Friday, October 30, 2015

Cara dan Tips berhemat dalam membeli make up

Bagi kamu yang suka make up dan khususnya pemula , bingung mau ini itu banyak deh mau nya tapi on budget . 

Ini salah satu cara aku berhemat dalam make up tetapi tetep smart! 
Even on budget we have to be smart! Lol! 

I'm not gonna lie, mine jarang yang ada drugstore sih tapi ini tips aku bagi kalian semua. 
Most of them high end , bukan sombong, karena memang tuntutan pekerjaan juga dan Puji Tuhan ada rejeki lebih. 

Moving on ...... 

Ini cuma tips dari aku how to save money on make up bagi pemula: 

1. Jgn Beli Mascara yang Super Luxury, such as Guerlain, Chanel, Dior , etc. Kenapa? Toh 3-4 bulan juga udah gumpal, clumpy gt. 
Drugstore punya seperti Loreal Telescopic itu bagus. Kim K ajah pake Loreal yg black carbon $5! 
Ato kalo mau yg high end bisa coba Lancome itu bagus. 

2. Eyeshadow beli yg palette itu lebih menguntungkan bagi pemula. Kamu bisa eksperimen ini itu. Tapi jgn beli yg terlalu murah bgt nanti pigmentation nya kurang dan chalky gt. 
Beli yg lumayan buttery misal Make Up Geek, Morphe or Anastasia. 
Tips; ga usah beli warna terlalu neon neon , toh pake nya ntar coklat, hitam, cream, peach, vanilla! 

3. Beli foundation itu yang Bagus!!!!!! 
Jangan nanggung! Daripada beli Mascara yg super mahal, mending foundation nya dimahalin. 
Foundation itu base kita. Kalo foundationnya bagus, hasilnya bakal oke, awet, flawless! 
Dilihat reviewnya sblm beli foundation. Misal kamu kulit Penuh Jerawat ada bekas bekas nya juga, jgn beli yg hasilnya sheer/light ga ketutup blemishes kamu! 

Jgn mikir,  ah aku suka brand X, jadi range make up aku harus X! KAGAK NYET! Hello! 

4. Primer sesuai Jenis kulit kamu!. Fungsi nya untuk makeup tahan lama, nutup pori pori, dll. Sama sih kaya foundation intinya. Cari yang ada ingredients "Glyserin"  
Smashbox, shu uemura, Becca, mufe itu bagus. 

5. Powder itu ga usah mahal mahal. Yg drusgtore itu gpp. Kenapa? Tujuan powder itu cuma untuk biar tahan lama dan set the foundation. Kalo foundation kamu ajah bagus, ditemplokin bedak yg cuma 100-200 rb juga oke oke ajah. 

6. Concealer : tricky ini sih. Kalo km ga bisa make nya , pasti di kamu akan terlihat creasing! Concealer itu harus cepet di set sama loose powder yg light! Drugstore yg oke itu Maybeline Age rewind Concealer. 
High end: Mac pro long, URban Decay and Nars! 

7. Lipstick: yg terlalu pigmented dan biasanya murah itu kadang effect kedepannya bikin bibir pecah, kering, flaky, dan menghitam secara ga sadar. Meanwhile yg agak mahalan ada vitamine nya, creamy, buttery, packaging so fancy. Cara hemat nya ya beli yg warna yg kamu banget yang bagus. 
Yg bilang toh juga tar kalo dicium keapus, mba skrg zaman liquid lipstick! Ga bakal ilang kalo ga kena ckeansing oil. Dia tahan air 😝😝😝😝😝 

Kenapa make up ku juga numpuk? 
Karena emang hobby dan kerjaan nuntut selalu update barang baru. 
Hope it helps! 

Sering sering ikut community make up lihat review nya! 
Sesuaikan dengan jenis kulit dan budget! Selalu cari option tambahan , jgn malas browsing, jangan malu bertanya itu dapat membuat kamu lebih effisien dalam berbelanja make up! 

But if you have money to blow, just igonore this post! Lol! 
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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lilly Lashes Monaco review

So you know i'm in love with Lilly Lashes. 
Those are for my back up. 
Only 4 they are pricey thou! 
29.99 each! 
But they are very good quality. Mink lashes! 
I have reviewed the Vegas and Mykonos! 
Now lets move to less drama m, called Monaco. 

They are pretty long but not that full like Vegas and Mykonos! 

