Thursday, September 24, 2015

Oshima Tsubaki Multi Purpose Camellia Oil Review

Hello guys. Welcome back to my blog.
Beauty oil is very happening right now. 
Kiehl's, Tarte, Josie Maran, Estee Lauder, Sunday Riley and many more. 
I have some of them, like Estee Lauder and  Kiehl's. 

But it's not enough. Still looking for the best one. 
Btw Estee Lauder did very good job on my skin. 

Moving on....

This one is Oshima Tsubaki Oil that has so many function and benefit for our skin, hair, nail, lip treatment. 

From the name itself, it is obvious that this Oshima Tsubaki is Japanese Brand! 

Have you heard about this brand? 

Oshima tsubaki is Japanese Brand that always rank no 1 of Japanese Comse. 
Damn! Amazing! 

It comes in little bottle and shake the bottle to get some drops! 

I tried it for a months to see the improvement on my hair. 

So my thoughts about this oil : 

This bottle is pure camellia oil! 100%

This oil could be for your hair, nails, lip balm, skin, eyelashes and eyebrow. So many benefits in one bottle of oil. 

This oil is so damn thick potent oil like crazy! Don't use it too much cause really so damn nasty if you put too much, specially for your hair. 

To be honest, this oil did great job than any salon's oil i have tried. 
Makes my hair silky smooth and no frizziness. 

First time try it i did shake the bottle to make the oil come out and put it so much like 7 drops on my hair. And the result is damn!!!!!! Even i blow dry my hair, my hair is still full of oil and it will not dry. It just damp nasty! 

So that's why you def need few drops like 2-3 drops! 

You will love this oil if you read the instruction to use it. But really i cant even read any Hiragana Katakana or Kanji. 

It helps your ends of the hair to be healthy. 

It helps your roots to be strong so it won't easy to fall out. 

It is helpfull like really helpfull for your split ends. I don't have so much split ends but i can tell yoi the difference after apply this kinda oil for your hair.

Your skin really moisturize after apply this oil. But this oil Is GREASY! I don't mind as long as it does amazing job. 
For your skin, you can mix it with your fave foundation or primer to create such glowy luminous look. 

After you apply this oil, in one minute there is no smell on it. 

But, after 5 minutes damn gurl this oil has annoying smells. But it will disappear after 15 minutes. So don't worry.

Price is 260.000 kinda cheap for 60 ml oil. 

Don't put it or massage to your scalp if you have oily scalp. 

This oil perfect for your dry hair and have a problems with split ends. 

For lip treatment: apply it before bed time and damn oh my gosh till i wake up, i can feel the oil still there and moisturize my lip very very well. 
I'm not lie to you! This one does amazing job on my lips! Very smooth and not drying flaky etc. 

So do you wanna give a try? 

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