Sunday, September 13, 2015

Review : Skincare : Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concertrate

The reason why we need to get extra treatment at night than day time,
it because in the night our skin is like fresh, because there is nothing much on your face. 
I mean at night, we always wash our face and clean everything from tired rotundity.
And that's why I bought Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate, also known as MRC. 

Well, Kiehl's is one of brand which the advertisement is not huge as other brand,
but Kiehl's very popular among people all over the world. 
So, that's very good job Kiehl's. 
It means people know this products from the quality not from the advertisement. 

Oh yeah, if you spend IDR 1.000.000 or $100 you will get a member. 
I don't know how much the minimum purchase to get membership outside of Indonesia 
There are so many benefits if you become Kiehl's Friends!

I was attend the Kiehl's Grand Opening at Plaza Indonesia two years ago! 
and I bought this MRC to try! 
and I got a very very lucky moment, which You know Asia Next Top Model's Judge ? 
Yeah Todd Anthony Tyler. I got chance to take pic with him and pic taken by him 

Anyways, Kiehl's is Dermatologist recommended skin care solutions,
hair care, body care, beauty & cosmetics. Kiehl's is American Brand. 
Their best seller and must have products is Midnight Recovery Concentrate. 

How To Use it : 
  • Wash your face with your favorite facial wash 
  • Let it dry for a while 
  • Apply your toner / lotion. 
  • Apply your serum / essence/ moisturizer etc. 
  • Next is going to be Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. You only need 2-3 drops and apply it to your whole face and neck with dab motions. 
  • Done! Have a good sleep. 
Details : 
  • Oil Texture. But if you have oily face, don't worry because when you wake up the oil is gone or only left a little. But.... I will tell you later. Keep going! 
  • It is applicable for all skin type 
  • Only use at NIGHT! 
  • Comes in elegant blue bottle 
  • Only need a little amount 2-3 drops is more than enough 
  • Lavender scent, so it will make you to relax and have a great sleep 
  • It feels so great cause i have dry skin and it moisture very well! 
  • Soften my face texture
  • Hydratate my skin
  • You will realize the different when you wake up when apply MRC. Ummm, your face will be so moisted because the oil on it but really i don't really see glow! 
  • I don't see glow on my face but oily! 
  • The price is IDR. 575.000 / $58
  • Use this at the end of the night treatment. After the moisturizer.
  • What i don't really like is I feel greasy when i apply this. So much oil on my face. It claims to give you healthy glow. But nothing on me
  • It absorb well but really greasy. I know maybe some of you might say, oh in the night i don't care if so much oil on my face. No one looking at me. That's correct. We are on the same path. 
  • Repurchase? NO! I have good news for you if you want beauty oil that gives you glow! Stay tuned. 
So that's it! Hope you enjoy and see you on the next post! 
Bye guys! 

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