Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Power Of Make Up

The power of make up. 

Ga ada didunia ini yang perfect. Dan kali ini aku mau share sama kalian the power of make up. 

Make up disini ditujukan untuk enhance our features. Bukan untuk cowok lah dsb. Hello udah ga zaman kali! 

Make up for me for my reflection kalo jalan di mall. Hahahah. 

This is totally me with and without make up! Ga di edit, ga di photoshop. 
Aku cuma pake camera sony a6000. 

Aku tuh monolids have no crease jadi aku akalin pake bulu mata. Bulu mata is a must for me. Like really kewajiban. Hahah. 

Sebenernya ya ga perlu malu sama diri kita sendiri tanpa make up. Why not? Mtanpa make up itu enak ga harus jadi orang lain. Tanpa make up itu terasa ringan. Tanpa make up itu jadi diri sendiri. 

Tapi ada saat nya dimana kita ingin jauh berpenampilan lebih rapi, lebih enak dilihat. Dengan rapi dab bisa menunjang penampilan dan kepercayaan diri . Jadi ya kenapa engak pake make up? 

Pake make up katanya high maintenance, hmmm salah banget persepsi nya. Make up juga ga harus mahal. Kalo cocok pake yang mure kenapa enggak? 

Orang yang pake makeup katanya fake! Yang ngomong gt pengen gue sumpel mulut nya. Fake dari mana? Kelakuan lo yang ngomong noh fake abis. Hahahha. 
Aku ga akan state opinion banyak dalam hal ini, cuma bagi kalian yang takut banget ga make up an hmmmm love yourself more. Kamu cantik kok apa ada nya. 
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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick review

So hey everyone! 
Get your fun lip color with Jeffree Star Cosmetics. 
Well, in my opinion Jeffree Star has the best texture of liquid lipstick! They are matte like always but they are not that drying! 

I'm always into this liquid lipstick. Jeffree Star and Lime crime are still my fave. 

They come in different colors, so fuckin pretty colors. 

And i got this shade, called blow pony and 714. 
It's lavender neon liquid liptick that match with every skin colors. 

Meanwhile 714 is super pretty corally color. 

Jeffree star price is not that same with colourpop or la splash etc. 
they are in diffferent level. 

Jeffree star level as same as Kat Von D , Anastasia Beverly hills, etc. 
so actually we can say that this one is the high end one. 

Price is $18. 
They ship worldwide! 
They launch beautiful new colors in the end of september, shade is Masochist, Dominatrix and hell yeahh Dirty Money! 
I cant wait to get mine! 

Uh huh honey! 
Do i look good on this purple lavender neon color? 
What do you think? 

Oh gosh i'm in love with this color! 
They are so pretty and pigmented and not making my lips dry! 

We can see the lip line but hey that's going to happen if you wear liquid lipstick right? So it's not a problem for me cause you know that obvious to happen! 
Shade is 714. Pretty neon corally color! 
This formula is kinda tricky cause it's kinda bright and you have to apply it neatly. This one is the most shown the dry patches. 

So pretty color right? Ughh i want more Jeffree Lipstick. 

Even you drink, eat etc the color is still there. No streaking like colourpop that fade. You def know what i mean! Lol. 
That's why i'm not a big fan of  colourpop. But for $6 is okay. Totally worth it for $6 . But if you have more budget, please grab Jeffree Star. 

Totally love my jeffree star! Not paid promotions! 
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Oshima Tsubaki Multi Purpose Camellia Oil Review

Hello guys. Welcome back to my blog.
Beauty oil is very happening right now. 
Kiehl's, Tarte, Josie Maran, Estee Lauder, Sunday Riley and many more. 
I have some of them, like Estee Lauder and  Kiehl's. 

But it's not enough. Still looking for the best one. 
Btw Estee Lauder did very good job on my skin. 

Moving on....

This one is Oshima Tsubaki Oil that has so many function and benefit for our skin, hair, nail, lip treatment. 

From the name itself, it is obvious that this Oshima Tsubaki is Japanese Brand! 

Have you heard about this brand? 

Oshima tsubaki is Japanese Brand that always rank no 1 of Japanese Comse. 
Damn! Amazing! 

