Monday, October 26, 2015

Review : Make Up Geek Duochrome Eyeshadow Pan

Yassss so many companies tried to make  brand new eyeshadow! 
Some company did very good job and some of them doesn't deliver the result at all. 

But you know Make Up Geek is the best! 
Very affordable and very great quality. 
It is comparable to Mac cosmetics eyeshadow. 

They launch duochrome eyeshadow which means they tend to have multiple colors reflect in one single eyeshadow. 
You know what i'm saying right? 
Make up geek owned by Marlena.
Check her youtube chanel too to find amazing tutorial. 

This is called Mai Tai. 
It so pretty. It has pink reflect. 

With flash. Imagine how you move your eyes around and it looks you out 2 shadows. 

This one is black light! 
This one is my favorite. It's purple with blue teal reflects . It just so pretty 

No flash. 
Sun light! 

Damn gurllll this color is so fall season! 
Called secret garden. 
So pretty. Green with black reflects! 

With flash! 
Look at those colors! 

Yes it is so affordable! 
Very pigmented 
Very buttery 
Very blendable 
When you move around it reflects with the sparkling glitter 
It perfect size pan. 
Purchase thru : 

What can i say about this beauty duochrome eyeshadow? 
It just so pretty! 

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