Well actually I'm not a big fan super natural lashes since I don't have thick long real lashes. I need the drama to open up my eyes but "Monaco" @lillyghalichi @lillylashes is the good idea. Less drama but really makes my eyes bigger . The inner corner of my eyes : @makeupgeekcosmetics Duo Chrome Collection called "Black Light" Gosh they are so pretty 💖💖💖. 

Bye guys xo! 
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Monday, October 26, 2015

Review : Make Up Geek Duochrome Eyeshadow Pan

Yassss so many companies tried to make  brand new eyeshadow! 
Some company did very good job and some of them doesn't deliver the result at all. 

But you know Make Up Geek is the best! 
Very affordable and very great quality. 
It is comparable to Mac cosmetics eyeshadow. 

They launch duochrome eyeshadow which means they tend to have multiple colors reflect in one single eyeshadow. 
You know what i'm saying right? 
Make up geek owned by Marlena.
Check her youtube chanel too to find amazing tutorial. 

This is called Mai Tai. 
It so pretty. It has pink reflect. 

With flash. Imagine how you move your eyes around and it looks you out 2 shadows. 

This one is black light! 
This one is my favorite. It's purple with blue teal reflects . It just so pretty 

No flash. 
Sun light! 

Damn gurllll this color is so fall season! 
Called secret garden. 
So pretty. Green with black reflects! 

With flash! 
Look at those colors! 

Yes it is so affordable! 
Very pigmented 
Very buttery 
Very blendable 
When you move around it reflects with the sparkling glitter 
It perfect size pan. 
Purchase thru : 

What can i say about this beauty duochrome eyeshadow? 
It just so pretty! 

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Black Lipsticks FOTD

This is my first attempt with black lipstick. 
And yasssss i love it . 
I think it looks not bad on me. 
What so you think? 

What's on my face 

Face : 
Three Ultimate Pristine Primer 🇯🇵
Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation mixed with Guerlain Parure De Lumiere 

Too Faced No make Up make up palette i mixed concealer, brighten and luminized. 
Kryolan Loose Powder 
Estee lauder compact powder 
Urban decay Baked bronzer 
Nars Blush boys don't cry limited edition pierre hardy 
Too faced Inner Light @toofaced
(inside the Everything Nice Palette) 

Everything Nice Palette by 
Makeup store gel liner 
@anastasiabeverlyhills Dipbrow Pomade Dark brown 
Lilly Lashes Vegas + Tehran

Lips: just use any lipstick mixed it with black glitter eyeshadow 
Done ! 

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Death Girl Body Halloween make up tutorial

Halloween it's here! Yass it is the month! 
Fun month cause we could express it into make up! Paint your face and make people stare! Lol. 

You can choose to be fairy, disney girl or the most popular one is scary zombie death ghost make up. Lol. 

I do enjoy to do special fx make up. Like really enjoy!
Like this one.....

Here's the scenario: 
A girl who fall in love with her  lovers. 
They were such a lovely couple. 
They made a promise to fall in love each other like forever! 
They made a promise to fall in love once again in another life. 
Their family support each other. 
It seems like everything goes on smooth way. Like fairytale....

No it is not that happen! 
The news reported that there was accident in highways and that's her lovers. 

She couldn't believe it
She gone wild, crazy and so fuckin desperated. 

And this is what hap : 

She killed herself.
Her face was so freakin terrible. 
Blood everywhere. 

She painted "FOREVER" with her blood on her chest! 

Meanwhile, she knew what actually happen to her lover. The accident happened because the girl that her lover dated before took a revenge on him. 
And killed him with nasty trick with his car.  

Now she's awake and ......

Mac lip pencil in red to create the fake scar 
Mehron fake blood
Eyeshadow red, black, brown and blue. I used bh cosmetics 88 matte palette 
Foundation by laura mercier 
Powder by cover girl 
Red lipstick 

Bye guys! 
It just fiction lol. On my mind duh! 

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Desperate Girl into Ghost Make Up tutorial for Halloween

Halloween is very fun! I love the theme as always. It could be scary, fairy, animal print , cartoon and many more. 

But always personal favorite is scary one and fairy 

What you need 

Latex or glue 
Red eyeshadow 
Black eyeshadow 
Purple eyeshadow 
Brown eyeshadow 
Blue eyeshadow 
Lip liner mac 
Fake blood 
Gel liner 
And lets roll

What do you think guys? Xo
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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Makeup : Review : Flutter Lashes Review

You know that i'm fall in love with drama extreme lashes! 