It comes in little bottle and shake the bottle to get some drops! 

I tried it for a months to see the improvement on my hair. 

So my thoughts about this oil : 

This bottle is pure camellia oil! 100%

This oil could be for your hair, nails, lip balm, skin, eyelashes and eyebrow. So many benefits in one bottle of oil. 

This oil is so damn thick potent oil like crazy! Don't use it too much cause really so damn nasty if you put too much, specially for your hair. 

To be honest, this oil did great job than any salon's oil i have tried. 
Makes my hair silky smooth and no frizziness. 

First time try it i did shake the bottle to make the oil come out and put it so much like 7 drops on my hair. And the result is damn!!!!!! Even i blow dry my hair, my hair is still full of oil and it will not dry. It just damp nasty! 

So that's why you def need few drops like 2-3 drops! 

You will love this oil if you read the instruction to use it. But really i cant even read any Hiragana Katakana or Kanji. 

It helps your ends of the hair to be healthy. 

It helps your roots to be strong so it won't easy to fall out. 

It is helpfull like really helpfull for your split ends. I don't have so much split ends but i can tell yoi the difference after apply this kinda oil for your hair.

Your skin really moisturize after apply this oil. But this oil Is GREASY! I don't mind as long as it does amazing job. 
For your skin, you can mix it with your fave foundation or primer to create such glowy luminous look. 

After you apply this oil, in one minute there is no smell on it. 

But, after 5 minutes damn gurl this oil has annoying smells. But it will disappear after 15 minutes. So don't worry.

Price is 260.000 kinda cheap for 60 ml oil. 

Don't put it or massage to your scalp if you have oily scalp. 

This oil perfect for your dry hair and have a problems with split ends. 

For lip treatment: apply it before bed time and damn oh my gosh till i wake up, i can feel the oil still there and moisturize my lip very very well. 
I'm not lie to you! This one does amazing job on my lips! Very smooth and not drying flaky etc. 

So do you wanna give a try? 
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Get Vamp Dracula Look FOTD

Simply FOTD for Fall season but not with dark lips. 
I put more attention to the eyes and lips. 
Since i have super black hair . So it is easier for me to create vamp dracula look. Lol 

Oshima Tsubaki Face Oil, spread it to all over face. This step because i have dry skin. 

Three Primer Ultimate Pristine Protective , Transculent one

Estee Lauder Double Wear Cool Beige 

Make Up For Ever HD powder 

Surprise Concealer Kit by etude House, i use this one for my eye make up base 

Estee Lauder futurish aqua brilliance foundation shade cool beige i use this as Concealer 

Eyeshadow by morphe 35 O 

Anastasia beverly hills contour kit powder 

Estee Lauder Pink Tease Blush

Mary lou the balm as highlighters 

Lashes by Lilly lashes MYKONOS 

lips : Jeffree Star blow pony review soon yah! 

Brow: as always anastsia beverly hills dark brown 

Avene facial spray to set all the make up
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Monday, September 21, 2015

Estee Lauder Pure Color Blush in Pink Tease Satin Review

When it comes to blush, i don't really like blush that super pigmented. I prefer something that blendable and of course buildable. 

Well for me, really it just personal opinion okay. When it comes to blush, we don't really need super expensive kinda thing. 
As long as the texture is great on our skin and the color is right, you ready to rock! 

Well, i haven't find blush that comes from drugstore that they are not chalky or too powdery till fall out like crazy. I hate that texture a lot and i find that texture comes from drugstore brand. 

So today i picked Estee Lauder Pure Color Blush On, shade Pink Tease. 

As always Estee Lauder's packaging is to die for. Really pretty and elegant!
The gold and the blue are the signature of this brand. 

How to find the perfect shade is quite simple. 
Pinch you cheek on bare face and let's see the color on it! 
As simple as that right. 

But nowadays, there is no rules in make up! If you like it wear it and rock it. 
You can pick any other shades you want but really guys you gonna pick the basic color that suit you most! You tend to grab something that suit you best! 

Too red --- it's like you getting slappes on  your face 

Too brown --- it's similar with contouring! 

Too orange --- ughhh oh no!

