Thursday, September 3, 2015

Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin Youthful Bouncy Fine Cream Review

Hey guys welcome back to my glow. 
Moisturizer is the most crucial part for me.
I want my skin to be moist not dry! 
I have dry fave and you def know how it feels about dry patches, peeled off etc. 

I neees moisturizer that so creamy emollient and hydrated my skin. 

I have tried so many Moisturizer from Drugstore to high end. 
I have tried Sk-2 deep cellumination deep surge ex, i have reviewes about it too. 
It works well , but is not that creamy which good for Oily to combo skin. 
I used to love my sk2 before but now my skin so dry and i need super creamy emollient ones to help my skin keep bouncy. 

Well, sk2 absorb so well! After i applied on my face, it keeps my skin bouncy hydrated for 10 minutes, then my face will tight and dry again. If it does make sense. 

Jadi setelah apply langsung meresep which is good tapi 10 menit kemudian, ilang masuk ke kulit dan kembali lagi kering kerontang kulit aku! Makanya aku pindah ke lain hati yaitu Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin ini. 

Oh ya bukan berarti sk2 ga bagus ya. Bagus pelembab nya , tapi kalo utk kulit kerinh seperti nya kurang cocok. 

This is tottally holy grail moisturizer for me. 
Cant live without it! 

For your information : 
If you have dry normal skin you will love this! Because it is so emollients and creamy. 

You might hate this if you have oily skin cause it is to heavy for you! Remember that oily skin should avoid creamy things! 
You better try the essence or emulsions for lighter version! 

This is how it looks like. 
It's pretty heavy bottle 
Comes in 50 ml 
Smells heavenly! Great! 

As you can see the texture is pretty thick which great for dry skin! 
It absorb well but tottally different from sk2, as i have mention before that sk2 tends to absorb to the skin and keep hydrated for few minutes, meanwhile this Shu Uemura Keep my skin hydrated for long time! Like really amazing! 

It absorb but i can feel that there's moisturizer on my face, not tottaly disappear on few minutes. 
Still hydrated and moist. I'm not lie to you guys! Really! 

It's not sticky at all! 
It gives you glow . 

It claims to give you bouncy feeling ans youthful look! 
 Perfect for dry skin! 
If you oily , go grab the Tsuya Emulsion one! It's lighter than this Moisturizer. 

See the before and after!
This moisturizer is amazing since gimme perfect glow , just enough not to much at all! 
It is very nice to apply under the make up. 
Cause it gives me perfect canvas glow and healthy looking. 
It helps the foundation to stick very well too. 
Price : 1.400.000 totally worth it 

You can find me on instagram, and see how the make up goes smooth with this moisturizer.  Follow if you want, if you dont feel  like too, i dont really mind about at all. Hahahha.

See you! 

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