Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Swatch Review and Comparisons of Lime Crime Liquid Lipstick

Welcome to the liquid lipstick world! 
It is so much hype about liquid lipstick. 
Well actually I'm not a big fan of liquid lipstick, but they are so freakin pretty awesome and i just can't resist. 
Who's with me? 

I bought......
I know i know.
A lot of you probably say " why you keep supporting such shaddy company?" 

Let me explain it to you, okay! 
Just calm down! 

Lime Crime is company that produce liquid lipstick. So many people raves about this, but the bad news is the website of Lime Crime is not that safe. 
They took money from the customer without the customer knowing them. 
Yeah it is cyber crime actually. 
I feel so bad and so sorry to all of you guys that happen to you. 
So manny people have to sell her precious thing to pay the bill of the credit card. That's crazy! 
So many people have to pay such huge amount that they don't actually know that could happen. 

Okay you might hate me because i still use this products. 
But whether you are lime crime lovers or just a haters, lets be real that they create such a gorgeous shade and recently so many company try to create their dupe! We have to admit that they create such beautiful color that irreplaceable. 

They came out in new shades, they are
shroom- brownish color but lighter than salem. 
Faded - a little bit purple with hint of pink. 
Bleached - i don't know what color is this , just gorgeous! Coral but little bit pink and kinda nude! Holy moly how to describe this color! 

This is how it looks like! 

Oh my gosh from the packaging and everything just so perfect! 

Remember that I AM NOT being paid or whatsoever! I love this ! 

The swatch!

It is a little bit pale in that pic, because of the lighting! But the swatch is real. You get what you see!

The color is so pigmented
Not making my lips super dry! 
That's why i love Lime Crime! 
But hell Yeah it is dry but really guys totally different from LA splash.
You better moisturize your lips with lip balm then move to your lip liner orliquid  lipstick. 
Remove it with cleansing oil or make up remover. That's enough. 
Smells good, totally different from LA splash. Vanilla scent. 

Price : 370.000

Hmm i think that's it. 
Bye guys 

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  1. pecah pecah ga say? aku pengen cari liquid lipstick yang ga pecah di bibir

  2. Kembali lagi ke kondisi bibir kamu. Kalo bibirnya udah kering ya pasti oecah. Tapi namanya juga liquid lipstick, matte dan pasti sedikit pecah. That's why exfoliate ur lips dl pake lio balm dll.


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