Yassss it always happens and you gonna grab the basic color that suit you most! And that's the way to find the perfect color, just pinch your cheek! Grab the closest color and ready to go! 

The color is pink tease.
How to describe this color is just pretty! 
Pink --- no reddish or orange! It just pink that perfect for me! 

The texture is satin to matte. 
It's buttery not chalky. That's why it is more expensive right? 
Good pigmentation! Not too much for blush. 
No harsh looking when i apply it. 
Radiant natural cheek color.
Comes in different shade. So many options don't worry guys. 
Price ? 520.000 IDR. 
Purchase thru Sogo Department store Indonesia. 
Or worldwide by 

Comes in huge pan that really huge for me as blush!
Comes in blush brush . Tiny version. 
Do i like it the brush? Ummm i don't really like it. I prefer my own regular blush brush. 

This is the swatch. 
Pretty right? 
No shimmer or gliter on it. 
I prefer matte than glitter. Cause i will highlight my cheek bone. I don't want to look like disco ball. Haahaha

That's it 

Bye guys! 
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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Review : Skincare : Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concertrate

The reason why we need to get extra treatment at night than day time,
it because in the night our skin is like fresh, because there is nothing much on your face. 
I mean at night, we always wash our face and clean everything from tired rotundity.
And that's why I bought Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate, also known as MRC. 

Well, Kiehl's is one of brand which the advertisement is not huge as other brand,
but Kiehl's very popular among people all over the world. 
So, that's very good job Kiehl's. 
It means people know this products from the quality not from the advertisement. 

Oh yeah, if you spend IDR 1.000.000 or $100 you will get a member. 
I don't know how much the minimum purchase to get membership outside of Indonesia 
There are so many benefits if you become Kiehl's Friends!

I was attend the Kiehl's Grand Opening at Plaza Indonesia two years ago! 
and I bought this MRC to try! 
and I got a very very lucky moment, which You know Asia Next Top Model's Judge ? 
Yeah Todd Anthony Tyler. I got chance to take pic with him and pic taken by him 

Anyways, Kiehl's is Dermatologist recommended skin care solutions,
hair care, body care, beauty & cosmetics. Kiehl's is American Brand. 
Their best seller and must have products is Midnight Recovery Concentrate. 

How To Use it : 
  • Wash your face with your favorite facial wash 
  • Let it dry for a while 
  • Apply your toner / lotion. 
  • Apply your serum / essence/ moisturizer etc. 
  • Next is going to be Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. You only need 2-3 drops and apply it to your whole face and neck with dab motions. 
  • Done! Have a good sleep. 
Details : 
  • Oil Texture. But if you have oily face, don't worry because when you wake up the oil is gone or only left a little. But.... I will tell you later. Keep going! 
  • It is applicable for all skin type 
  • Only use at NIGHT! 
  • Comes in elegant blue bottle 
  • Only need a little amount 2-3 drops is more than enough 
  • Lavender scent, so it will make you to relax and have a great sleep 
  • It feels so great cause i have dry skin and it moisture very well! 
  • Soften my face texture
  • Hydratate my skin
  • You will realize the different when you wake up when apply MRC. Ummm, your face will be so moisted because the oil on it but really i don't really see glow! 
  • I don't see glow on my face but oily! 
  • The price is IDR. 575.000 / $58
  • Use this at the end of the night treatment. After the moisturizer.
  • What i don't really like is I feel greasy when i apply this. So much oil on my face. It claims to give you healthy glow. But nothing on me
  • It absorb well but really greasy. I know maybe some of you might say, oh in the night i don't care if so much oil on my face. No one looking at me. That's correct. We are on the same path. 
  • Repurchase? NO! I have good news for you if you want beauty oil that gives you glow! Stay tuned. 
So that's it! Hope you enjoy and see you on the next post! 
Bye guys! 

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Tips dalam memilih warna Blush On atau Perona Pipi

Halo halo. 
Banyak orang ingin memiliki wajah yang jernih dan sedikit blushy di sekitar pipi. 

Yes fake it till you have it. 
Ada blush on juga so don't have to worry. 

Banyak orang yang mikir ah yaudah blush on ga seberapa penting. Ga perlu pake yang mahal mahal. 