I have tried so many local brand lashes but they are not that drama. 
If i go with natural or light make up, definitely i grab my Elise, Lavie etc. 
but if i want someone umphhhh, i will grab my flutterlashes and Lilly Lashes. 

Fyi, doesn't mean the local brand cannot be stacked ya. They are stackable to create the drama! Sometimes just too lazy to stack them cause i need 3-4 stacked to create the umph! Lol. 
It just my personal taste! Dont hate me. 

Natalie syle is my favorite. 
Paige is good one too but Paige i dont know, just not as "natalie" on my eyes. 

Price is $39.99 
Free worldwide shipping. Yasss for free shipping. 
Pricey ? Yes but worth it. 

they are mink lashes so you can use it untill 20-25 times. Depend on how you take care the lashes. 

They have natural lashes too which not that drama and good for everyday look! 

I purchased all with my money. Just totally love flutterlashes. They are good! 

What's on my face: 

Kose Medicated Sekkisei Lotion 
Oshima Tsubaki Oil 
Guerlain Parure de Lumiere shade 32 
Shu Uemura Loose Powder Matte 
Estee Lauder Futurist Aqua Brilliance foundation shade cool beige, i use it as concealer since it is cream texture! 
Too Faced Everything Nice Palette eyeshadow 
Too faced chocolate Soleil 
Too faced Blush Papa don't peach inside the the palette. 
The balm mary lou 
Mac fix +
La spalsh latte confession 
Anastasia beverly hills dipbrow pomade dark brown 
Shu Uemura Gel Liner black 

See you on the next post 

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Skincare: Review: Kose Medicated Sekkisei Lotion

Hi everyone! 
You know i'm obsessed with very good skincare. And i think that Japanese Brand suit me best for Skincare. I don't know why, I prefer Japanese brand for skincare a lot! 

A lot of Japanese's Woman i think own this bottle. Yeah the majority of Japanese i guess. Because it works amazing! 

Kose is very well known in Japan! 
They have skincare and make up line. 
This blue bottle is the most popular one. 

This is toner / lotion which you need to apply right after you wash your face. 
This lotion gives you moisturize feel and brighten effect. 
It claims to give you such brightening effect and orevent the melanin to comes out on our face. 

Bases on their web 
Formulated with oriental herbs to protect the skin against various aging phenomena, keeping the skin healthy and vibrant-looking
Evens out skin tone and lightens dark spots
Firms and brightens skin! 

It comes in 3 different sizes : 
200 ml ----- IDR 800.000 i guess 
360 ml ----- IDR. 1.200.000 
500 ml------ not sure 

Since i know this is good, i grab the 360 ml. They are cheaper too than the 200 ml if we calculate it . 

For your information, Medicated is term that Japanese use that proven that the ingredients are works! 
But if you live outside of Japan, you will not get the medicated term. 
If you live outside of Japan, you will get Kose Sekissei Lotion. Without "Medicated" word. 

You can see that there is no "Medicated" words! 

So what is the different ? 
They are slightly different in the ingredients. The BA of Kose in Sogo told me that they are same. But i heard the news that they have slightly different ingredients inside of it. 

So which one you gonna pick? 
Totally up to you! I prefer the Medicated one because Japanese ministry of health proven that the ingredients works! 

Where do i get this? 
I bought from 
Don't worry guys they are authentic. 

Or you can purchase thru amazon, ebay and third party. Totally up to you!

I booght mine only for IDR. 880.000. The week i bought was my lucky day cause strawbeeynet had promo on this blue amazing bottle! 

It contains alcohol inside of it which so many people say that dry out your skin. 
But really , have you ever bought the skincare or make up in the counter and you checked all the ingredients? 
Maybe you do but don't really focus on it. 
I just don't get it why people sometimes act like they are capable on the medicated terms! Lol. 

It has no stink smells like some brands! It has pleasant smell. Not bad tho! 

Not sticky. They are absorb really well! 

Don't worry! I have my skin and with this one it is not dry out my skin like crazy! It gives me moisture tho! 

Yass they are brighten my skin a bit. I don't really want to have such bright face and not match with the rest of my body! 
I prefer to tone it down as long as healthy or looks good. 

