Thursday, October 15, 2015

Death Girl Body Halloween make up tutorial

Halloween it's here! Yass it is the month! 
Fun month cause we could express it into make up! Paint your face and make people stare! Lol. 

You can choose to be fairy, disney girl or the most popular one is scary zombie death ghost make up. Lol. 

I do enjoy to do special fx make up. Like really enjoy!
Like this one.....

Here's the scenario: 
A girl who fall in love with her  lovers. 
They were such a lovely couple. 
They made a promise to fall in love each other like forever! 
They made a promise to fall in love once again in another life. 
Their family support each other. 
It seems like everything goes on smooth way. Like fairytale....

No it is not that happen! 
The news reported that there was accident in highways and that's her lovers. 

She couldn't believe it
She gone wild, crazy and so fuckin desperated. 

And this is what hap : 

She killed herself.
Her face was so freakin terrible. 
Blood everywhere. 

She painted "FOREVER" with her blood on her chest! 

Meanwhile, she knew what actually happen to her lover. The accident happened because the girl that her lover dated before took a revenge on him. 
And killed him with nasty trick with his car.  

Now she's awake and ......

Mac lip pencil in red to create the fake scar 
Mehron fake blood
Eyeshadow red, black, brown and blue. I used bh cosmetics 88 matte palette 
Foundation by laura mercier 
Powder by cover girl 
Red lipstick 

Bye guys! 
It just fiction lol. On my mind duh! 

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