Yes kamu betul. Tapi bukan berarti aku ga suka luxury items ya. I love Luxury so much! 

Blush on ga perlu mahal mahal memang asal warna nya di kamu cocok dan texture nya cocok di wajah kamu. 
Kali ini aku bahas soal powder blush on ya. Bukan yang cream! 
Bedanya apa? 
Cream hasil nya jauh lebih natural, but you have to work it hard cause you have to blend. Meanwhile you only need to swipe if you use powder! 

Dulu sedikit sharing ya, aku pake eyeshadow loh sebagai blush on. 
Dulu awal mulai blog, aku pake revlon blush on. And itu ajah blush on aku. Ga ada yang lain. Sempet bosan, lalu aku pake eyeshadow warna pink, corally, a little bit peach orange sebagai blush on! 

TAPI, kembali lagi di masalah selera ya. Ada yang memang gimana pun juga High End luxury lovers, ada yang i don't even care drugstore works well on me so let's rock! It's totally up to you! 

Anyways, jadi cara pilih blush on yang tepat itu gimana? 

Pertama, pinch atau lakukan seperti kamu cubit pipi kamu, nah nanti akan terlihat warna alami setelah kamu cubit! 

Biasanya warna natural yang di pipi kamu setelah kamu cubit itu warna yang cocok! 

Bukan berarti kamu harus pake warna itu ajah. Well there is no rules in make up. If you like it wear it and rock it! 

Okay! Don't hate me! Hehe. 
Tapi untuk pilih aman biasanya cara itu yang dilakukan kebanyak orang untuk memilih warna blush on. 
Kadang salah warna juga aneh kan misal terlalu merah kesannya habis ditampar orang. Hahaha. 

Terlalu coklat kok kayak gosong ini muke hahahah. 

Soal warna udah dibahas!
Sekarang pindah ke texture ya...

High end blushes. 

Jadi koleksi blush on aku ada sekitar 10. 
6 high end and sisanya biasa. Aku pisahin. Nanti yg sisa 4 lainnya ada dibawah ya. 

Moving on....menurut ku, Blush on itu akan lebih baik yang tidak terlalu pigmented! 

Loh kenapa? 
It just personal opinion tapi pasti ada yang agree sama aku ada yang pasti ga suka sama cara ku! 

Begini, akan lebih baik pilih blush on yang tidak terlalu pigmented. Karena apabila kamu put your brush too much, dan kamu swipe ke pipi kamu, nanti terlihat over powering alias too much. 
Kan bisa di blending? 
Yes memang bisa di blending atau kalo terlalu pigmented bisa di tumpuk bedak ato foundation lagi! 
But hey, jangan pernah kalo udah apply powder dikasih bentuk liquid lagi. Bisa ga karuan. And bisa jerawatan juga. 
Ingat bahwa ketika apply sesuatu yang texture nya powdery kan ada di akhir! 
Liquid atau cream baru kamu apply powder kan? So let's be real, kalo kamu harus benerin perona pipi kamu gara gara terlalu merah atau terlalu orange, kamu harus kerja dua kali and that's waste a time kan. 

Itulah sebabnya kenapa pilih blush on yang tidak terlalu pigmented sehingga bisa di buildable sesuai selera. 
Ingat ya, bukan berarti ga pigmented juga!!! Ya kali ga pigmented gimana kelihatan hahahha. Lebih enak builable blush on jadi kamu bisa swipe sampai hasil yang kamu mau tanpa harus benerin ini itu. 

Yang terlalu pigmented itu seperti yang di Palette BH cosmetics blush and contour. 
Itu kalo aku put my brush into blush too much and walaupun aku tap sudah itu kuas, hasilnya tetep nampol banget warna nya. Kaya badut kalo too much blush kan ? 

Itu dari BH Comsetics dan Revlon. 
Chalky banget kan?

Swatch : Revlon and Bh Cosmetics . 
Terlalu chalky dan powdery kan? Beda sama yg high end lebih buttery. 

Untuk texture powder blush on, ada yang matte dan juga ada sedikit shimmer glitter gitu. 
Kalo itu sih aku ga akan ngomong banyak karena itu sesuai selera. 
Aku sih lebih suka matte, seperti : Estee Lauder Pure Color, Make Up For Ever Sclupting Blush On. 

