Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick Review

Hello! Let's rock non maintstream colors! 
Yassss October is fun month, full of creativity and think outside the box! 

So many of you Hate lime crime. I know what they did, i know. But i have to admit that so many company tried to dupe some of their colors 

This one is not liquid lipstick. This one is opaque lipstick! 
Yasss opaque! 
They are very pigemented in one swipe only. 
Great! Color pay off like really great! 

I picked the color "Mint To Be" 
Very pastel green mint kinda things. 
Remember that it is perfect to rock any colora you want since this is the month! Yasss halloween! 

Halloween doesn't mean to be scary like hell right? 
You can do the mermaid, disney princess themes, anything you want! But of course scary special fx is great choice too! 

Oh gosh very pretty colors!
They come in so many shades available! 
One thing i don't like is "mint to be" is kinda hard to blend. They are thick! 
The other color is fine like pink, purple etc. But for non mainstream colors, they are kinda off. So hard to blend. 

But in the end of it...... I love it!
Hmmm very mint pastel colors!
This is my fave colors! 
Who says all the girls love pink? 
I don't like pink. I'm not hate it but i have choice , pink is not my things! Lol. 
Weird but this is meh! 
See you! 

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  1. O em jiiii, cantik banget :) warnanya cocok di kamu

  2. Awalnya liat warnanya mikir "wah FOTDnya nggak bakalan yang pose dandan cantik gitu deh."
    Ternyata setelah liat ke bawah....kamu pakai lipen ijo tetep aje cakep yeeee. Ngiri :))

    1. You are the sweetest!!!! thank you. Kamu kalo niat bisa ajah rock any colors but stilllooks good on you. Bahkan biru seperti habis dipukulin orang tetep bisa terlihat cantik kok dear. Hehehe. Makasih banyak ya.


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