Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Kiss Me Tonight Philosophy Lip Treatment Review

Dry flaky lips? No more! 
Thank God i read the review on Make Up Alley and find this amazing quality inside the small bottle! 

What's so special? 
This is from Philosophy Lip Treatment. 
Called Kiss Me Tonigh, ohh sound so tempting!!!! Ah , moving on! 

Comes in small tube and little bit color pinkish. But comes in clear result. 

This formula is the creamiest thing i ever apply on my lips. 
No thick feeling like Vaseline did. 

So soft on my lips and really ready to be kissed! Hahah !
It gives me super soft lips without heavy feelings. Sometimes i don't remove it when i apply liquid lipstick. Cause i can't stand wearing liquid lipstick gimme super dryness.

Like no others lip treatment, this one very moisturizing for 10 hours! Like really. 
It is soften my lips like no others. 
Sometimes you know that it only last for few hours and then they disappear but this one is holy moly! It still there and so freaking creamy moist oh gosh. 

Price is 280.000 
Purchased thru Singapore's Sephora. 

Life changing because this balm! No more dry , flaky lips and ready to be kissed! 

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  1. too expensive for lip balm :( but i really want to try it.

    check my blog at

    have a nice day :)

    1. Yes It's kinda pricey but worth every penny. Thank you for visiting


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