Kalo pengen yang sedikit shimmery coba : Nars orgasm, super Orgasm, too faced papa don't peach!!

Tips : jangan lupa TAP KUAS blush on kamu! 

Sharing nya sudah selesai. Kembali lagi selera dll ditangan kamu. Ada yang setuju ada yang enggak. Wajar. 
But please don't hate me ato ngomong ini itu. Blog nya kurang ini lah itu lah. 
I'm not that perfect. Kalo kamu ada info tambahan comment atau sedikit knowledge tentang blush on yang tidak kucantumkan, comment dibawah. 

So apa warna dan texture favorite blush on kamu? 
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Review : Skincare : Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution Cara mengatasi flek diwajah

Buat yang masih bingung or pusing cari brand apa untuk hilangin Dark Spot alias flek diwajah, 
Kalian bisa tetep baca blog ini ya. hehhe 
Cause aku mau review tentang dark spot diwajah yang bikin bete banget. 

Aku percayain untuk my skincare produk pakai produknya Kiehls. 
Kiehls ini produk yang oke banget, dimana seperti yang kita tahu,
jarang banget kan iklan tentang kiehls, tapi ini produk happening banget.
The power of Kiehls nih. 

Fyi, aku beli produk ini kurang kebih 1.5 - 2 tahun yang lalu! 
Hah? Lama bgt ? Kok baru di review? 
Yes. Aku ga sembarangan review ini itu harus bener bener ku coba. Kadang first impression bisa berarti bagus. Tapi kalo udah lama kadang berubah kan pikiran kita? Hehehe. 

Well, actually flek diwajah muncul juga karena banyak alasan. Alasannya bisa karena efek sinar matahari, or kita ga ngerawat wajah, suka ga hapus make up, dll. Itu bisa jadi penyebab kenapa flek itu sendiri muncul tanpa memandang usia.

Dari SMP udah kelihatan ada flek. 
Dokter dari salah satu klinik bilang kalo ini bisa jadi turunan. Mama kamu pasti banyak flek ya? Well yes doc! My mom ada flek banyak. 

Hmmm, aku actually udah ada flek tapi ga banyak. That's why mau dirawat dengan menggunakan Kiehl's ini.

Product Details :

1. Packagingnya I love it, cause ada pippet nya which make us easy to control how much that we want. 

2. 30 ml . Lama kok ini habisnya. 

3. Need 1-2 drops only to use it and cover whole face. Tapi lebih diutamain di daerah yang ada flek ya. 

4. Smells totally different from other brand yang agak menyengat. Ini lebih enak ga stinky sama sekali. 

5. Since Kiehls ini dermatologist, dia bekerja dalam waktu 28 hari. well Setiap orang pasti berbeda dalam hal reaksi pada wajahnya. 

Ingredients : baca sendiri ya. Capek nulis satu satu hahah. 

6. Price ? IDR 625.000. Aku beli ini kurang lebih 1,5 tahun yang lalu. Jadi kalo harga berubah aku ga tahu ya. 

7. Texturenya liquid tapi ga terlalu runny. 

8. Ga lengket sama sekali. Love it 

9. Cara pakainya simple ajah, setelah cuci muka, apply your toner and mulai pakai Corrective Dark Spot ini pada bagian yang ada dark spotnya lalu tepuk tepuk. Kadang ada sisa apply in ajah ke leher or bagian yang dianggap perlu. 

10. Bisa dipakai siang or Malam hari. (FYI: Kalau pakai Midnight Recovery Concentrate, pakai Corrective Dark Spot dulu baru MRC)  

11. Gak greasy! Meresep di kulit nya cepet. 

Jadi, final nya: 
Ini katanya bisa membuat wajah atau flek lebih tepatnya memudar! Bukan menghilangkan! Sulit sekali kalo ga laser untuk menghilangkan flek. 
Not bad lah ini produk. Memudar kok flek nya tapi secara perlahan dan butuh waktu yang lama. 
Repurchase? Mungkin enggak ya. Pengen ganti produk lain untuk dicoba. 
Tapi kalo kamu cocok share with me ya. ...heehh. 

