Thursday, October 8, 2015

I'm Asian and I'm Proud of it

So last week, Lilly Ghalichi and Lilly Lashes repost one of my make up works. I feel so honor because you know she's Lilly Ghalichi! She is number 1 Glam person for me. 

But the comments are really nasty! 
They told me that i'm ugly, my make up is bad, creepy, yikes, ewww, photoshopped and so many hurtful things. 

Look at all the comments : 

They said i'm ugly, creepy, scary, my make up is so bad,etc. Yes you are perfect then!!! It just make up, dont like it you can remove it. I want to learn new techniques , play with the colors, just experiment. But you guys really hate like crazy!
I know I don't have perfect eyes. I have very hooded eyes and super tiny lashes that you can't even see in the pic. I could go surgery and have double lid but i don't think i need one.  What's wrong if I wear lashes? @makeuptray said that lashes is for white person or caucasian! And if there's any another race wear lashes means they try so hard to be Caucasian. Omg like really? Lmao! 😆😆😆 since when Caucasian the standard of beauty?? What's wrong if i wear color contacts? It is very common in my country, Indonesia. We have different standard of beauty and you judge me into your standards! Then they said my make up is magic ( in rude way) from hooded to crazy lashes, Ohh thank you at least i know how to Wow-ed you 🙈😂. I know how to make you shocked 🙌🏻. Then they said Asian is ugly, Holy Moly what's wrong with you?? I was born to be Asian, and i'm proud of it. I'm Asian and i have hooded eyes. I'm Asian but i'm not quite. I'm Asian but I can't play Piano, I'm Asian and i love it. 💖  

Baca yang comment terakhir: 
Read the comments at the bottom! 
What's wrong with the lips! You know so many brand create that beautiful color! jeffree Star, La Spalsh, Make Up revolution, Pretty Zombie Cosmetics, Nyx , Mac cosmetics , they create that color! It just make up! Dont like it remove it! As simple as that! 
Oh mungkin dese ga tau ya kalo skrg jni lagi trend warna warna itu. Makanya kudu beli mba e biar tau 

I got bullied because my eyes and that's fine. Gimana kalo semua orang Asia yang matanya hooded kalo dikatain fake semua ya pas pake bulu mata!?!?!? 
 We are all have flaws and it is fun not be perfect. I wear lashes cause i love it, to enhance the features, not to change myself. There is no such a lie beneath it. With or without lashes/ make up, you are all human and you are beautiful! Everyone is beautiful in their own way 💖💖 

I just don't get it why we Asian not allowed to wear contacts. They said that we wanted so bad to be white person! Oh come on!! I wear contacts because it's not that nice to wear glasses, it makes my eyes bigger and it is very common in my country. People are just mean behind the keyboard. Your negativity will not stop me doing my works. I will keep learning, posting, and working with my monolids. It's all about skill! If my previous transformation wow-ed you, you better improve your make up skill! So your make up won't be boring till nobody comment about your makeup! 

Let me clarify. In my country Indonesia it is common and popular to wear color contacts! It is not taboo! 
 We were born with it! Just to enhance our features . Not to change myself!!!! 

Oh goshhh i thought you guys are clever, considerate, anti bullying but i need to take my words back! 

You are beautiful when you feel that you are ! 

I'm Asian and I Love You all no matter what races! We are all human and breathing in the same air! No need to hate each others! Once they hate you, later they love you

Don't tell that Asian is ugly and son't deserve! What's wrong with you? Why you hate asian so much? 
Maybe you are jealous on asian cause we are good at so many things! Level Asian ! 

The good things is : my fave idol Lilly Ghalichi comment on my post: 

Thank you for bad and good comments! Appreciate them a lot ! 

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  1. Uhuhuhuuuu sedih bacanya....
    Kasar banget mereka, and soooo rasis T_T

    Love your line "Im Asian and I love U no matter what races"
    You go girl!!!

    1. Thank you! We are all human kan we breathing in the same air! There is no room for me to say hurtful words to others

  2. ya tuhan ... gitu banget sih. padahal bilang jelek gitu aja udah fisik banget. malah nyeret-nyeret asian. duh. mereka ngolokin muka orang jelek, mulut mereka jauuuuh lebih jelek

  3. parah banget ini -_- ini tanda kalau masih banyak orang yang berpikiran sempit. mereka ngerasa kalo etnis/ras mereka lebih superior sehingga dengan seenaknya merendahkan yang lain. biarkan aja ce orang2 seperti itu. Tetap semangat bikin berbagai make up look yang cantik! ^^

  4. Ya ampun ci :o . Segitunya bgt ya mereka.
    Gak di Asia, gak di mana2 pasti RASIS. Padahal aku kira dinegara lain udh gak rasis lg.

    Tetep semangat ci.
    I adore u <3.

    1. Ya begitulah dear. Thank you for your support ya

  5. Replies
    1. Makasih banyak sayang. Appreciate it a lot. Love you.


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