No itchy feeling when i use this! Happy for that! Good for your sensitive skin th! 

How to use it is quite simple! 
Just like you use toner/ lotions. Dab motions. Nothing special! 

See ya in the next post! 

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Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick Review

Hello! Let's rock non maintstream colors! 
Yassss October is fun month, full of creativity and think outside the box! 

So many of you Hate lime crime. I know what they did, i know. But i have to admit that so many company tried to dupe some of their colors 

This one is not liquid lipstick. This one is opaque lipstick! 
Yasss opaque! 
They are very pigemented in one swipe only. 
Great! Color pay off like really great! 

I picked the color "Mint To Be" 
Very pastel green mint kinda things. 
Remember that it is perfect to rock any colora you want since this is the month! Yasss halloween! 

Halloween doesn't mean to be scary like hell right? 
You can do the mermaid, disney princess themes, anything you want! But of course scary special fx is great choice too! 

Oh gosh very pretty colors!
They come in so many shades available! 
One thing i don't like is "mint to be" is kinda hard to blend. They are thick! 
The other color is fine like pink, purple etc. But for non mainstream colors, they are kinda off. So hard to blend. 

But in the end of it...... I love it!
Hmmm very mint pastel colors!
This is my fave colors! 
Who says all the girls love pink? 
I don't like pink. I'm not hate it but i have choice , pink is not my things! Lol. 
Weird but this is meh! 
See you! 
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Friday, October 9, 2015

Review: Morphe Brushes 35 O Eyeshadow Palette

Everybody loves this palette! 
It is from Morphe Brushes! They made such a beautiful palette and this 35 o is the most popular one! 

My morphe and some of my mac lipstick! 

They have very good brushes too! 
Oh one day i would love to visit their store in Burbank, CA. 

This 35 O palette is warm eyeshadow kinda things.
They came in medium pan. Not small like bh cosmetics or even big like Saucebox x  Samantha from batalash beauty. Medium pan. 

It's more into orange, brown, soft brown, dark brown, champagne and yellow. 

All i can say the quality is amazing. 
It is buttery pigmented and blendable like crazy. And what is most impostant is they are not Chalky like bh cosmetics or coastal scent. 

If you own bh cosmetics or coastal scent 88 palatte / 120 palette you know what i mean. They are chalky powdery and easy to fall out. But this palette , morphe 35 o is not. They fall out a little bit but nothing crazy! 

They are all mostly matte, few shades are shimmery and so pretty!

This is actually what Jackyn Hill, Nikkie Titorials, Manny Mua , Patrick star fave palette! They rave about this like crazy! 

The price is not that pricey but when dollars stronger than our currency which means everything is expensive! Lol. 
I purchased this when $ stronger than our Indonesia rupiah. 

Morphe palette comes in different shade tho! Neutral, Warm, Cool, Colorful and Smoky palette. 

You better grab this warm eyeshadow! Lol. 
I prefer warm eyeshadow than cool colors because warm is wearable in my opinion than cool colors. Totally i oicked this palette because Jaclyn Hill made me do it! Love you Jaclyn Hill! 

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

I'm Asian and I'm Proud of it

So last week, Lilly Ghalichi and Lilly Lashes repost one of my make up works. I feel so honor because you know she's Lilly Ghalichi! She is number 1 Glam person for me. 

But the comments are really nasty! 
They told me that i'm ugly, my make up is bad, creepy, yikes, ewww, photoshopped and so many hurtful things. 

Look at all the comments : 

They said i'm ugly, creepy, scary, my make up is so bad,etc. Yes you are perfect then!!! It just make up, dont like it you can remove it. I want to learn new techniques , play with the colors, just experiment. But you guys really hate like crazy!
I know I don't have perfect eyes. I have very hooded eyes and super tiny lashes that you can't even see in the pic. I could go surgery and have double lid but i don't think i need one.  What's wrong if I wear lashes? @makeuptray said that lashes is for white person or caucasian! And if there's any another race wear lashes means they try so hard to be Caucasian. Omg like really? Lmao! 😆😆😆 since when Caucasian the standard of beauty?? What's wrong if i wear color contacts? It is very common in my country, Indonesia. We have different standard of beauty and you judge me into your standards! Then they said my make up is magic ( in rude way) from hooded to crazy lashes, Ohh thank you at least i know how to Wow-ed you 🙈😂. I know how to make you shocked 🙌🏻. Then they said Asian is ugly, Holy Moly what's wrong with you?? I was born to be Asian, and i'm proud of it. I'm Asian and i have hooded eyes. I'm Asian but i'm not quite. I'm Asian but I can't play Piano, I'm Asian and i love it. 💖  