Intinya yang dulu agak coklat flek nya sekarang lebih mentah warna nya lebih muda karena memudarkan sedikit. 

Aku tetep pake ini karena yah gapapa lama asal ga nambah flek nya. Aku mikir nya gitu. 
Aku juga pernah laser. Jadi aku imbangi juga dengan si corrective dark spot ini. Mehong kalo laser terus ya kan? Hahahahha. 
Jangan harap bener bener ilang dark spot kalian! Tapi lebih tepatnya memudar dan tidak bermunculan yang baru! 

Bye guys! Xoxo

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Smile Cosmetique ToothPaste review

Pengen punya gigi pitih? 
Tapi mahal kalo bleaching di dental? 
Atau takut rasa ngilu waktu bleaching? 

So do you want to have white teeth like perfect? 
Well brush your teeth everyday without skipping it! Lol. 
Or do you want to bleach your teeth but afraid the painful after that treatment done? Let me show you the secret? 

Jujur aku suda pernah bleach gigi aku sih. Hasil nya memuaskan. Pengerjaan kurang lebih 1 jam an. 
Tapi ya ngilu . Beneran ngilu ga boong! 
Tapi ya hanya untuk 4 hari kedepan ngilu nya. Kembali lagi ke sensivitas gigi masing masing individu ya. 

Nah, untuk me maintain agar hasil lebih bagus, aku bingung pake pasta gigi apa. 

Perlu diingat apabila bleaching itu hasil nya hanya semetara ya. Perlu dilakukan pengulangan sekitar 4-6 bulan kedepan. 

Sebenernya aku sudah harus benerin ini bleach gigi sih, tapi lagi males. Jadi aku pake ini ajah. 

So here it is. 
Smile Cosmetique toothpaste! 
Made in Japan 

Look at the packaging! 
Ada pasta gigi comes in pump size! 
How cute 
Packaging nya white plain and pretty simple. 

Told ya comes in pump!
And this one comes in clear gel. 
Fresh mint flavor. 

I don't know what it says! lets skip!
Better skip. I have no idea what this guys talks about. 

Wanna see the result? 
If you think this disgusting, then i'm so sorry. I just want to review this for you and show ya the amazing result. 

Amazing result right?
I have been using it since a month a go. 
Whoa impressed! 

Fresh mint flavor but not that strong mint. 
Gimme fresh breath 
Whiten my teeth of course. 
Price : 250.000
Pretty pricey for tooth paste but worth every penny if it works amazing like this! 
Comes in clear gel 

So what are you waiting for? 
Don't wanna spend money to bleach your teeth? 
Try this! 

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Kiss Me Tonight Philosophy Lip Treatment Review

Dry flaky lips? No more! 
Thank God i read the review on Make Up Alley and find this amazing quality inside the small bottle! 

What's so special? 
This is from Philosophy Lip Treatment. 
Called Kiss Me Tonigh, ohh sound so tempting!!!! Ah , moving on! 

Comes in small tube and little bit color pinkish. But comes in clear result. 

This formula is the creamiest thing i ever apply on my lips. 
No thick feeling like Vaseline did. 

So soft on my lips and really ready to be kissed! Hahah !
It gives me super soft lips without heavy feelings. Sometimes i don't remove it when i apply liquid lipstick. Cause i can't stand wearing liquid lipstick gimme super dryness.

Like no others lip treatment, this one very moisturizing for 10 hours! Like really. 
It is soften my lips like no others. 
Sometimes you know that it only last for few hours and then they disappear but this one is holy moly! It still there and so freaking creamy moist oh gosh. 

Price is 280.000 
Purchased thru Singapore's Sephora. 

Life changing because this balm! No more dry , flaky lips and ready to be kissed! 

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Cara memilih warna dan jenis foundation yang tepat

Halo semua nya. 
Selamat datang di 
Kali ini mau share berbagi sama kalian tentang cara pemilihan foundation yang tepat. 

Bukan hanya jenis foundation tapi juga warna foundation yang tepat untuk jenis kulit kalian. 

Banyak orang yang salah kaprah dalam memilih warna dan jenis foundation. 
Kadang terlalu putih, terlalu gelap. Dan ga masuk akal deh pokoknya. 

