Monday, September 21, 2015

Estee Lauder Pure Color Blush in Pink Tease Satin Review

When it comes to blush, i don't really like blush that super pigmented. I prefer something that blendable and of course buildable. 

Well for me, really it just personal opinion okay. When it comes to blush, we don't really need super expensive kinda thing. 
As long as the texture is great on our skin and the color is right, you ready to rock! 

Well, i haven't find blush that comes from drugstore that they are not chalky or too powdery till fall out like crazy. I hate that texture a lot and i find that texture comes from drugstore brand. 

So today i picked Estee Lauder Pure Color Blush On, shade Pink Tease. 

As always Estee Lauder's packaging is to die for. Really pretty and elegant!
The gold and the blue are the signature of this brand. 

How to find the perfect shade is quite simple. 
Pinch you cheek on bare face and let's see the color on it! 
As simple as that right. 

But nowadays, there is no rules in make up! If you like it wear it and rock it. 
You can pick any other shades you want but really guys you gonna pick the basic color that suit you most! You tend to grab something that suit you best! 

Too red --- it's like you getting slappes on  your face 

Too brown --- it's similar with contouring! 

Too orange --- ughhh oh no!

Yassss it always happens and you gonna grab the basic color that suit you most! And that's the way to find the perfect color, just pinch your cheek! Grab the closest color and ready to go! 

The color is pink tease.
How to describe this color is just pretty! 
Pink --- no reddish or orange! It just pink that perfect for me! 

The texture is satin to matte. 
It's buttery not chalky. That's why it is more expensive right? 
Good pigmentation! Not too much for blush. 
No harsh looking when i apply it. 
Radiant natural cheek color.
Comes in different shade. So many options don't worry guys. 
Price ? 520.000 IDR. 
Purchase thru Sogo Department store Indonesia. 
Or worldwide by 

Comes in huge pan that really huge for me as blush!
Comes in blush brush . Tiny version. 
Do i like it the brush? Ummm i don't really like it. I prefer my own regular blush brush. 

This is the swatch. 
Pretty right? 
No shimmer or gliter on it. 
I prefer matte than glitter. Cause i will highlight my cheek bone. I don't want to look like disco ball. Haahaha

That's it 

Bye guys! 

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