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Skincare: Review: Kose Medicated Sekkisei Lotion

Hi everyone! 
You know i'm obsessed with very good skincare. And i think that Japanese Brand suit me best for Skincare. I don't know why, I prefer Japanese brand for skincare a lot! 

A lot of Japanese's Woman i think own this bottle. Yeah the majority of Japanese i guess. Because it works amazing! 

Kose is very well known in Japan! 
They have skincare and make up line. 
This blue bottle is the most popular one. 

This is toner / lotion which you need to apply right after you wash your face. 
This lotion gives you moisturize feel and brighten effect. 
It claims to give you such brightening effect and orevent the melanin to comes out on our face. 

Bases on their web 
Formulated with oriental herbs to protect the skin against various aging phenomena, keeping the skin healthy and vibrant-looking
Evens out skin tone and lightens dark spots
Firms and brightens skin! 

It comes in 3 different sizes : 
200 ml ----- IDR 800.000 i guess 
360 ml ----- IDR. 1.200.000 
500 ml------ not sure 

Since i know this is good, i grab the 360 ml. They are cheaper too than the 200 ml if we calculate it . 

For your information, Medicated is term that Japanese use that proven that the ingredients are works! 
But if you live outside of Japan, you will not get the medicated term. 
If you live outside of Japan, you will get Kose Sekissei Lotion. Without "Medicated" word. 

You can see that there is no "Medicated" words! 

So what is the different ? 
They are slightly different in the ingredients. The BA of Kose in Sogo told me that they are same. But i heard the news that they have slightly different ingredients inside of it. 

So which one you gonna pick? 
Totally up to you! I prefer the Medicated one because Japanese ministry of health proven that the ingredients works! 

Where do i get this? 
I bought from 
Don't worry guys they are authentic. 

Or you can purchase thru amazon, ebay and third party. Totally up to you!

I booght mine only for IDR. 880.000. The week i bought was my lucky day cause strawbeeynet had promo on this blue amazing bottle! 

It contains alcohol inside of it which so many people say that dry out your skin. 
But really , have you ever bought the skincare or make up in the counter and you checked all the ingredients? 
Maybe you do but don't really focus on it. 
I just don't get it why people sometimes act like they are capable on the medicated terms! Lol. 

It has no stink smells like some brands! It has pleasant smell. Not bad tho! 

Not sticky. They are absorb really well! 

Don't worry! I have my skin and with this one it is not dry out my skin like crazy! It gives me moisture tho! 

Yass they are brighten my skin a bit. I don't really want to have such bright face and not match with the rest of my body! 
I prefer to tone it down as long as healthy or looks good. 

No itchy feeling when i use this! Happy for that! Good for your sensitive skin th! 

How to use it is quite simple! 
Just like you use toner/ lotions. Dab motions. Nothing special! 

See ya in the next post! 

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  1. habisnya berapa lama say yg 360 ml? btw toner aku juga setelah dicek ada alkohol nya, seems it's better because it has no stink smell punyaku neutrogena kecium banget bau alkoholnya. Lagi cari2 toner yg bagus, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Dulu pertama beli yg 200 MLS. Setelah cocok langsung beli yg 360. Hehehe. Nah ini ga bau menyegat gt kok. Aku kalo pake toner kaya mandi. Hahaha jadi boros. Aku kering bgt soalnya. Lupa say brp lama. Soalnya kadang dioake juga sama kakak aku. Suka nyomot punya adiknya ceritanya


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