Gimana ya jelasinnya. Gini deh, pernah ga lihat orang yang muka nya putih like Korean Girl tapi tangan dan leher kecoklatan? Hey gurl it doesn't match at all.  
Please let's be real dan jangan terkesan maksa. Kalian tetep cantik kok walaupun kulit kalian sawo matang, kuning langsat, kemerahan apapun itu! Ga perlu memaksakan diri jadi orang lain atau look like Korean Girl yang emang kulit nya sudah jernih. 
Kamu kalo maksa terlihat seperti dua orang yang beberbeda loh. 

Semuanya baik! Ga ada yang jelek! 

Salah warna foundation membuat kita terlihat jauh lebih tua terkadang. That's why itu sangat penting. 

Okay, jadi pertama: 
Pasti nya bare face lihat wajah kalian dengan seksama. 

Lihat apakah ada discoloration atau warna yang tidak merata pada wajah kalian. Pada saat bare face, biasanya akan terlihat ada bagian di sekitar wajah yang jauh kebih gelap. Misal, area mulut, sekitar hidung atau bahkan dahi kalian. 
Jangan ikuti minority's area. Ikuti majority area. 
Misal daerah dagu kalian banyak bekas jerawat yang biasanya jauh lebih gelap dibanding area pipi dan dahi, NAH jangan apply tester foundation di daerah situ, karena pasti bakal match sempurna didaerah yang gelap itu. Dan bayangin apabila kamu oles ke semua daerah pada wajah, pasti bakal kegelapan. 

Itu daerah yang gelap pada wajah aku. 
Aku ga akan apply tester foundation pada bagian itu. It covers up the darker part so well, tapi kalo diaplikasikan di rest of your face bakal kegelapan juga. 
Nah terus gmn? 

Inti dari step kedua adalah ikutin majority area. 

Kamu bisa stop disini apabila warna majority area kamu sama dengan warna leher kamu. Ada orang yang wajah dan leher nya sama. Jadi ini paling enak. 
Tapi kalo majority area putih dan warna leher ga sama dimana lebih gelap leher drpd wajah gimana?
Mungkin kamu lbh cocok ikutin step 3. 

Step 3: lihat pada bagian leher, dibagian bawah telinga. Ikutin warna yang ada di leher kamu itu juga ga salah. Kenapa? Bayangin kamu pake baju strapless! Biasanya leher bagian bawah telinga, dada, dan bahu warna nya sama, dan ga mungkin kamu harus kasih foundation di bahu kamu. Mungkin ajah sih tapi jarang banget kan kasih foundation di bahu kamu? 
That's why menurut ku match in pada bagian leher bagian bawah telinga, wajah km tinggal ikutin yang ada pada bagian leher bawah telinga. 

Logika nya, kalo kamu suka apply skincare diwajah kamu, wajah kamu cenderung lebih putih dibandingkan dengan leher kamu. Apabila wajah kamu lebih putih, dan leher-bahu - tangan lebih coklat, and kamu ikutin warna asli wajah kamu? Hellaw ga keputihan say? Tangan kamu coklat loh, and wajah kamu misal 2 tingkat lebih putih dibanding tangan kamu! You look like two different person lah! Ga salah kok kalo kamu ga sejernih korean girl atau orang yang memang terlahir putih. Kamu bersyukur ajah deh beneran! 

Jadi untuk step ketiga ini paling cocok bagi orang yang males blend foundation dibagian leher. 
Lah say ga kegelapan? But at least kamu ga terlihat seperti dua orang yg berbeda. 
Dan cara ini biasanya digunakan kalo kamu pake baju kemben gtgt atau tank top yang nunjukin skin lbh. 

Lah kan kulit wajah aku putih, masa aku terlihat jauh lebih gelap? 
Tangan kamu yg bagian atas seputih wajah kamu kah? 
Mind set tolong diubah kalo putij sama dengan cantik. 
Ga kok, kulit kuning, sawo matang, hitam juga cantik. 