Baca yang comment terakhir: 
Read the comments at the bottom! 
What's wrong with the lips! You know so many brand create that beautiful color! jeffree Star, La Spalsh, Make Up revolution, Pretty Zombie Cosmetics, Nyx , Mac cosmetics , they create that color! It just make up! Dont like it remove it! As simple as that! 
Oh mungkin dese ga tau ya kalo skrg jni lagi trend warna warna itu. Makanya kudu beli mba e biar tau 

I got bullied because my eyes and that's fine. Gimana kalo semua orang Asia yang matanya hooded kalo dikatain fake semua ya pas pake bulu mata!?!?!? 
 We are all have flaws and it is fun not be perfect. I wear lashes cause i love it, to enhance the features, not to change myself. There is no such a lie beneath it. With or without lashes/ make up, you are all human and you are beautiful! Everyone is beautiful in their own way 💖💖 

I just don't get it why we Asian not allowed to wear contacts. They said that we wanted so bad to be white person! Oh come on!! I wear contacts because it's not that nice to wear glasses, it makes my eyes bigger and it is very common in my country. People are just mean behind the keyboard. Your negativity will not stop me doing my works. I will keep learning, posting, and working with my monolids. It's all about skill! If my previous transformation wow-ed you, you better improve your make up skill! So your make up won't be boring till nobody comment about your makeup! 

Let me clarify. In my country Indonesia it is common and popular to wear color contacts! It is not taboo! 
 We were born with it! Just to enhance our features . Not to change myself!!!! 

Oh goshhh i thought you guys are clever, considerate, anti bullying but i need to take my words back! 

You are beautiful when you feel that you are ! 

I'm Asian and I Love You all no matter what races! We are all human and breathing in the same air! No need to hate each others! Once they hate you, later they love you

Don't tell that Asian is ugly and son't deserve! What's wrong with you? Why you hate asian so much? 
Maybe you are jealous on asian cause we are good at so many things! Level Asian ! 

The good things is : my fave idol Lilly Ghalichi comment on my post: 

Thank you for bad and good comments! Appreciate them a lot ! 
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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rosette Cleansing Paste Facial Wash Review

I have been looking for good face wash. 
My fave is still Estee Lauder Take it Away facial foam. But it's kinda pricey for facial wash and i need to find the cheaper one. Lol. 

This is always happen right when you run out of the money. Find the dupes or drugstore that comes in good result. 

Anyway, i love love Japanese Skincare than the Western or Korean brand. 

And i picked this Rosette Cleasing Paste. 
They are come in 4 differents variant. 
The pink one for plum effect i guess 
Yellow one for Brightening effect 
blue one for preventing the acne
And the most favorite is the Green one. 

The Green one is really best seller and sold 1200 per day as i remembered. 

The green one is typically mud face wash and it claims to clean out any dirt on the face and remove the blackhead! 
Woowwww great!  

I stocked up some facial wash. 
Stock up only that works amazing on my skin. And this one does great job. 

It comes in squezze tube which is great, so you can control the amount you want.

I think this one is travel friendly too. It's not that heavy! 
And i love the packaging! Like really really love, cause it's green. 
Green is my favorite color tho! 

See, it comes in mud paste. It's not that dark as mud lah!

Shrink your pores really well. 
I see the result like really impressive. 
Made in Japan and not available here in Indonesia. But don't worry you can purchase it thru ebay, amazon, rakuten, etc. 

This one is 650¥ i guess or 140.000 IDR. 

What i love most is there is no scent on it . 
No mineral oil 

Has skincare ingredients on it. 

Does't dry out my akin like crazy. 
Sometimes you know when you wash your face, suddenly you face feel so freakin tight, and dry like hell. 
Well it will not happen with this one. 

Pretty moisture after wash my face. 

What i don't really like is you have to work kinda hard to make it bubbly foam. 
Well, because this one is Japanese brand, so you know that Japanese loves foamy cleanser. 

But the good news is you can use it with foaming net to make it huge foamy type of cleanser. 

Have you ever tried this brand? 

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