Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick review

So hey everyone! 
Get your fun lip color with Jeffree Star Cosmetics. 
Well, in my opinion Jeffree Star has the best texture of liquid lipstick! They are matte like always but they are not that drying! 

I'm always into this liquid lipstick. Jeffree Star and Lime crime are still my fave. 

They come in different colors, so fuckin pretty colors. 

And i got this shade, called blow pony and 714. 
It's lavender neon liquid liptick that match with every skin colors. 

Meanwhile 714 is super pretty corally color. 

Jeffree star price is not that same with colourpop or la splash etc. 
they are in diffferent level. 

Jeffree star level as same as Kat Von D , Anastasia Beverly hills, etc. 
so actually we can say that this one is the high end one. 

Price is $18. 
They ship worldwide! 
They launch beautiful new colors in the end of september, shade is Masochist, Dominatrix and hell yeahh Dirty Money! 
I cant wait to get mine! 

Uh huh honey! 
Do i look good on this purple lavender neon color? 
What do you think? 

Oh gosh i'm in love with this color! 
They are so pretty and pigmented and not making my lips dry! 

We can see the lip line but hey that's going to happen if you wear liquid lipstick right? So it's not a problem for me cause you know that obvious to happen! 
Shade is 714. Pretty neon corally color! 
This formula is kinda tricky cause it's kinda bright and you have to apply it neatly. This one is the most shown the dry patches. 

So pretty color right? Ughh i want more Jeffree Lipstick. 

Even you drink, eat etc the color is still there. No streaking like colourpop that fade. You def know what i mean! Lol. 
That's why i'm not a big fan of  colourpop. But for $6 is okay. Totally worth it for $6 . But if you have more budget, please grab Jeffree Star. 

Totally love my jeffree star! Not paid promotions! 

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