Ini jadinya kalo aku ga blend di daerah leher dimana pada gambar tersebut aku ikutin warna asli wajah aku yg jauh lebih putih dibanding leher. Leher aku lebih gelap daripada wajah aku. 
Kalo memang aku Ga mau blend pada daerah leher, harusnya aku ga ikutin warna pada wajah. Jadi aku ikutin warna leher so i dont have to blend 

Kalo memang mau ikutin warna kulit pada wajah, usahakan blend di leher kamu. But i really cannot imagine with your hands, really! Kalo tangan kamu senada sama wajah sih ga masalah. 
Kalo ga? You think lah ya.....haha! 

Cara pilih jenis foundation: 

Ketahui jenis kulit kamu terlebih dahulu! 

Untuk kulit berminyak: 

cari foundation yang Oil Free. 
Liquid Foundation works best for you 
Compact Powder Foundation great too
NO CREAMY foundation for you! 
Cari hasil yang Semi Matte- Matte! 
Estee Lauder Sounle Wear sangat bagus untuk kulit oily karena dia super matte. 

Untuk Kulit Normal dan Kering : 

Apa ajah bisa mau Liquid, Creamy, powder
Kamu ga harus repot lihat pada bagian ingredient, ttg oil free. Apalagi yang kukit kering, sebodo oil free atau enggak. Hahahha. 

Powder kan coverage nya kurang?tinggal basahin sponge kamu ga ribet ka cyinnnn.... 

Dewy finish looks good on dry skin. 

Kamu butuh facial mist untuk membuat foundation kamu jauh lebih moist. 

Semoga membantu ya. 


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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin Youthful Bouncy Fine Cream Review

Hey guys welcome back to my glow. 
Moisturizer is the most crucial part for me.
I want my skin to be moist not dry! 
I have dry fave and you def know how it feels about dry patches, peeled off etc. 

I neees moisturizer that so creamy emollient and hydrated my skin. 

I have tried so many Moisturizer from Drugstore to high end. 
I have tried Sk-2 deep cellumination deep surge ex, i have reviewes about it too. 
It works well , but is not that creamy which good for Oily to combo skin. 
I used to love my sk2 before but now my skin so dry and i need super creamy emollient ones to help my skin keep bouncy. 

Well, sk2 absorb so well! After i applied on my face, it keeps my skin bouncy hydrated for 10 minutes, then my face will tight and dry again. If it does make sense. 

Jadi setelah apply langsung meresep which is good tapi 10 menit kemudian, ilang masuk ke kulit dan kembali lagi kering kerontang kulit aku! Makanya aku pindah ke lain hati yaitu Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin ini. 

Oh ya bukan berarti sk2 ga bagus ya. Bagus pelembab nya , tapi kalo utk kulit kerinh seperti nya kurang cocok. 

This is tottally holy grail moisturizer for me. 
Cant live without it! 

For your information : 
If you have dry normal skin you will love this! Because it is so emollients and creamy. 

You might hate this if you have oily skin cause it is to heavy for you! Remember that oily skin should avoid creamy things! 
You better try the essence or emulsions for lighter version! 

This is how it looks like. 
It's pretty heavy bottle 
Comes in 50 ml 
Smells heavenly! Great! 

As you can see the texture is pretty thick which great for dry skin! 
It absorb well but tottally different from sk2, as i have mention before that sk2 tends to absorb to the skin and keep hydrated for few minutes, meanwhile this Shu Uemura Keep my skin hydrated for long time! Like really amazing! 

It absorb but i can feel that there's moisturizer on my face, not tottaly disappear on few minutes. 
Still hydrated and moist. I'm not lie to you guys! Really! 

It's not sticky at all! 
It gives you glow . 

It claims to give you bouncy feeling ans youthful look! 
 Perfect for dry skin! 
If you oily , go grab the Tsuya Emulsion one! It's lighter than this Moisturizer. 

See the before and after!
This moisturizer is amazing since gimme perfect glow , just enough not to much at all! 
It is very nice to apply under the make up. 
Cause it gives me perfect canvas glow and healthy looking. 
It helps the foundation to stick very well too. 
Price : 1.400.000 totally worth it 

You can find me on instagram, and see how the make up goes smooth with this moisturizer.  Follow if you want, if you dont feel  like too, i dont really mind about at all. Hahahha.

See you! 
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