. 
Price is 370.000
Easy to travel with cause it is small but there is no mirror inside. 
Matte blush, no glitter for autumn Afternoon. 
If you want shimmer glitter things. You can purchase another color for that glitter blush. 

 What do you think? 

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