Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Review : Make Up: Mac Cosmetics Magic of the Night In Extra DimensionSkinFinish Oh Darling

Yassss new highlighters! 
It's all about glowy luminous healthy skin make up. And the highlighters is in baby. 
You know so many make up brands from Becca, Ofra, Hourglass, Make Up for Ever, And many more. 
But always you know guys Mac Cosmetics win my heart.

You def know how good Mac soft and gentle and the popular whisper of guilt. 
But they are all so hard to get. 
And untill this one comes out, i will definitely grab this and I don't wanna miss this! Not anymore! I will grab you Oh Darling. 

This pic is from http://www.beautyjunkiesunite.com/WP/2015/10/08/mac-magic-of-the-night-collection-review-photos-swatches/

It comes in 2 different shades. 
Mac Oh Darling and Shaft Of Gold! 
Yoo have seen the Oh Darling 
And this is the SHaft of Gold 
I dont have this Shaft of Gold.
Photos from http://www.beautyjunkiesunite.com/WP/2015/10/08/mac-magic-of-the-night-collection-review-photos-swatches/

Can i get ayasasss for this in Extra Dimension skin Finish Mac Oh Darling??? Yasssss look at that glow, so damn you pretty gorgeous! 

Purchased this thru Mac Singapore! 
Cause in Indonesia gosh there is no Hope to geth this tho! 
Price is SGD 59 each! 

The glow is living yassssss! 

The texture is smooth and it glides beautiful on the skin. Smoother than eyeshadow. 
It intense highlighters! 
One swipe and damn you glow baby! 
One tips from me to make it more instense and less powdery look is to Spray Mac Fix+ to achieve such healthy skin. 

Its like i dont wanna play with it! Lol

See how pretty it is!
Goshhhh! Must have items! 
Is this products calling your name? 

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