Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rosette Cleansing Paste Facial Wash Review

I have been looking for good face wash. 
My fave is still Estee Lauder Take it Away facial foam. But it's kinda pricey for facial wash and i need to find the cheaper one. Lol. 

This is always happen right when you run out of the money. Find the dupes or drugstore that comes in good result. 

Anyway, i love love Japanese Skincare than the Western or Korean brand. 

And i picked this Rosette Cleasing Paste. 
They are come in 4 differents variant. 
The pink one for plum effect i guess 
Yellow one for Brightening effect 
blue one for preventing the acne
And the most favorite is the Green one. 

The Green one is really best seller and sold 1200 per day as i remembered. 

The green one is typically mud face wash and it claims to clean out any dirt on the face and remove the blackhead! 
Woowwww great!  

I stocked up some facial wash. 
Stock up only that works amazing on my skin. And this one does great job. 

It comes in squezze tube which is great, so you can control the amount you want.

I think this one is travel friendly too. It's not that heavy! 
And i love the packaging! Like really really love, cause it's green. 
Green is my favorite color tho! 

See, it comes in mud paste. It's not that dark as mud lah!

Shrink your pores really well. 
I see the result like really impressive. 
Made in Japan and not available here in Indonesia. But don't worry you can purchase it thru ebay, amazon, rakuten, etc. 

This one is 650¥ i guess or 140.000 IDR. 

What i love most is there is no scent on it . 
No mineral oil 

Has skincare ingredients on it. 

Does't dry out my akin like crazy. 
Sometimes you know when you wash your face, suddenly you face feel so freakin tight, and dry like hell. 
Well it will not happen with this one. 

Pretty moisture after wash my face. 

What i don't really like is you have to work kinda hard to make it bubbly foam. 
Well, because this one is Japanese brand, so you know that Japanese loves foamy cleanser. 

But the good news is you can use it with foaming net to make it huge foamy type of cleanser. 

Have you ever tried this brand? 

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