Friday, October 9, 2015

Review: Morphe Brushes 35 O Eyeshadow Palette

Everybody loves this palette! 
It is from Morphe Brushes! They made such a beautiful palette and this 35 o is the most popular one! 

My morphe and some of my mac lipstick! 

They have very good brushes too! 
Oh one day i would love to visit their store in Burbank, CA. 

This 35 O palette is warm eyeshadow kinda things.
They came in medium pan. Not small like bh cosmetics or even big like Saucebox x  Samantha from batalash beauty. Medium pan. 

It's more into orange, brown, soft brown, dark brown, champagne and yellow. 

All i can say the quality is amazing. 
It is buttery pigmented and blendable like crazy. And what is most impostant is they are not Chalky like bh cosmetics or coastal scent. 

If you own bh cosmetics or coastal scent 88 palatte / 120 palette you know what i mean. They are chalky powdery and easy to fall out. But this palette , morphe 35 o is not. They fall out a little bit but nothing crazy! 

They are all mostly matte, few shades are shimmery and so pretty!

This is actually what Jackyn Hill, Nikkie Titorials, Manny Mua , Patrick star fave palette! They rave about this like crazy! 

The price is not that pricey but when dollars stronger than our currency which means everything is expensive! Lol. 
I purchased this when $ stronger than our Indonesia rupiah. 

Morphe palette comes in different shade tho! Neutral, Warm, Cool, Colorful and Smoky palette. 

You better grab this warm eyeshadow! Lol. 
I prefer warm eyeshadow than cool colors because warm is wearable in my opinion than cool colors. Totally i oicked this palette because Jaclyn Hill made me do it! Love you Jaclyn Hill! 

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1 comment:

  1. I love matte eyeshadows!! Kayaknya kak Cheryl Raisa dapet yang seri full matte.
    Ini bisa dilepas ga sih dari paletnya? Ribet juga kalo travelling bawa palet :P


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